Game Theory: My Fan Game is a CRIME?!

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We live in an age of gaming where fans of a franchise can easily spin off their own games and post them for others to play. And it's AWESOME! Some of the best games I've played in the last year have been made by fans. And yet, as we've seen recently with Pokemon Uranium and Another Metroid 3 Remake...the original companies might not be so thrilled this is happening. And all of this is beginning to call up some… questions. So today, I'm asking the question "When is a fan game TRULY a fan game?" The answer to that question has changed A LOT recently...and it could produce some truly scary results. 

For more information on these court cases check out this article:

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Pakura Momochi the vile
get ready for a no mans sky fan game:
no fans game
caca head poop
0:39 K I N G T R O W S E R
AnonyFOXX 1537
We need to do something about this.
"Terraria is a Mineceaft clone"
I‘m so triggered right now!
Corny Comedy
purple monkey dishwasher thirteen Lockwood Horatio 134 ginger Bane bird noise. am I right?
Will R
I think Scott is mostly just cool with the fan games
Brandon Tran
Eye kid U knot
I don't care what everyone thinks about your terrible jokes. I'll always love them.
Dude terraria is the official one it came out 2006 and Minecraft came out in 2010 😡😡😡 gawd
the Steve 2 gamer
Am I the only one who would burst into anyone of these cases and scream "OBJECTION!!"
Tyler Black
13:08 gorillaz references
what about if you actually somehow get to contact the devs and ask for permission?
Xx DeVaSt4TioN xX
Why would the fan game strike down the inspiration for there game like damn if a fan game did do that that's kinda messed up
Jonathan Gibson
Has anybody actually read the newspaper?
Coolcreeperhead Zero seven
Matthew McCollum TV
Elykdanger Burgers
I am so sad. DanTDM is the BEST EVER! Please give him a chance people.
He has changed.
JohnnyG 221
Memes . . . You just don't dissect memes you just don't talk about them it's just . . .cringe
Memes are memes leaf them be they have their own rights
Mine Potter
Law theory (not game theory)
Thanks for watching
I think bread is neat. ye
Candy crush tried to strike down bejewled even though bejewled came out years earlier ;)
Hugo Zura
And after a video about copyright infringement...
He plays a copyrighted song from a copyrighted game made by a copyrighted company.
Oh, Mickey's Magic Mirror, will you ever die?
0:37 I recommend pausing and reading everything
I hate copyright laws now
(also I think nintendo should have, I dunno, BOUGHT the Uranium version!? It sounds AWESOME)
You know, i am pretty happy about this easy going Copyright law right now. It would be a shame if Developers shut down Games others made for free with no actual funding just because they are realy simmilar.

If i were that Developer i would contract these people and ask them if they may want to "Join the Ranks" and officialy release their game as either a Remake, Diffirent World or etc.

This would both support the Developer of the Fan Game and essentialy make it a total legal thing too as the Publisher/Developer would be under one roof and so on.
FNaF and Undertale remakes are all over the place! It's getting annoying.
Saulfish 999
hey don't insult DanTDM also #Notificationsquad
Kevin Bittle
Am2r was proabably removed because ofmthe 3ds game.
Alexis Hunsaker
HEY! DanTDM actually went to University for Law!
Big G
Oh yeah!?
Well sonic the fighters can copyright super smash bros cuz it came out before
The thing is Street fighter made a reference to it, it being Dan
Diego Garcia
Noonoonooo is sister location gonna die
Pokemon Uranium, huh? Fan games sure are odd things. Reminds me of the time I bought the pirated Pokemon Naranja Version from a swap-meet. It was interesting seeing the game based on the Orange islands, but sadly enough, there was an area early in the game where you couldn't even progress further after that. Been pretty long since then that I don't think I even have the GBA cartridge anymore. It's whatever since it was pretty cheap.

Neat stuff.
Alex Wakefield
Skyrim meme: BARREL ROLL!! why fall normally, when you can do a BARREL ROLL!
Zennith Kitty
Please, you'll get a copyright strike if you EXIST.
safe to say freedom planet isnt going anywhere soon as sega dosent care about fan games as they hire fan game creators for their games now e.g sonic mania
Minearia FTW
Ayan Barnwal
I love the undertale references
Ayan Barnwal
the puns are somehow past sans'
who has a bigger neck lesser dog from undertale or alolan executor from pokemon sun and moon
Ruby-Ann Fielke
CrayZ BeatBox
You know fnaf sl wouldn´t be sued for copying (think i wrote it wrong) tjoc because fnaf4 actually has free roaming abilities
Sooooooo...tjoc wouldbe sued and shut down..if mister cawthon was that kind of man
4:10 I always love it when people use bfdi assets in there videos
I hope scott doesnt care if people make "clones" of his games
Derp Hero
Youtube arrested over his "King Trowser" XD
zsportslive wzoqradio
dantdm is awsome OK mat pat
Video Games Vs Reality
This Mario Is Slightly less... Wait, SCOTT CAWTHON!?!?
The new Metroid 2 game on the 3ds was a bit disappointing. It was an amazing disappointment. It was everything we wanted in a metroid game, but, am2r did it better. I'm not sure if this is confirmed, but I swear to god that the overworld theme in the name Metroid game sounds exactly like the one used in AM2R.
Tereria is not a minecraft coppy tereria was made befor minecraft Minecraft was not supposed to be blocky and you can't copyright building because it was not a feature that they made nor surviving nor being at aked by zombies skeletons and slimes nor tools nor bosses just because they've got these things dosent meen there the same if you think anything else about it tell me
Keelan Barron
wait, so all of this mess started......because of a lazy judge!?
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