STAR WARS 8 The Last Jedi Trailer 2 (Extended) 2017

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Trailer 2 for Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi

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Enjoy this new epic Star Wars Trailer
Dillon Beaver and Bubbles
We have a spark that will light the fire that will burn the first order down.
-Poe Dameron
Samuel Jarvinen
document effect seven adequate sweep appointment moreover awful.
Kylo needs to keep that mask on the whole movie lmao
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check out " disciplined by Darth vader" on youtube
Master Miller
This is the most beautiful looking and sounding film ever. I love Star Wars too, so I freaked the fucked out with the added bits to this. This seems far more compelling than The Force Awakens.
joshua york
Disney really ruined star wars :/
i am unable to comprehend , why they killed the EU for this garbage, which make George Lucas´prequel work look genius in comparison. the story is king! fuck disney and jar jar abrams!
Aman Hagos
Anyone know the song playing at 4:15
I'm telling you right now, the Porgs are proof that the Ewoks well and did truly work
Angelo Moussa
Oh come on I hope the end of the Jedi is not true
Angel Diandani
🔴 Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Movie' ✅
Bryce Jones
"I saw RAW untamed *POWER*"... except Rey beat him with zero training in the force somehow. Where the fuck is the suspense supposed to be when an amateur beats an experienced pro? They've already made the result of any future duels blatantly obvious.
Arthur Asquin
Did I hear Vader breathing?
"Extended Trailer"... Any human being can tell this is the second and the first trailer for TLA combined... Thanks for the clickbait.
Rudolfo Alapag
Its so good. Its so awesome! I'm ready for the 14th an early showing at 930pm and my seat is RESERVED.
clothos atropsis
Damn her blade is gray
Devorah Hafen
the porg was SO cute
OP! Film And Photography
Can't wait to find out what was in the trailers that didn't make it into the movie....
Existent David
It's time for the sith to end too. Swkotor II had this type of story.
Pèter Polyak
anyone knows what is this music at 4:14 .. (very and of video) My phone can't find it. Thanks! oh about the trailer :) - it will be pretty, and probably easy to understand (like too easy)
erreur false
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bill plays
Oh hell no don't you dare go to the dark side or I'll whoop yo was
carlos dias
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smythe d.
So Carrie Fisher has passed away yet she is still in this film. Are we aware of the implications? Soon it wont matter (it apparently doesn't already) if an actor, (or musician for that matter) is alive or dead. The computer will make them readily available anyway. It's actually kind of disturbing. We are approaching not being needed anymore folks. Evolution favors AI, not us.
Mark CHauder
Sigh I can already tell they nerfed Luke's power...look at how's he's in awe of Rey
scott vaughan
If you freeze the scene with Rey diving in the water and brighten the image there’s an x wing in the lower right corner.
placid renegade
Jedi up Luke for fucks sake! Jeez
Mr T
looks dumb - I don't plan on seeing this at all
Leo Jaf
I love star war
Isn't this Star Wars 9?
Haha Luke still looks like a downy.
genauso langweilig wie die anderen Teile auch. Immer wieder ein und dieselbe Geschichte und die selbe handlung, nur neu aufgebrüht. Ätzend....
My wet dream
P Last
Thank Feck that George Lucas sold this franchise to Disney , they have done a great job making this movie franchise what it should be instead of the absolute shitty, corny ,awful , dross that Lucas Film put out since the original in 1977 .....
Rob V
There shouldn't be a black dude in this movie..just saying
Matthew Whatman
Dose she joins the dark side because it did
In one bit
Big Stuff
Star Wars movies coming out on Christmas is lame.
Mcdavid fan !!!!!! Gordon
so cool!!!,!!,!!!!,!!!,!!!!
Aimatta Tihana
Tom Dotson
Going to suck just as the other
drud 1995
I'll bet Mace Windu returns and makes Snoke look like a bitch in the end
December can’t come any faster
Roberto Galleros
Malia Hale
My shipper's heart cannot handle it! REYLO might become cannon! <3
Leroy Hembell
not interested at all. where the hell is lando?
Jeremya Ford
Has anyone thought that snoke can be the emperor reborn? Like in the new swtor dlc.
I just don't like this without anakin
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