What's inside the YouTube Gold Play Button?

Gold Play Buttonsilver play button1 millionyoutubeplaybuttongoldcaseysubscribersplay buttondiamond play buttonyoutube play button100000 subscribersreward1 million subscribers100k subsyoutube awardbroken youtube play button10 million subscribersplaybuttonsilverawardgolden play buttonsubscriber plaquewhat's insidegoldendiamondyoutube awards (award)casey neistat

We CUT the Gold Play Button in Half!!! We took it on a HUGE trip around the world first!

Watch behind the scenes with Casey Neistat: https://youtu.be/SIT8EhUkPxI

Subscribe to Casey: https://www.youtube.com/user/caseyneistat

This has been an AMAZING ride over the past 2 years. THANK YOU to all who support our channel by viewing, subscribing and commenting. It means more than you know to us. 

This video was not sponsored by anyone, we made it out of pure excitement to celebrate the 1 million subscriber award properly. 

We spoke to the YouTube team in charge of these awards AFTER making this video and they told us this is what the button is made up of: Alloy 260, Copper plus brass alloy gold plates. 

BIG THANKS to Casey Neistat for allowing us to cut the button in his studio. He is a very talented Film Maker that in the past year has raised the bar for quality content on YouTube. We have learned so much from watching him every day. Watch our first video of the baseball and then watch this video and you will see our editing progress. 

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Shay Fowler
I'm sorry but people work so hard for this like you and yous cut it open like its paper
Swatik werh
В самом начале видео YouTube завис и не хотел продолжать показывать это видео )
Kruby Tayler
whats inside a guys balls
Enes korkut
o gercek altındı eger satsalardı 50bin dolar ederdi daha fazlada olabilir 1kg dan fazla cunki .
DerpCookie 1243
Born in Dubai
panu mhatre
its an insult of channel dude
#maroon& violet
2:16 wow shanghai china
Will they cut the diamond if they get it
King Chizz
Arcade. Com
What's inside your brain????
Very crazy ideas 💡 GOLD YOUTUBE PLAY BOTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Müller
Bruder ich gönn euch hart. Ihr seid so uich. Göööööööung
americavialra Alvarez
ni hablo inglés xD
저 아이 뭔데 헬기타고 다님? 부럽다...
thats cool
why would you cut your gold play button open
Alyssa Gonzalez
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The vid starts at 8:22
Say thank you
Flipping Guy
아이스 TVx ᄒ
wjdakf qnfjdnjdy! wjeh rhfemqjxms qkedmaus ee...ehfemqjxms aks djedmsekaus dhlswjs whgdmfemtㅜ^ㅜ
다 영어
Just Another SU/UNDERTALE fan
유유자매와 유민y
carlos Luque
rocorrieron todo el puto pais para romper una puta placa de oro
Tyler Mainieri
Nice waste of 1 million subscribers that's y I don't subscribe
Wow I am korean. This is great!!
wow!!! my gold.... no
Adam Oldham
At 8:32 look at Lincoln's reflection on the left!!!
乘风工作室 Wind studio
China is not Youtube!
Aubrey Barger
how much money do they have?!
Their car and all these trips, like seriously.
乘风工作室 Wind studio
Why not go to Hong Kong?
Cats On Earth
dubai burj khalifa is not the tallest the tallest is the X seed 4000 in japan
Epic Unicorn LEts play
Why did You cut your Golden Play button that's just messed up We all made you have that! Be thankful D:
San Francisco Toastmasters
Purple Derple
Why would you break it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Harry Gearing
They will go to space if they get the dioamond
Jesica Limones
on nyc the square hole was the twin tower
Shido Itsuka
Searched for Mars-Vanladylove, ended up on this video.... Good video tho ._.
골드 버튼이 아까웤
Мульты От Филли
Фу фу фу фу фу фу фу
버파 BF법
Eyad A
is this arabic
PIKAMAN17 AND Skyman2017
it's the lincoln play button! he put his head through the glass
Bro vs Bro
you have a silver play Buten and a gold play Buren good
Emma Shirey
That was so dumb
e vala
oi alguem fala portugues
Uasd Red Raider harc 5
I wouldnt
Raghav Sharma
your son is a jerk
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