Lip Sync Battle - Jenna Dewan-Tatum I

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La batalla comenzó... ¿quién ganará?
Prepárate para la batalla del año: Lip Sync Battle. Un famoso vs. un famoso. Una canción. Un micrófono. ¿Quién ganará?

Vale Alfonsi
La amo
Zac Bourke
Chan Tatum has the coolest wife
roka onlyhope
I love her I love her I love her she is so fucking amazinggg
he couldn't stand up in the end cause he had a boner lol, who wouldn't
Music girl
that girl
Who here from logan paul vids 2016 music video!!
Briana Ahjos
She did well, especially since she had to follow Beyoncé.
Kayode Adedeji
She MURDERED that for real, best routine EVER
Ploxy Girl
whats the name of the song?? please
meriessa rahming
Ll cool js face though 😁
First i thought
Oh my god eww he is married what is this bitch doing

Then i thought ohhh... its his wife... oooops😂
Maisie Williamson

This was really weird.......

This is extremely wrong.......

I bet some people are just innocent kids watching this.......
jasmine lopez
Whats the song niggah!!!!!!!
queen salma
Aakash Aich
Can we just take a moment to appreciate Jenna's killer abs..
Maria Jose Neumann
Fabulosa buenísimo performance
Lyf for music
DAMN!!!! That woman is on fireeee.... those ABS tho !!!! :O
Maria Jose Neumann
Maravilloso performance me encantó ...
Cookie Monster
so..... Channing Dewan??????
When they had Cowboy Night on Queer As Folk they should have played this song but they played mostly Dance/Rock.
Lilian Mwinamila
Wooow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
They should do. one with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds 😂👍🏼
Clara Lojo
Best thing I've seen
lina Jassi
song's name????? can u tell me ?
Olive Nitta
I cant stop laughing with his reaction ahahaha!!
Marian Trinchera
Some famous filipino dancer did these on her wedding🤣Rochelle Pangilinan
courage alexis
she was on fire
Ana valdés
Name of the song please 😍
Ana valdés
Name of the song please 😍
Darlene Dizon
What song is this?
I don't know I just feel bad for the host LL Cool J. He can't show too much excitement tho 'cuz the husband, Channing is beside him watching Jenna also 😂😂 That must feels really awkward 🤣😅
Sassy Chef
Never get tired of watching this😍😜
Paloma TV
gerry rigor
Title of the song please
Melli xo
Song name? ??
Carly Flores
Como se llama la canción?
He's so lucky that's his wife! And their second baby was born 9 months later! Coincidence? I think not!
L's face tho. lol You can imagine his thoughts.
Vicky Quinteros
nooooooo la mina sequisima!! la amé ctm!!!!!!!! yo quiero :c
Aeron Sumilong
They should do one for chris evans and elizabeth olsen. Or rdj
Well it's so unhealthy the amount of times I have watch this😅😂
lola 350
I just wanna know with who she practiced that lap dance lol😂
C Blanch
Forgot she was the girl from step up 1 didn't even recognise her
savage beast
what's the tittle of this song plsss. let me know.
Mike Verheirstraeten
At 0:55 Who is the guy on the left again i know him from somewhere but can't find his name.. Please help ?
Maddy Harvey
Channing's just dying in the corner like: "Bruhh that's my wifeee"
Crack WeeDmony!
Alguien sabe el nombre de esa canción ??
Rodrigo Freitas Freitas
Qual é o nome da música?
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