Our Eminem Interview Gets Crashed by 50 Cent: 'Who Is This Guy?'

50 Cent (Musical Artist)Eminem (Musical Artist)Executive Producer (Film Job)Soundtrack (Composition Type)Soundtrack Album (Musical Genre)Southpaw (Film)Eminem (Music Video Performer)

Rap superstar Eminem made a rare public appearance at the premiere of "Southpaw" on Monday night in New York City. The 42-year-old talked with only "Extra" on the red carpet about his work in the film. Check it out and watch rapper 50 Cent crash the interview!

Greger Karlsson
What is the clone wearing around his neck? Is Eminem- clone Illuminati?
Drone Nation
He get age as hell
pukito diaz
Phileo Hammond
Wow Eminem smiled
kamdar amir
When 50 came to em. em didnt even look at him and got the idea that its 50 .
Noodle Berzoodle
Oh my god he smiled
Jatinder Singh
He seems eminem's clone.........illuminati rules
Michael Rivera
that's when Rick Ross sued him for the sex video. Eminem threw some shade 🤔
The Question is who killed Eminem?!
who let eminem out?who! who who!?!
NintenBro Official
the rare times eminem smiles are so warm i swear
Gringo Hombre
Why he looks like that ?
he looks grainy
niyol jha
Raymond Ramirez
Does any one else see Eminems bulldog cheeks coming in he's getting old lmao
Giveaway G0D
dat old man looks like Em
Kitten's Bedtime Stories
50 you know you are my fav black boy right !
Kid Shane
This god can sing faster than a cheetah🐆 can run but he shuttering right now r u serious
this guys are real friends
eminem 2pac
nanditha s
hey watch out ragarap ..
Harry Parsons
sorry to say but Em looked way more healthy when he was doing drugs. Damn eat a sandwich Slim!
Jaz Simone
Wow that must suck answering the most boring vanilla questions all day. I probably would have walked away lol.
Hyuna Blue
He still rap even when he is just talking for an interview : What a Legend
2 of the worst people to beef with, both will end your career in a verse. Goats
our ?
Will Holmes
em trying not to smile lol
Shokhrukh Dzhalolov
They are best friends
Deadshot 1397
50 cent haha fucking pussy attention seeker.
Campin Sasquatch
Anonymous guy
Colgate smile.
French Hefner
What if Eminem was supposed to be Tommy in Power 🤔
daniel .N.
Eminem getting olddd!!!
0:34 The Legend is coming 😂
Never noticed how hot Eminem is. Lol
God body66
I love seeing these niggas together
Master Chief
He chose extra to talk to... why
Johnny Salery
I like how 50 was just like "Yo Em, I know you're doing this interview and all...but can get that handshake tho" lol
prince Mononoké
"who the fook IS thath Guy" Eminem
No one fucks with Em.
Brandon Robertson
Anyone notice that triangle on the chest
Mark Davies
illuminati necklace wtf.
King Idriss
0:37 at this moment 50 cent spotted the camera 😂
Eazy E
That jacket is fire!!!!
David T.
Jesus he looks bad!
He s getting old
bonito collar c:
Even tho Eminem isn't rapping in this video, it sounds like he's rapping
Gel Gaauur
Who is the hot guy in the background towards the end of the video lmao
Preston Ryan
everyone wearing suits and dresses, Em is dressed normal shows how he really is
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