Alright you jerks. Here is the behind the scenes capture of my NVR. AKA, The Making of Floaty Bird. Or it could be, How I Faked Floaty Bird, depending who you are....

I have been made aware by a "few" of you that you feel this video lacks authenticity. Would you like me to post the footage leading up to the floating part? And maybe some interesting highlights shortly after? Would that satisfy some of you savages?

And as always.... Read the description!
Jaun Wright
This is what youtube is about :)
cadê os comentários em Português BR ?
DE Navarro
Use the force Luke.
GayBaconStrips 1992
Is this real or fake ??
Abbi Thomason
This is a world glitch
Filipe Fernandez
Surfin' bird catch on camera for the 1st time
klancy kennedy
Lag, IRL.
People are just big assholes. Thanks for posting this amazing vid +GingerBeard. I love birds and love taking photographs of them. Awesome vid. More power and God bless.
Tony Bamanaboni
Ejay B
Five Gum - stimulate your senses
turn the closed captions on...
you're welcome
Elise Brabyn
Best subtitles!
Full 32 Counties Up The Ra
Go home bird, you're drunk.
robert Hartshorn
intense green screen action bro
Jakob Bäck
Its feke
darn matrix is breaking again
gravity.exe has stopped working
That bird's like
"the fuck going on"
Tristan Sullivan
Anyone else here from Shane?
The Nintari Nerd
Unknown Person
Anyone from Shane's channel :3
Cesar Hernandez
Ron got superpowers after smashing becky ;)
Madison Hitchcock
Shane Dawson squad
do people not know how cameras work?
the bird is flapping at the same frequency of the camera taking pictures and each flap being in the same position. since it's a security camera it's going to be slower than the standard 30 or 60 fps and most likely be around 15 to save memory space as its recording 24/7 or during movement.
you can see at one point there is the tip of the wing in the top right corner for a frame or 2 when the bird starts to change speed and move away.

in order to hover it needs to cancel the downward force, and for this birds weight and wing span it matches the frame rate of the camera perfectly which is impressive but not mind blowing.
Saw this on Shane Dawson's channel, weird.
MJJ Fan4Life
Who's here from Shane?
Emma Wilson
magic is real
Melvin Freebush
Bruh where du fuk is dis dude flyin. Shit don even make sense. Bird can't fly off towards camera because it's mounted to a building?
Wil/ Jan
A Alien bird Who hack bird
Wil/ Jan
So i cant A bird floating is really is . This can.t spell . 1like -
skyrim bug irl?
Eivind Von D
This is not fake!! But it have something to do with the FPS (Frames per second) on the camera that goes so fast like the wings on the bird. Go to Youtube and seartch on Helicopter fps
That is funny as. If Mr Bean was a bird then that bird would be that bird.
Johnny Blaze
Its just a fucking illusion ever heard of it?
Minot Vernot
Finding that it is false in just 2 seconds
Jackson Fan
Flappy bird
Tazki Boy
Camera 30fps bird wings 30fps dont say fake
Home Grown Pyrotechnics
its an effect caused by the bird flapping its wings at the same frame rate as the camera. happens with propellers too
почта почта
Один я обратил внимание на чистоту улиц и милые газончики, "вылезанные" ухоженные улицы и дорогую машину "загнивающей Америки"? И ведь так живут обычные люди, не депутаты
Jussi Aho
Water, Air, Fire and Dirt, fucking birds how do they work
Lmao the close captions
Don't Read My Profile Picture
The shadow says its real!
Destroyer 10203
Qualified Minecraft Player
Don't worry the software update will fix it
Ariana Dang
why is the bird floating
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