Autistic girl from Oregon kicked off airplane

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An Oregon family traveling with a 15-year old girl with autism was kicked of a United airlines flight for what the airline calls “a disruptive situation.” Carter Evans reports.

Ella-May Bleasdale
One time I was on a 5 hour flight and this stupid kid was trying to get my attention the whole time till finally his mom says he wanted to sit on my lap so he sat on my lap for four hours (He was a complete stranger )
Jax n Fakts
The JKay Firepower!
"I don't feel comfortable flying to Portland with your daughter on my flight"

What an absolute cunt.
United xD
Makeupforevery 123
I'm sorry but id be more pissed off about my flight stopping and me having to wait for a girl to be kicked off the flight for making noise but when I ask them to kick babies off the flights and annoying kids no unfair

The last bit was sarcasm
this is making me so mad!
Myles Harris
I'm sick of this plane shit I'm taking a train for now on
Evert Eriksson
Lisa Feisthome
Autism isn't a threat... it's a disability you Morgan's! What in the world is going on?
Jordanxproductions _
Of course it's united airlines that does this bullshit
Carol Clark
you are allowed to carry food onto planes. you can bring your own food through security but liquids are limited unless it is baby formula or medicine or some special situation. Once you clear security there are several places you can purchase liquids, snacks, hot foods, etc that you are allowed to carry with you on board.
Jacob Khan
My cousin got our whole family kicked off a plane a few years ago. He started making loud noises when the plane took off so they put him on a special seat that they have to keep him from moving and returned to the airport. He's never been on a plane again. I do understand that anyone with a disability like autism is unpredictable and that it can scare people. Airlines should have a special area on aircrafts designated for them. That way passengers can be informed so that they don't feel uncomfortable.
I wouldn't let that freak get on my plane in the first place
Nicholas Conway
of fucking course its united
Zeus Gaming
Fucking ever time fuck united airlines
Dalis Buchanan
Of course It was United Airlines XD
The owner of American Airlines needs to fucking kill himself for making these "rules".
Mr. Mason
1:10 She's watching Bear in the big blue house
Top ten anime betrayals
lol they be tearing everyone out
Gabby Gonzales
of course it's United Airlines-___-
Oh what a surprise it's united airline
Big Jack
Definetly a 9gagger.
Marcel F.
United Airlines back at it again
LeafyIsHer LeafyIsHere
Awwww united airlines back at it again
Alexander Mida
United airlines has so many problems
haha, united airlines is class!!!
Scott Cho
So this is where and when the United Airlines policy started: "If we can't beat our competitors, we beat our customers."
Ashley Tang
this is why I sail to my destination instead of taking a plane
Steffie Weffie
I guess United Airlines employees all have perfect healthy children. This mother experiences this on a daily basis, the cabin crew and passengers only experienced this for a couple of hours!!! What a bunch of spineless wussies! I hope the family sues the pants off you, United!!
Chubbychipturtle132 S
1:35 look at the flick of the wrist 😂 I'm sorry I had to
Dan Derzav
they do this even in 2015 wow united wow
P19man Is cool
I guess once the stewardess passed on the remark that the girl scratches and gets more physical in a full blown meltdown he didn't want to take the risk, not supporting his decision, but he probably kept thinking about that outcome.
Christian Stephens
She's a fucking spastic and she kicked off so she got kicked off the Plane
I feel sorry for all the high functioning people with aspergers contributing to society and using their advanced hyperfocus to get into positions of power and make all the normal people look like retards just to be lumped into the same category as screaming low functioning backward types like these.
??? ???
Posing a threat? She's ten and disabled
Chip Croswell
Tackiestearth24 123
Emerton Vlogs
That's fucking stupied
Scandinavia First
Arlin Rakas
United Airlines is crap in early April 2017 some workers needed a ride and no one got off so they started dragging people off the first man was Asian and when he didn't budge the pretty much abused him!!!
Thomas Kang
Buy ur kid a hot meal b4 boarding on a airplane so that she does not act up... Mom was not prepared to take her autistic child to travel..
Sevin Bedford
damn unitied airlines why are you bunch of asses all the time
How could she bother the pilot if she is in the back of the plane ON TOTALLY DIFFERENT END OF THE PLANE!
united united united...
That shit cray
Kailyn Smith
United Airlines back at it again...
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