Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera singing at a young age

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Britney Spears vs Christina Aguilera singing at a young age...
Who used to sing better?

They were both so cute and veeery loud. Damn imagine being their parents at that point.
faizan akey
omg britney!!!! what a technique!
Andres Guerra
Britney bitch!! 😍😍😍💜💜💜💜
Harpy Eagle
Funny. Britney was slightly better than Christina.
Omg Britney actually used to have a stronger voice than Xtina, Xtina was actually quieter in this video
I love both <3
Casey Chanin
Why does everyone always have to say "if only britney kept up those vocals"? If she didn't sing the way she did then her career wouldn't be what it is today AKA LEGENDARY & we would never have those hit songs to sing for the rest of our lives. Jeez. Either way this video was awesome (: great compilation!
0:52 Britney sang Star Spangled Banner in a higher key than Christina.
I prefer Britney
David Bauti
Britney unequivocally. Britney was already displaying and ability to belt with vibrato and control her voice and even was belting supported notes whereas Xtina was already doing what she still does. And anyone saying Xtina over Britney is lying, all you have to do is listen to their respective renditions of the Star Spangled Banner. End of discussion.
Cindy Rowe
WHAT HAPPEND WITH BRITNEY NOW ? she can't sing like this anymore and also she can't dance like when she was started her carrer Sad.
lindsey scott123
Christina Killing it .. i mean britney can't even keep that voice after puberty .. LMFAO and now britney can't even sing a simple note. that's why she lipsyncing all the time ...
Amityville M.
had no idea Brittney could sing after listen to this and comparing it to her music main stream.. lol what happened
Britney sure stopped using her voice didn't she? Sheesh
Dennis Wittenberg
Def Britney!! She has so much power and control here! Christina's voice is shaky and annoying. It hurts my ears... So nothing has changed. Now Britneys voice is shaky and out of control :(
Olga Pea
The difference is that Christina has improved since this point and well, Britney not so much. Her talent went down hill. 😬
Britney's vocal chords committed suicide at puberty
Lestat Cole
The white devil The runs Hollywood Killed the girls spirit and voice - she was ruined by the time Baby one more time came out
Daniel Olivera
Xtina is the real deal, but da fuck happened to Brittany's voice?! She can bearly speak now
christian sglo Rey
as vezés me pergunto como a Britney pode ter permitido que modificassem sua voz.
matthew booth
But either way Britney became and is the bigger legend of the two. That is just a fact .
matthew booth
Britney had a power voice if Jive didnt FUCK IT UP!!!!!
Sèbe Yanis
Damn Britney was way better than Xtina... how is this possible ??
0:14 and 0:19 that type of resonance that Christina has never achieve in her entire career.... 😧
Mostre seu talento S2.
Britney pequena tinha mas voz de Christina Aguilera, mas adulta Christina supera Britney.
black eyes
Christina was much better in sinqinq
Britney was most popular. I like them both.
juanmi hahaha
what happend with britney voice
Wilmer Pineda
Christina aguilera
Kendrick M.
britney was better. and would still sound better today if she sang in her original tone.
Luis Novoa
"what happen Britney spears?"
melo b
OMG, Britney's voice was better and stronger that Christina's voice. Where's that voice?
Lauren Karvaski
They both sound a little too screamy tbh but they both had talent.
Rofskee Banua
both when they are kid.. but now Christina Aguilera of course
Hello Pumpkin
YouTube Hollywood
Britney's voice was better than Christina's. Admit it :D!
Michael Davis-Arnold
Why did Britney want to stick with a baby voice when she grow up. Her voice was so big at a young age. She would have awesome competition for Christina
Bětka Nová
Christina Aguilera😍🤜❤
Syl Lys
Christina sing with a natural larynx, not Britney so...
Autumn Lewis
damn...... didnt know britney could sing like that.
Autumn Lewis
it would be nice if you labeled who was who -_-
Ale Interbootslipstick
Christina of course!!
All i need
German Loredo
Britney 😱
Юлия Светлова
my beautiful angel britney spears. she is amazing and I love her young age sing. she always pretty only and the best pop princess in the world!!! Britney you're in our hearts forever, we love you very very much!!!♥♥♥
Osana Najimi
00:18 00:33 Acá Britney les cierra el orto a los que dicen que no tiene talento.
Luis Carlos Guzman
I am very sure that if Britney had continued to educate her voice would have the voice similiar to Xtina, look Britney had a wider vocal Power to Xtina! But his record label ruined it
Mauricio Martinez Lopez
Britney Spears
emil cunanan
Love 2 Love Brit
These two girls RULED the 00's pop music, I have nothing but admiration for both. They are both so talented. I want Britney to try singing like this again ❤ 00:53 snatches me bald hard
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