Alvin Bambalan
they judge her credibility first this judges doesnt know anything about art ..they are just acting.. they hurt the true artist
Claire Claire
Wow that was amazing. The judges are so mean never gave a chance for her
Rubin Dowayee
Rene Montes
stupid judges
To To
Sumi Khan
how creative she is ,superb painting
Sierra Blackhawk
idk what there saying bushtankiedonk eh switzendi
What, the fuck....
Maribel Garcia
ni puta idea de lo que dicen...... pero juzgaron antes de ver el resultado... que gilipollas pobre chica... ninguno de ellos reΓΊnen ese talento.. Don't judge anybody, don't even judge yourself!
Steve Finch
those judges should not judge real talent.
Sons of bitches !
Javi i
OK kids the lesson is don't listen to a rude bitch and don't be to quick to judge
George Thompson
The old judge looks exactly like Roy Orbison
_Page Down_
Moral of the story, never judge a painting by it's color.
B-Boy Adz
Fuck the judges
They couldnt wait and let her finish? Jerks!
Kenji Soku
She got more talent than the entire jury together, what a joke this show hahahaha......they should be guests IN HER SHOW
All of those fucking judges should be fired. They're so impatient and dumbasses. Just wait a couple minutes to see what's ahead. Obviously Someone wouldn't just come there to make some shitty painting. Retarded fucking cunts. All the judges have an extra chromosome and should fucking die
Molly Weasley
esch da irgendwo e schwiizer i de comments? oder bini de einzig? πŸ˜‚
And that kids is why you don't judge people
Jojo Weed
Stupid judges. Can't wait a few second
Fucking hell
Teo P
typical Swiss...
Malin Sivertsen
Broker soccer white gradually recording shell landing.
That female "judge" should have gone up and kissed that lady's hands, palms up. Only two went up to apologize. Shame on the other two.
Lisette Lomeli
What a stupid judge. She has such a short attention span. That girl needs to get off the show because she gets on everyone's nerves. That female judge is tupid and such a waste of time. She's an idiot that needs to drink her milk. Like, go back to school, idiot
Fruity Fritty
man Sie tut mir so leid! Die haben dich nicht verdient!!! Kopf hoch meine Süße πŸ˜™
Nana Tayang
that female judge shudnt be a judge..she cant see creativity
at 1:34 i was about to hit my computer and hope it would hit those judges cuz that pic she made was awsome
Just want to kill that bitch
The Anxious Chronicles
I screamed so loud jesus it's incredible
the auto english subtitles are odd, going on about the scotish G8 and afghan :S pretty sure thats not what they are talking about
Hi And Bye
I hope that that bitch judge that pressed the buzzer barely 30 second in got horrid backlash for her impatience
Kartik Mittal
true magician... loved her art. fan at first site.
Ismar DomΓ­nguez
Stupid judges
chin Smart
what language? sounds german
Fariz Paulana
Sometimes, people become arrogant when on the top stage. They forgot the effort. These thumbs for u judges!!! Learn it for your experience!!! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Andeng deng
I don't understand the language but i feel pity for the girl 😭😭😭
usa trips
What a cheesy programme .. losers
Bad English Bay
they not deserve to be judge
what the heck ... they mix german and french xD
Darith Gaming
i hate the freaking jugde
Darith Gaming
the judge are a idoit
Bruno Oliveira
stop click batting with Simon picture...
Fucking clicknait thumbnail
Is that German? Germanic language it certainly is. I must say i have no idea what they are saying, but language is so wonderful.
Altough it does sometimes sound like they have something in their throat and they need to cough.
Anyway, that was stunning and completely unexpected, jaw dropping amazing perfomance!
Idiots... couldnt keep a lil patience? Art is art
Frans Kasteren
SCHITTEREND, wat een talent !!!
Alex Justin
omg really
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