16kgamingsetupmonitordeskcomputerbuildultimateinsaneresolutionfuturecivilization 6player unknown's battlegroundspubghalf-life 2

Can you really game at 16K? Will this setup crash and burn, or be the most amazing gaming experience ever?

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Leif Ashley
Sigh this was posted Aug 2, it's now the 20th. This video is sooooo last month ago. Come on, let's see 32k :)
Brayden Magee
Any 12 year old kid is probably saying. "You should play Roblox on there." But that game can run on a potato tbh.
Sergey Ivanov
Try some racing in it - should be awesome.
hunter the smart
Can you also try to get 32K? That would be SICK
hunter the smart
But, how much did that cost?
homi loog
minecraft rly????
Hollllly shit dude you are going fucking far
Mirabilis Jalapa
09:11 fck sake really?
Jordan Lavender
This computer is so pointless you can even run minecraft at a simple 60fps
Agonistic Bump
I Love Japan
And the highest resolution monitor i have is a 2560x1440 pixel monitor i wonder what frame rate my core i5 and gtx 780 would get with this setup
German Krassilnikov
That's why I play on consoles. I need only 2 cables to play on a big screen. And it's cheaper.
Akiran2005 YT
This will be perfect for the ultimate security gear
Mochri Gaming
I hate his intro
Sometimes there is a "little" to much exaggeration in this video... like OMG so much power needed, second wall socket needed!
Then: 1100 Watts (for the monitors). Wow.
My hairdryer takes more and my house didn't explode yet 🙄
Giving those monitors away you got for free to not as well off people who have to buy them? :P
Instant erection
Arctic Games
shoulda played counter strike -_-
Hmmmm minecraft.... at.... 16k... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok
XDerse Mods
5:05 I hear the rocket league music
Must be nice to have that much disposable income. :)
Подарите мне эту фигню ,я буду рад.
Divya Meena
now u experienced how it feels to us when we play these games on our damn pc
Alex Notsaying
100s of reasons to buy 16K
all those lines tho....annoying
Robert Rodriguez
Brian Kaplan
cant wait to see 32k (:
donPablo M
Best wallpaper for that project
have four of those and have 64 k omfg
Alonso Umaña Chan
And there are people dying of hunger... Feel nice about yourselfs guys :)
Gnarbar Driftcrew
"Desk PC final form shit" best thing you have said yet
RT Fav.
Bitch don't say I watched this on my 1080 p monitor! I watched it on my 64K p whole house full of monitors, and a city energy consumed. In jokes aside I watched it in my 4k curved one display from Samsung wide
Why is 1,100 Watts too much for a wall outlet?.. doesn't a 15 amp outlet allow for 1440 ? 15A x 120V =1,800W . times about 80% for continuous use is at 1440. or is he not in 'Merica?
Mine Xbox
play minecarft with that 😂😂😂😂
Porns on 16k 😏
I truly admire you withhowu try hard to amuse ur subscribers
Francus XD
And after all that, you did not take captures to see the image in that resolution?:(
Michael Dethloff
@Linus Tech Tips the other guy is trying to say something and you just scream. Wtf you are like the loud fucking kid at the playground, that nobody likes
Andrew P
gosh dangit linus why are you so rich
Matteo C.
A Tan
Feels good to play roblox on that.
must suck having to game with a huge checker pattern through the screen XD
Tony Lin
When their PC build with 16 monitors STILL has better frames than you LOL
it's only 15360x8640 :-(
not even 16k
Nicholas Bauer
SO COOL! Absolute Techgasm!
Michael Mccracken
Just bc u have 16 monitors, doesnt make it 16k, its still just 4k lmao
Christopher Carr
When will you go too far?
pedro nader
Shouldn,t it be 64k? Becuase 16x4k=64k?
PalmFrond Front
There you are with 16k gaming and im sitting here with a dying PC not knowing how to afford new hardware ._.
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