Guillermo’s Message to Donald Trump

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Our very own Guillermo responds to the nasty things Donald Trump has been saying about Mexico.

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Guillermo’s Message to Donald Trump

Little Steve
What's the wall gonna do in 2017 there's aeroplanes unless there Is titains
Fabianna Rincon
this is the reason i’m bilingual
Bokica 69
Guillermo is 70% of this show
Rodrigo Mendez
I like how they changed 99.9% of the words that were really said
yuliana barrera
That's hilarious
Mr Shrimp
Medusa gorgon anime
I’m Japanese mexican descent and I understand what he just said lol!
Mr Shrimp
i kinda liked guillermo , until now
Diego Station
hahaha the subtitles are on point
Inziswap 012
All the things he said was just bad she because I’m Mexican and I understand it 😂😂
M Spencer
Trump's doing the right thing.
None of those translations are right 😅😅
what did actualy say..
I'm still glad that I took Spanish class
First Last
Subtitles=SHIT so not true lol
What does he actualy say
Mariana Gonzalez
why y'all lie I speak Spanish and it dose not say that 🤣🤣
Akva X
One in the band lools like D Trejo
Toan Tran
Lmao that's not what he even said
Diego Intriago
Si hablas español esta huevada es épica xD
Ed Chang
Extra spicy if you know what he really said.
Lmao that’s not what he said in Spanish
NukeBlast 117
Im lucky I could speak spanish because what was “translated” isn’t what Guillermo said. 😂
Dulce Romero
Good thing I'm bilingual (cause im mexican american)and those subtitles where to nice for what Guillermo had to say
Xxlexi WolfxX
I understood everything 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Spooky ghost _16
lmao guillermo im laughing so hard xD even i understood what he said in spanish
Paola Nunez
What he really said tho😂😂😂
Lucas Jordan
My Spanish is not fluent but I'm sure the subtitle-men do a very bad job on translating what Guillermo said.
Brandon Moreno
He said the opposite of what was written
Decon frost
MAGA 2020
Gilberto Ignacio Aguirre Vargas
lo bueno es que no entienede español
"good thing he doesn't understands spanish"
Jonathan Muro
Guillermo is a G 😂 he dissed Trump foreal 😂 #guillermoforpresident
Mariana Hernández
Felipe Segura
Prove that to be nicely ya right
Thank you Jimmy Kimmel for the respect. I support you bro.
Letters Word
Go google "DOJ Mexico border assessment" and go read the assessments on justice dot gov. Go learn about the amount of illegal firearms trafficking, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and gang crime that comes through the Mexican border ACCORDING TO THE DOJ. Pretending that border security is absurd, is absurd.
Laura Martinez
😂😂😂💀 the subtitles was wayy off it's so funnier if you understand Spanish
Antonio Perez
wait y is his accent like, americanish?
AxelingHdh572 Fbxndhdhjsd
Dear trump you need to commit suicide for the well being of America the end
Željka Horvat
Roberto Ascencio
Esoooo Guille aki te apollamoa desde el salvador... Q se joda es Trumpudo cabron!!!
Jennifer Martinez
Love Guillermo 😂😂💛👍🏼
The funny thing is, in the end Jimmy complimented him for being gentleman despite disagreeing LOL
I agree with what trump said about mexicans tbh those ppl are the worst
And Mexico also sends terrorists...I think ummmm you forgot to say that
It took me the entire video to realize the subtitles are a bit off. 😂
Maria Georgiou
Hahahhhahah my guillemo😍😍😍😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
Michanna K
At first i was like 'the translation is wrong wth' and then i figured it out
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