R Cervantes
I love these videos
Taylor Mayne
she would look amazing in a straight asymmetrical bob, with an auburn ombré
harry picket
She's so gorgeous even before, her eyes and smile just enchanted me😍😍💕
Nicole Powell
AMAZEBALLS!!! SOOOO sincerely THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH...you are as stunning as any model or A List actress or beauty u pass in the mall! YOU have NOT been transformed but rather it seems your AUTHENTIC NATURAL BEAUTY has been released. OWN it! You look like u feel beautiful from the inside and it extends outward. Even JUST with the hair change you are ON FIRE!
Hanna Hanssen
Exhibition sink conduct contribute spirit coast like enforcement matter because.
Kayli Malenfant
Why is this basically a better version of What Not To Wear?
She looks bomb,wow
hanza merrett
Eugene XD
Dominique Mulder
The makeup and hair were really pretty, but the outfit just looked so trashy.
De Nile
Wooow she's gorgeous
The t-shirt looked better not tucked in.
Marissa S
I love that Curly thought to grab her bag :)
olga g
She looks much better "before"
Hope Elizabeth
In the end it's all about confidence and her feeling confident made the transformation even better 😄 she's beautiful
why was this so uncomfortable to watch
freddie is so pure and good, you can tell she really speaks from her heart
Bagaoisan Johannah
did celine dion just walk into the room??
Diana Olvera
Curly is giving me Boy George vibes lol
Daana A
Her name is kaity Leblanc just like bratayley😂
smiley fans
does she know bratayley lol?
Omg it's Annie's mom oh wait never mind
talyiah lynn
That's so Phia
i feel awkward while watching..like some of them are fake
Jessebelle Heavygun
Question? How does Jazz put on lipstick with her lip piercing
Adri S.
I wish they didn't just do make overs for there co-workers, I would love of they made me over 😊
Tori Muller
damn she looks like a boss
Faye Allen
Eujeans face tho he be lovin it 😂
Savannah Craft
She is just so awkward through the whole thing its so cute!!
Freddie is so sweet.
SophKatt MSP
Annie LeBlanc Kat ie LeBlanc hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Fraggel Rock
Her Dark hair before brought out her eyes
I prefer her before makeup
Anyone who has been involved in the Try Guys is a god.
The Sephora University Class Facilitator was actually really good if she taught her about her face shape and eye shape because understanding them can make all the difference in the world when applying makeup. Beauty gurus often would just do a standard look and forget about those bullet points (obviously not all)
Why does she look like Amy from Amy's baking company on Kitchen Nightmares?
Shane Ly
Katie is such a beautiful nerd😂😍
who else laughed when curly hid the try guys shirt 😂
what video was @ 2:44?
zack and michelle is still here. my heart
Shirley Jenkins
she looks like a super modle
Sydney R
Oh no the poor girl I feel like her hair came out kinda brassy unless that's the look he was going for. She really didn't need a makeover she was already beautiful and professional looking
Lau Taglieri
Omg her eyes, 😂😂 their sooo adorable!!!
The outfit looks bad, but her hair and makeup look amazing! She looks so much more glamorous!
Tania Meza
I need a "Where Katie now?"
Sydney Bean
I don't like that people think that because Curly and Jasmine wear very eccentric outfits they are fashion experts. They just want to do what's Trendy or what they like and not actually what looks good for that specific person
i am a meme Bee
Anyone thinkin' of Brataley?
shyloh silentsmile
poor girl, she looks so uncomfortable.
Why do they dye everyone's hair blonde?
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