Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera singing at a young age

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Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera singing at a young age...
Who used to sing better?

They were both so cute and veeery loud. Damn imagine being their parents at that point.
Jr Crawford
That's really fucked up
Christina all the way. Not even a question.
Britney was just a young Jessica Simpson.
No real voice. No soul, rhythm or melody behind it.
Just pageantry. Like any other kid with a pushy stage mom.
"Just belt it and hold the note as long as you can"
No feeling whatsoever.
Christina sings with all the feels.
Ant Legg
Britney shockingly
Catgy Charve
For me, I like both style of music. They both make me happy. But the most stood out for me as artist is Britney. She works very hard to make people happy. She's super sweet. She'll never get jealous because she has that title on Guinness book of records as the pop princess. Christina has a beautiful voice like Beyonce and Mariah but she's a very jealous person. She has a temper and a snobbish attitude. Some people like that but not me. I enjoy her still but Britney has a better bigger heart than most celebs out there.
Amarylis Resto
Wow Britney Spears is truly amazing!!
Merlito Pabatao
nurse major
I'm wondering if Britney is afraid of singing her actual real voice bc she may be afraid of what people will think.
Ana Carla D
A Britney não evoluiu com o tempo isso acontece nem sempre uma criança que cante bem possa vir a ser boa vocalista na idade adulta pois a puberdade altera a voz e todos sabemos que ela não canta nada nunca cantou já a Aguilera é uma força da natureza sempre foi fantástica só tem aquele hábito desnecessário de melismas a todo instante que chega a ficar insuportável ouvir as músicas mas ela é uma cantora por obra e direito
Michel Leao
Christina Aguilera
lisa baez
Sorry but beyond the stigma that surrounds young Britney could sing, TECHNICALLY better than young Christina, NOW SHE CANT Christina didn't sing any vocal line harder than the notes Britney is hitting here 2:31 Not on Mickey Mouse Club, and as far as right now never live. She even was louder here 0:51
Vansh Mishra
britney why did u change
Yeliye Berna
Richard Mohan
Well christina was the diva with this gorgeous powerful voice while brit is ok but played back up dancer to aguilera
Mick Gardner
Christina has the best voice as a child and most control over it too.
vivian santos
Why God! What's happen with the Britney's voice :'(
Paulo Siwsan
Aguilera no doubt!!
did they have vocal training? because I feel like they have too learn how to sing like that... do some people sing like that??
do kio
so wonder what happen to britney.
Jesús López Cortés
Britney! No solo porque resiste esas altas notas, si no porque las puede cantar asi de grave como un grado agudo que la caracteriza en la actualidad.
QueOnda 123
Young Britney's probably lip syncing!
Mariana León
Just listen Luv the hurt away by Britney
Rayne Michael
Their couldn't be two xtina's and britney was easier to persuade.
Hytalo Deva55a
Christina is better
anthuan Cortes
OMG La Voz de Britney Spears es impresionante !
Aji Machmudi
Puberty definitely ruined Britney's powerhouse voice...
Charles Louis
I hate those Britney Vs. Christina! I really hate! They are so talent! both!! 😠😠
Charlie Hill
Elaine Jacome
sadly there is no more of this talent left on britney !!!!..... buuuuuu!!!!!
Kamilla Iqbal
Christina grew up to be the better singer
Mariana Saragi
everyone seems so surprise with the young britney. shes better not grown up.
Ruby Rere
I'm a huge fan of Britney but indisputably Christina's voice is waaay better duuuh
jenna jean
christina always an awesome singer!
The person who cant decide on a name
what is the name of that song at 2:14
Destiny Bakare
At 2:13, her legs REALLY scared me!
Mr. Three
That is Britney's voice??? What the heck happened to her before her baby one more time era?
Ελένη Ηλιοπούλου
They were both very good. Now Britney's voice is ruined cause of that baby tone, which is disgusting and makes me hate her singing but Christina is still an amazing singer!! Christina though, impressed me a bit more, as her voice was so mature and her high notes were perfect!
isa dakosta
even britney told that she like to have Christina's voice ! therefore she knew that Christina has the Vetter voice then her.
Giovanni Martinez
Hahaha ¿esto es un chiste verdad? ¿Quién compararía a la gran Xtina con ese remedo de cantante de apellido Spears? 😂😂😂😂😂
Marlene Salinas
Jolegend Slaydangal
Filipinos are better than these singers.
took absolutely nothing from thsi video because i do not know whos is singing when...
Azumi 93
christina's style remained😁😍
Will Nuels
it wouldnt have mattered when you got a Voice like Aguilera
carlo gilbert zamora
when puberty hits you sooooo bad Britney
Christian Carey
2:31 hoo britney blow me away
Adam Hawkins
Britney had a great voice...what happened!? Christina will always sound like perfection I think.
Manuel Luna
besides being a fake singer britney is also a fake blond!!
hermione granger
Christina Aguilera ❤
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