They were both so cute and veeery loud. Damn imagine being their parents at that point.
Manuel Luna
besides being a fake singer britney is also a fake blond!!
hermione granger
Christina Aguilera ❤
Nathy Valle
brit brit
Shane Bailey
Britney actually had power, agility and control to her voice. This isn't like her. That "baby voice", that combo of trills, squawks and purrs, has GOT TO GO! I'd rather hear THIS Britney...the singer with soul, vocal control, melody, passion and POWER. She rocked it. Damn, Brit...are you watching?
Kaylie K
See this is why I can't make it half threw these type of videos cause I start to doubt myself
René X
Britney lost her voice
why can't she sang out like that
Mandy Dandy
they ruined Britney's voice.
Matthew Perez
Christina had and still has a better voice than her
Negan Stamford
They're both good. I don't see no competition. Katy Perry and Miley suck
ცՆυ૯ Dıคɱ૦Ոძ
Britney, and I don't even listen to her music
Bonnie O
OMG What happened with Britney's voice? sad she had everything and lost it
arvin guerrero
they say only ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they want a big black dick
Heather's Sims!
Britney USED to sing better.
cristina pero por dios
Tina Huttner
Aguilera hands down is the best, that girls got soul and powerful voice. spears needs to go live a regular life, her singing voice is too dam annoying.
Based on this video alo ne, Britney wins. Her voice was thicker and bigger in size and had more control. Christina was still good to, but her voice was a Lil thinner at times. Granted these videos are a compilation of them both between 8-14 years old. But for me personally, Britney won because of the size of her voice and power. Weird how the roles have reversed today as they both are adults lol
laura marie coitrone mckinlay
Britney Spears has tremendous voice. The way she uses it drives me insane, when she first preformed on her first album she never lip synced she does have a great voice.
Nancy S
I have the worst headache now after watching that. 😒
Sara Totaro
Never thought Britney Spears had that voice.
zhiyi Yin
brit is always amazing
Marama Harrison
Christina of course
Light Love Images
God they were annoying little girls back then. I guess when you're conditioned to be a self-centered obnoxious brat at 7-9 years of age you definitely have no problem growing right into it and continuing the delusion as an adult. Some one plug my ears.
Nykole Jenkins
Christina is by far a better vocalist/artist anyone who disagrees is in denial just like how Britney is by far a better performer/ entertainer
Brenda BaBoom
I read somewhere years ago that Britney's mom said she could REALLY sing. I have to agree.
Liz Donnelly
both very good
Shailene D'lisser
Millones de veces Christina A. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌
rocio rivera
what happend to Britney?
Gato Feral
Nam Woohyun4eva
Wow Britney voice was actually good. She's amazing I didn't know she was this good her vocals were better than Christina if she kept that voice she would've been in the same rank as Christina no matter what anyone says she can sing, her real voice is powerful, she have great technique she a artist that could fit in anywhere too bad she can't showcase her real singing ability. Her singing is underrated anyway she's still a Legend because of her hardwork and likeable personality where she deserves to be.
Joshua Yruegas
Christina won
muriatic acid
People behind britney's sucess also the people who ruined her voice ...!
Paula Tristan
If you listen to Britney now, her voice is to soft, the microphones are turned up so high in order to hear her voice, I wonder why. Christina has always kept that strong voice but perhaps losing your voice comes with age.
kat g
christina has better vocals but I admit that Britney surprised me, cause damn she was good, what happened?!!!!
Mik K
So why does Britney sing so differently now? CONSPIRACY THEORY? ILLUMINATY? YES.
PigGirl 08
Christina was an ugly little shit!
Gemma Whatley
Why doesn't Britney sing like this now? Such a shame.
charlie southerton
wheres britney all i saw and heard was christina
britney oh my! she has this powerhouse vocals. oh my. it left me speechless.
Betii Awr
el vibrato de christina es único ❤
J Smith
cristina has a better voice, but britney makes up for it in some many ways. 1 britney is better than 100 cristinas.
noah ross
Sakura Haruno _16
Cristina Aguilera es mejor vocalmente
whitney toms
it's irritating then videos doesn't tell u who's who
gargarita ladybug
What a great voice!!! I've never imagined that Britney could sing like that when she was a kid. Christina stays my favourite, anyway. She still has a great voice.
John Ector
This is before Britney fell in love with her "baby voice" and she could actually sing. But, then again, that "baby voice" made her a superstar and $200 million!
Lee Kovic
shit toddler brit can sing better them brit im her prime
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