Autistic girl from Oregon kicked off airplane

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An Oregon family traveling with a 15-year old girl with autism was kicked of a United airlines flight for what the airline calls “a disruptive situation.” Carter Evans reports.

Mark Price
wanna help autistic kids...? tell their parents and doctors to stop vaccinating them.
Tattiest Toe910
This is why I hate people
Morgan Wilhelm
Well they don't even sweep the floors
Morgan Wilhelm
I hate united airlines
Smh, if it isn't one thing it's another...
sari bsunt
boycott united airlines
Marisol Hosty
im from oregon
alana o connor
This is not fair she should have the same rights as us let people fly stop being idiots I mean the flight cru not the girl she should be aloud to fly
Mismarcelo 12
I am sad now :( i hope She is Ok :(
Peter :P
Babies and autistic people should be banned from planes.
Boe Dillard
So the parents weren't surprised to find out their daughter had autism as it didn't suddenly occur. They knew she acts up if she gets hungry so they put her on a flight, didn't bring her any food so they could sue the airline and f' up the travel plans of a lot of people? I hate airlines but I hate crappy parents who are sue happy perhaps a bit more.
Random youtubers
I know this is irrelevant but the way she eats pisses me off
Vann Berg
stupid airlines and crews, your not allowed to kick people off a plane bc THIER annyoing,
HDgamezYT K
That is so rude!!! Id be sueing them of they did that
Dr. Howie Feltersnatch
If you have an autistic child you don't buy them a seat on the plane. That is what checked baggage is for.
1:09....Jesus I would freak if there was an autistic person near me
She wasn't kicked off the plane because she had autism, she was kicked of because she had autism. Is what they really meant. Wow! REAAALY mature, united.
GamingWithFun15 / GamingWithFunOffline
nugget gurl
i love united airlines, full of surprises. ans such nice people.
Damn it United this is why no one invites you to the airplane party.
autistic kid is a threat at 36,000 feet
she is just hungry like wtf
0:43 Wow.
I live in Oregon

Like if u live in Oregon
Omega Closeups
how tf is someone with autism a threat lmao
Us humans are so messed up
Tiny XL
united is the worst airlines
captain duck gamer
Of course it's united airlines
pellui millen
1:57 dude on the right
Lord DuckingTon
0:42 For some odd reason this reminds me of MaxMoeFoe
Manwel Super
disruptive is disruptive
jacob caswell
even the news have a youtube channal
Kyle Frank
I'm trying to picture this from a pilot's view. No, it cannot be an easy task to fly a plane. Yes, it could be a concern to have an emotionally unbalanced individual on "your" plane... But seriously, if the passengers can put up with it, so can a snooty pilot that's not even in the same cabin as the girl. The pilot should be ashamed of making such a harsh decision, towards a person not fully aware of their own actions.
Rasta Turq
horible horible poor girl is treated idfferent cuz she has some prblems horbile makes me sick. United airlines=worst airlines
Deconverted Man
seriously UA? ???
What does that lady mean proposing some kind of threat she has autism not a gun
Splash King
Gabie Sarro
The 15 year old should have a service dog
A Fucking White Male
What a great piece of journalism by CBS, showing both sides of the story for a balanced perspective. God bless!
truename _
If she has autismn and is being a little loud that she cant fully control shouldnt the crying and screaming babies be kicked off the plane also
entitled people wasting the government's time... this isn't worth a lawsuit

keep your autistic kid fed.
I'm sorry, but I'm autistic and I AGREE WITH THE PEOPLE OF THE AIRPLANE.
Hey Simmers!
Lol if the mom says her kid is gonna scratch and have a melt down because if a meal, of course people will worry
Veronika '
I sound like that.. (when she was doing weir sounds)
Lukas Wallenberg
There was never a safety issue. It is a "comfort" issue. Instead of giving that girl something to eat, which any European flight attendant would've done, to keep her quite, the pilot didn't want to "upset" the mimosas around her and delayed that flight for hours. Way to go. Hope they family gets millions in compensation.
Dirty Diva 112
тнιѕ ιѕ ѕнιт
Really? Again?
trash cans unite
lmao united airlines is so stupid
Cheyenne Murphy
Proposing a threat???? She's a hungry autistic child for goodness sake
tyler lord
If commercials have taught me anything, it's that she needed a snickers
I Hate YouTube
Good all retards should be killed or enslaved
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