wolf blood
THIS IS BULL!!!! the poor sweet child can't help it!
Typical trump loving hateful united
It's united airlines; what do you expect?
Pandi Rocks
If United Airlines is kicking people off of the planes, What about THAT baby crying in the other seat? How will the passengers feel comfortable with THAT baby crying for hours?

I said THAT because you know when there is THAT one baby that's crying.................................oh then that's just me
Sharon Lee Lee
That was just wrong everyone is different so respect it!!!
disabled people should die
Danyelle Lopez
So what's next we're gonna kick parents off planes with children who cry cause there hungry, or a child wets it's pants we're gonna throw them off too, but people can drink and become a new sense and that's ok right completely ridiculous
On The Scene
+Anonymous I'm with you
Faulty shy
Awe their so mean!!! Poor girl, if I were her are Hts I would literally scream at them so much!!!!
how isnt united airlines not closed yet
Anna's World
Comfort of all all Juliet and her family do not fell cftrbl
amanda dun
why don't they kick off crying babies? if this autistic girl was kicked off for making noise why tf shouldn't babies be kicked off flights?
Merida Marie
me being autistic myself...this pisses me off. She dont know how to communicate! they should have just left it alone with giving her the hot meal. was she posing a threat after that, NO! damn right they should do a lawsuit.
KnownBoss 456
What is wrong with United
Does it matter where she's from?
Legaspi Vlogs
TBH, the girl WAS weird...WEE AH WO
Lulu Mariscal
Ashes lucky cause were I'm from I barley get fed I'm from south central and I stil am here
trains and elavator by trainvator
the heck austic. this should not happen. good job united airlines
When you put monkeies in charge you get animal behavior like this
Yasmin ahmed
Katy S.
I like United and all but really? Autism isn't controlled, and it's not a person's fault if they are born with it. Heck, I know a boy with autism.
Trainz Marcel
best airlines
SwagZ261 -
Un-united airlines
BigJuicy Pickle
Look at that flick at rist hoo!
Satan House
so stupid captain..i pray he will have a autism daughter or son..then he will understand
Anthony Aiello
No offense, but I would be quiet annoyed if I was trapped in a plane cabin with her (for possibly hours). Planes are very mentally unstable places; in other words, planes are a place where people can, and likely will, get very annoyed even over some of the slightest inconveniences. I feel that airlines should create a special seating area for those who cannot control themselves, are angry, or are disruptive, and for those who need a place to calm down. Like they should create a separate cabin where someone, like the girl in the video, could sit with a parent until she's calm enough to go back to her regular seat.
Patricia Ramos
Super Nerd765
An autistic child that can't control what she does is a threat?!? What were they thinking, like what's she gonna do, get hangry and disturb other passengers?!?
Matt Ross
This is sad and it really pisses me off. I have a little brother who is severely autistic and I have Asperger's (a mild form of autism). If they did that to me or my little brother, I can assure everyone watching this video that they would not live to see another day.
Daniel Øverland
dude put a mask on that girl.
Ah united smh
Wyatt Hester
I hate united airlines.
Club Hofid
That's how my "friend" acts
Look on the small tv, its bear and the big blue house!
Reaper_ gaming
they made a good choice
People have no heart
Pugs are bae
Why hasn't this airline closed down yet?
Sarah The Psycho
United Airlines...
rG x Chicken V3
Really united airlines are the cause again... what a surprise
DE Kickz
the pilot is kind of right it is stressful to fly like that
united airlines needs to get there life together
why shes been kick out the flight for?
Maren J
Honestly, it's okay.
Would you have more liked him to crash the airplane with all 200 passengers?

You dont know anything about him...

Maybe he is scared of disabilities or he has had a trauma.

If he felt distracted from flying by her doing it and I really am respecting her, it's okay for him so land.

If he has an actual problen with her doing it, it has been very responsible by him to do a landing.

This is my opinion.
Stephen Donnely
She could have caused a plane crash and knowing her with autism she would have crashed into the new World Trade Centre
Gareth Paine
United has a lot to worry about now.
Joseph Campisi
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