Universidad El Tornado
December 1 will drop the video! Remember it!
A Dv
everyone's freaking out about how Nicki brought 4 flows and acting like 3/4 of her verse aint trash lmfaoo
I fw Nicki and Cardi B, but I can't lie... I totally loaded this into FL and cut out their verses. Lmfao
Maxwell Eazyflo
All day takeoff 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯
Takeoff was running this shit. Flame
Sandisiwe Dingiswayo
Cadi B and Nicki killed it😎
Peαch Gαng
nicki is better than cardi
Hoyt Brittain
Love this song lit
Jay Block
Most ppl prefer take off bc he the most under rated in migos
Sara Noor
They better come out with a music video 👀🙌🏼
Kim Cooley
Cardi B
Melodye Menard
Cardi 💥
Abasha Cisse
Niki sounds the same to me zzzzzzzzz
But TakeOff is underrated.. Yyyyyyyyyy?
Olivia Read
When u only come here for Nicki’s verse
wada song so powerful
sultan hanga
Put offset Verse on 1.25 playback speed💯🔥🔥💯
Jessenia Delgado
Cardi and niki went lit on this song
Luca Malta
Porcoddiooooooooo ❤❤
Shyann Brantley
Need a music video where it at??
Y'all havent had two relevant female rappers in so long that u guys all feel the need to vote and compare LOL. let them just rap and STFU. enjoy the music. or dont. let there be finally more than 1 relevant female in rap without having to put them head to head
Ale Orme
sono frocio
jimbo derek
man,,,,,Quavo and Cardi killed it.likes for them?
AJ Lynn
Here for 2:40
Im usally more into Lyricism but gotta admit Cardi got this one! 🔥🔥
Slime Topia
Nikis voice is like a hardcore p*rn💚💛💜💎
Kim D
Two of Nikki’s bars was rhyme ng uzi with uzi and lace front with lace front how she have the best verse she spit about 8 bars n two where not real bars only punch she had was copies and facts lol y’all really don’t know shit
Cardi wannabe nicki
Jean Ann Dueck
This is so fire
Eugene kho
Cardi slayed it. Nicki killed it. 🔥🔥🔥
Chrissie Rodriguez
Ismaila Bah
Takeoff my favorite part
Hermione Rivera
Love Cardi but she ain't ready for Nicki
Earl Mcfield
I love Cardi xoxo
NIcki doesnt even like Cardi...but business is business!
Gold Gecko Gaming
Cardio was better in no limit smh
Errol Hough
Lace blunt really Nikki ....gtfoh ....
Dang Nicki freaking killed it she won
Money is treatin me well 👐
skips to 1:45
Ulfric Stormcloak
lift off really killed it
mama bee
Cardi B and Nicki hit it
I3el M4ced0o
1) Nicki
2) Quavo
3) Takeoff
4) Offset
5) Cardi B
Cindy Mercado
Nicki's verse 🔥...🖕🏽cardi b ! dont get it wrong Cardi's verse is also dope but Nicki is my fav on this Track... my simple opinion NO HATE ! ....
Michelle Olvera
Since you started Cardi B I knew you'd be huge
idk even know duh
Dope af
Andrea Foster
Had to skip Cardi B's part. Was not impressed with her verse. Thx for reading.
Bobby Murillo
Takeoff and quavo killed it!!!
Am i the only one, i wish Offset verse was longer
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