Inside Assad's Syria. Documentary HD 720p

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Ras Tar
well I started off thinking this will be u.s propaganda at its best, but it was pretty decent journalism actually
Shakur Rakhimov
Devil rule the Syria 🤔
Shakur Rakhimov
nice video
Moore Wilson
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auf jordan
heaven open your doors??as if its not allah but as if its your house..shame shame shia bloody regime..down with syrian arab army
auf jordan
the transalation dosent match at all.proppaganda fabrication
Wutang Clan
Free Syria from Western TERRORISM. LongLiveAssad
Nor Jones
How much terrorist Assad pays you to make this piece of shit?? become an arm-fight within a month? all information are wrong and misleading and show that Assad has right and he is kind of a good guy, and I think you are as bad as Assad and ISIS.
well he and his supporters are really animals and much worse than ISIS they killed at least civilian 500 000 people, they tortured 50 000 people to death in their concentration camps. 13 million of Syrians are not in their homes because of Assad and his fucking animals. OBS Im not a Muslim.
Khanz Gzana
2:30 to 4:00...& the media says syria is no different than the sahara nowadays! Fuck off liars!!
it's hard to pick side in this case. i certainly against ISIS, also i don't trust assad. i don't care for sharia law although i'm a muslim. what's the point of having sharia law if the leaders are corrupted/brutal/stupid. if the leaders are wise/intellligent, even with dictatorship the country will thrive.
tim z1br3
Arab women are beautiful ......
Ahmed Al-Elq
13:31 looks like Walter white to me
DFW Escape
If there is any hell, all of Americans will be there for destroying this neutral and beautiful country.
barff all these ppl you spoke to are professional liars brainwashed by the government
religion is the roots of all EVIL. Period
Rakibul Islam
We Hate terror
Daily News TV
the only terrorists are western taxpayers and their financed terrorists in Syria and not only Syria.
Shepherd Oceancrown
To hell with obuhmer and killhary kilton.
Thank God for president Putin who really care about the Syrians people.
Omar Saad
This so called journalist has been tasked to paint the syria government as the primary cause of the horrendous situation in Syria you can tell that by the white helmet propaganda video he shows when the UN guy tell him more than 18 Millions lives under the institutions and national service provided by the government, his arrogance is sickening.
The syrian people will not yield to those Wahhabi extremism terrorists ( AL NUSRA , ISIS and like minded groups) supported by the Saudi and used by the Zionist to push for their Agenda in the Middle East.
Fouad Jaber
At 38:37, that's Lebanese made beer.
Luke Powers
Long live Assad! You got ppl in the west that know what's up. Know dat!
Turki Alsul
The translation is bullsh*@ thank god I understand Arabic
Great documentary. Cant we have more journalists like this?
Kadidou Kadi
This fucking documentary is big lie from A to Z , a pure western propaganda even the stupid thumbnail
DJ L-Augur
These fucking asshole muslims never fucking learn do they, that old women saying I will sacrifice all my 5 sons and they will be marters, wake the fuck up and stop fucking fighting you fucking rag head assholes.
The west should drop fucking hydrogen bombs on the whole middle east and wipe them all out and give the world some fucking peace, these asshole muslims are directly responsible for more deaths than any other religion in this world and long before the west came about at last count over the last 21 centuries is 864 million deaths right up to today, there is no such thing as a peaceful muslim and they need to be destroyed the whole fucking lot of them and the west is not responsible for you fucking ragheads bullshit, the west are the ones who end up cleaning your shit up.. I am fucking sick of these muslims they are a fucking decease and dont get me started of that fraud artist pigshit scumbag kid fucking mohammed, hes the biggest pig cunt of them all and their religion is a fraud as is all fucking religion.
Judy Grey
it's a global world, the US public insists that unity in the name of peace is evil. I say tax em more to shut them the fuck up.
Judy Grey
If you don't lie to Americans, they either stalk you, rape you, torture you, steal from you(which they already do)imprison you, or enslave yoy
Judy Grey
The people seem to be disillusioned with reality, especially the older ones. sacrifice your children for Syria? She shouldn't even be trusted as a mother. The woman's role in Syria seems twisted and unpunished, a lot like hippies are here, in the U.S.
Judy Grey
I hate that wars come to this. it just shows you how dangerous IT IS to found a way of life on lies. real talk
Mike Tayon
"people are people so why should it be....."
Alain Portant
Philip Curnow
An absorbing report. All credit to the journalist who went there. Syrians are wonderful people, at least hose I've met. And they have been from both sides of the war.
Mohammed Hassan
Bashar Alasad is a son of a bitch and the worst type dictator any country could ever have but , the Americunts are not innocent people either and all Arab people hate them as much they hate this war criminal forced on our people by none other than the united states of the devil to begin with .
my message to the Americunts and the Russian Tzar every single Arab person hates you .
Isak Selik
fucking usa crimes
codmac tevish
The main problem is majority of the people are not on assad's side.That is why there will be no permanent victory
codmac tevish
new north korea
Space Monkey
Balkanization of Syria is the answer
deadlypineapple satsumas
obama didn't fuck up the middle east... the Bush family did, they were in office during both of the iraqi wars
Aryan pers
USA forgot that they helped Saddam and provide hem with chemical weapon to attack Iran and now they want to show they care about people lives!!! which face shuld we have to belive?
dameyale royster
somebody is making a lot of unrest
sonne nasli
Anil Aditya
13 kids! haha it's a gods way to control population
αurα вírdч
Anyone wanna fuck a Syrian female?
Joe Gagnon
Germany failed to take on the world and they've had engineered their own war supplies id love to see isis engineer their own guns tanks artillery medical until then never
Joe Gagnon
Id say even though this is two years old its the same tactics by the same piece of shits just compare Saudi Arabia to Syria its easy to draw a conclusion who is backward its the Middle East you need a strong man
Omar Ali
Although this Documentary did not interview a single Anti-Assad individual, It still was able to show that Freedom is not free, in fact; it has a great price to pay, and this really shows what Tyrants are willing to do, Sadly there are many more Tyrants in this world, and what's even sadder many people have come to accept this. Killing, torturing, and imprisoning hundreds of thousands, destroying most of the people's homes and lives, half of the nation are refugees, and recruiting mercenaries from Hezbollah, Iraqi and afghani militias, Iraning revolutionary guard, and Russians all this in the name of "protecting Syria and the Syrian people" However: I will like to suggest for FRONTLINE Documentary to make another Documentary showing the other side of the story, the Story of the Syrian people who are against Assad, why did they start the revolution, what's their goals, why did they pick up arms, and what is their solutions. Never the less, thank you for the courage and time to make this documentary.
Omar Ali
Tyrants don't have any shame, the shame is on those who do nothing about it.
Deni Defaux
The western powers are experts in uprising everyone knows who started the war in Syria and if USA stop supplying the terrorist there the war would end very soon
We miss you Saddam 😢
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