Adur Pandya
7:35 what a shitty mom
khuram hussain
just a paid propaganda idiot from usa.... your reports are bullshit frontline....
Mohsin Arain
World shoud stop victom on Syria... Stop despite from Syrian muslims
Niloy Shil
this is a biased documentary....western view.......and their propaganda
Vedic Mishra
Damascus seems to be the mist free city in Arab state
Well, I am a Zionist Jew in the US, so I don't really know what to believe, nor do I feel for these zoo animals who have tried to undermine peace at every turn in the Levant by hosting the terror godfather, Iran.


lalmasjid kamolvi
u can see clearly that people in Syria like their president unless u r blind , in western news it will be otherway
Alex P.
American fake news.
Fresh Prince Of Arabia
This is the most accurate documentary I've seen about the Syrian war
R3Ddeuce Fellows
Saudia Arabia biggest funder of extremist worldwide
Huzaifa Khan
Asad regime and Iran are terrorist involved in cleansing and Massacre civilians even using chemical wepons, Asad must be removed and UN peace force be there .
assads syria was the best and most beautiful and prosperous arab nation around.


don't believe this bulshit, it's nothing but western propaganda, 99% of 30million supported him, the opposition numbers at 20,000.

not even 1%.
Both the warring sides are calling upon their common brutal war God Allah to beat each other asses off !
Hussaindad Afzali
Salute to Syrian people and the Assad regime, they have fight against all corrupt countries and I am sure the truth will win.
Brian Fuller
The use of the word "regime" is pejorative. Why don't they just use "government"? It's like a big flag warning: EXPECT PROPAGANDA. Hope for more from Frontline, they usually are pretty solid.
Dr Silva
Fake News
Fabulous Nectar
31:38 damn
amir sahir
Solution!! exterminate saudi regime!! Middle East will have peace..American's are confused!! they support free syrian army who sell weapons to isis..Nusra is al qaeda #! remember Bin laden?? now U.S and Bin laden are allies!! Isis calls Bin laden Sheikh! Bin laden was a saudi..saudi funds isis..isis kills europeans..Nato drop weapons for Nusra!! nusra is isis!!! WHAT THE FUCK###
LYB Rebel
That map is so clear:
A bloody merciless sectarian decorator following the old path of his bloody father dealing with any uprising against his regime! Simply nothing but scorched-land strategy or DECISIVE solution with the opposition!
He knows by making this brutal chaos he will add a strength factor to his side which is (Terrorists)!
Those terrorists will bring him 2 Great benefits:
1- Psychological warfare: give him a space to claim before the world that all his opposition or rebellions are nothing but a bunch of terrorists to justify crushing everyone without any conviction!
2- Puting the opposition in a very awkward position! Fragmentation of efforts to fight the Assad! where opposition force will go towards terrorist organisations that fighting Assad and opposition at the same time and exploiting this state of fragmentation to defeat both sides by creating internal wars within the opposition itself.
This strategy is Iranian 100% they use it in Yemen and everywhere.
21:37 that is a M48 tank o.O
12345 678910
the first 5 minutes are confusing. They havin a good time in Damaskus
god bless Assad for every bomb he drops on the heads of those terrorist dogs armed by saud and jordan
supported by Israel and turkey
payed by US Tax money

Syria Irak iran russia Lebanon are fighting the terror
Kabir Bacs
I just watched this bullshit video for 1 minute, it's waste of 1 minute. Disliked this propaganda video.
Kabir Bacs
Dog Assad propaganda documentary. Assad must be executed in international court.
reality bites
al asaad for ever
Stephen Strange
A beautiful country torn apart by War. God bless Syria.
Assad is the last hope for Syria, he's the only one the atheists and secular and non extremist Syrians support, there's NO ONE ELSE ready for the job. ISIS idealogy is waiting to take over.
shame on the gay terrorist Assad, Assad is backed by the gay commie Putin
Jessica S
I hope the west especially UK and US have blood in their hands and karma will come upon them. Do I believe everything on this documentary is true? No.
It's all about distressing and scare the masses. WAKEUP!
Naya Hjar
They did visit Every country that beside fucking bitch bashar . And they are saying that the terrorists and isis who is killing the people go and fuck your self .there is only 5% from isis who is killing now and the only terrorist who is killing is fucking bashar 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
Unionji Sage
Unionji Sage
Unionji Sage
Jiren Sama


I had seen this video earlier...the guy who was shot had said in the face of his killer "WE'LL ERASE YOU"
Jiren Sama
5 minutes in and my heart is happy af.

Secular people. Rave

I just hope they don't embrace the Saudi Ideology
Muhammad Mohsin
Everybody is playing it's part to destroy everything peace by peace
Ras Tar
well I started off thinking this will be u.s propaganda at its best, but it was pretty decent journalism actually
Shakur Rakhimov
Devil rule the Syria 🤔
Shakur Rakhimov
nice video
Moore Wilson
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auf jordan
heaven open your doors??as if its not allah but as if its your house..shame shame shia bloody regime..down with syrian arab army
auf jordan
the transalation dosent match at all.proppaganda fabrication
Wutang Clan
Free Syria from Western TERRORISM. LongLiveAssad
Nor Jones
How much terrorist Assad pays you to make this piece of shit?? become an arm-fight within a month? all information are wrong and misleading and show that Assad has right and he is kind of a good guy, and I think you are as bad as Assad and ISIS.
well he and his supporters are really animals and much worse than ISIS they killed at least civilian 500 000 people, they tortured 50 000 people to death in their concentration camps. 13 million of Syrians are not in their homes because of Assad and his fucking animals. OBS Im not a Muslim.
Khanz Gzana
2:30 to 4:00...& the media says syria is no different than the sahara nowadays! Fuck off liars!!
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