Lip Sync Battle - Jenna Dewan-Tatum I

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La batalla comenzó... ¿quién ganará?
Prepárate para la batalla del año: Lip Sync Battle. Un famoso vs. un famoso. Una canción. Un micrófono. ¿Quién ganará?

Orla Cordial
Can't wait till their kids see this
Deviant Style
Ll Cool J's face is priceless.
Anna Ewen
Those two are relationship goals honestly
Isleym G
Who watched this after Tom Holland's performance ? 😂
watcher lim
Changing was blushing and sweating. Wow. If I didn't know them. I would think he just fell in love right there. 😂😂😂
timothy chan
when you have more magic than magic mike
Aline Andrade Silva
Adorei, ela foi demais!!!
Dan_is_a _potato
1. The joys of marriage
2. Why was that lady like oh bow wow wow wow wow at the end ? Is she a dog ?
Dan_is_a _potato
You have no clue how many times I have watched this
I don't even know
Like seriously your guess is as good as mine
Ching Chong
I like Chrissy and all but what does she even do? She just stands there -_- she's so useless
Risky Bisky
Relationship goals level 999
The fact that Jenna has had a baby, and she has probably better abs than any fitness models in their 20s out there, makes me reconsider my life choices. 😂
I'm just Marine
*Don't worry I'm still me I just changed my name*
So many guys in the building are probably single now 😂😂
Live_your _Life
She killed it!
Sally Rasmussen
They had mad sex that night that's for sure.
Natalia Diah Windianti
she's so bad assss!! 😅😅
Sara Kolednik
my gay ass liked that 😂
Kyla Allyna Donnelly
the host's reaction though.. he is probably wishing it was him on the chair😂
My name is Jeff.
Ceandra Jackson
its so awesome
ayette 77
the other dude was like " easssey dude she's his wife don't do something recklace "
Samira Murtala
The best
OliverS Oliver Schrub
song name
One of the sexiest Lip sync battles
Archyz Voidz
Wanwisa Kappel
find yourself someone who looks at you the way LL looks at Jenna
Channing, u lucky bastard!!! Shes freakin hot!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Pika Chiew
I watched this so many times... and i jerked off ..
señor pepinillo sarmiento
wow <3 14231113
cara amei kkkkk
Kylo Ren
She was amazingly hot back then
Oh my god, she's AMAZING!!!
Farhaz Ahmed
Anyone else notice the fake abs?
Diy Lover
wooow that was so funny and i like how embraced was chaning !! she is so atelthic with so many abs omg lol
Ll cool J's face was in disbelief and envy
David Green
She's very good, graceful dancer...thumb up!!!
deachan angmo
okay.. i am watching this for the zillionth time.
Joe Dixon
The best LSB
Aloisia Douglas
that was epic
Magic Mikael XS
Rebecca Moser
I bet their sex is unbeatable
peitão dá apresentadora chacoalhando kkk.
Mónica Magaña
esta genial!!!!!
Isabella Morais - Jones
teyya.benzo haha this is weird but so funny
titrit sarita
This the best lip sync ever
titrit sarita
Lilian Okelue
I think I've danced the steps in my head ,a million times. That's hotness overload right there. It's my therapy,my Dr Phil....oh Jenna
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