Lip Sync Battle - Jenna Dewan-Tatum I

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La batalla comenzó... ¿quién ganará?
Prepárate para la batalla del año: Lip Sync Battle. Un famoso vs. un famoso. Una canción. Un micrófono. ¿Quién ganará?

Eduarda Rodrigues
13 milhoes só meu kkkkk nao consigo parar de verr 😍
Mary 00
girl power!!!
Juli Miller
Wife Goals.
Fabian Castellano
Isa Bella
i could watch this all time!!!!!!!!!!!
Maurane Breezy
yes boy yes boy yes boy (Dj khaled's voice) 😂🤗
carlo lopapa
By far best episode of the show Lip Sync Battle
Dammmm Jenna! burn channing. F'ing awesome
manal abdi
This is the best. Jenna's so cool
Michelle Zulett
esa tipa rubia nisiquiera se su nombre no deja de mover sus tetas como dos pelotas juajuajuajua si vas a usar un vestido con un escote asi no te muevas como una pelicula porno
Jose F Franco García
She had the belt..... until Beyonce appeared
Bumet Yanuba
what's the song?
Kênia Rocha
O melhor!!!
Jay Ddragon
lmao this family, channing plays shit like Beyonce and Elsa, then his wife plays a male stripper
Cyntia S Wardana
If i can do that, my Husband Will be the most happy Husband in the World...
Olivia Harlow
she's so hot
I watch this every time it pops up on my explore page on instagram hahaa
That moment when your wife does a better job than you & you dont care because you getting it later lol
Best LS of all time XD
Briceanu Andrei
What episode?
Jasmina Habibi
Hahaha der arme kann nicht mehr 😂😂😂😂seine Frau ist auch Bombe
hong zhang
whats the name of the BGM
Caro oo
It took me 3 rewatches to realize that her six pack is fake
LL Cool J was like thats your wife
polska roma
I just love to watch this
Ultra OmegaSoul
Yep Jenna Channinged All Over His Tatum that night
Beauty Vanessa
Oh my Lois Lane :)))
Lee Felix
Danny dier
Sergej D.
Where i Can buy this fake dollar machine?
Albeth Mae Cajucom
their marriage must be so eventful yet secure 💞 hahaha
Vineetha Muralidhar
Royeston Dsouza
forget bout what peeps will think or what their kud will think. Grow up peeps! Jenna nailed the performance. Simply great moves. Stellar!!!
jacquiline celleros
If I'm a man and this is my wife, I would be totally crazy over her! I will never cheat....
Charlie M.P.
I love how embarrassed yet proud and excited this makes him.
Monica Solis
ya he perdidio la cuenta de cuantas veces he visto este video.... SHIT! esa mujer es fuego
Naomi Katthagen
Well....I know what they had done this night 😉
Sapphire Smith
What is Chrissy doing tho 😂😂😂
Haya Mohtaseb
Just an other account
Tatum obviously had a boner while watching this ...
Robin Watt
I watch this everyday just to see channing's reactions
She's a freak omg
omg it's awesome!!😊😄😄
Ariana Castaluccio-Vilani
HoLy FuCk 😍❤😍❤😍❤😍😂😍😍😍😍
Now thats what im talking about
Arita Nashrah
I have never seen someone getting this red in my life especially a MAN
Tabea Walker
we know who takes the lead at home now
tenicia lovell
she really bad I love it
anaritah king
What's the name of the song, she played it cool tho 🙈😍
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