Destiny trailer music
Game master
bhai please bata do ki is movie ko kese download kare
The Phantom
Stop saying extended trailer. All you do is place all the trailers together as one clip.
Papa Rocks
Shrek 5 looks good
matthew brannon
When my dad heard "Asgard is dead" he asked who Asgard is
Horrid Slayer
I would love to see a movie of Thor just... doing... stuff. This was hilarious😂
"I always come out wearing cutoffs at the end" hahaha
Playboi Cactus
Who else thinks about guardians of the galaxy ...... just me ok
I am covered in brains, ha!
Mistmoon 12
One epic trailer. But one question..... What is Loki doing on the other side of the universe, watching Thor fight Banner/Hulk?
Andrew Collins
Crazy thing here. What if Quicksilver appears in Ragnarok in Valhalla? He did die a hero's death when he defended Hawkeye from dying, and that's how you gain entry into Valhalla in the first place. That's not very likely, but I think it would be cool.
Alec Piche
thor is lowkey the best character
Thordians of the Galaxy
Watchtoonz Rex
(1:04) Is that guy using a conventional earth gun?
Jack Kerr
is the Daryl thing canon
Loki Laufeyson
Does anyone else think that those fuzzy things next to Thor look like the llamas from the new FOB album?
thor is not GOTG
Delvin Caesar
Planet HULK!!!!!!!
Lirim Kadriu
"Helping me craft an electronic letter" hahaha!
Dontae Scisson
l like his hair better short.
Alisha Rani
Jon Walton
I love how Cate Blanchett knowingly smiles at him as if to say "I am toying with you". Awesome
Marko Todorovic
Thor needs redemption for the terrible Thor 2. Hope this doesn't suck, it looks promising.
omg that whole "normal life in Australia segment"... this is what happens when Natalie Portman's contract expires and Thor has no Jane

Edit: ok I posted this right before I got to the part with Bruce that is freaking GENIUS I'm so glad they made this, I don't care if this is pandering to fan service, it's brilliant.

Thor: The brain is a muscle. I am covered in muscles. Therefore, I am covered in brains.

Aldo Brambila
Is this cannon
ethan hay
Taika I BELIEVE!!!!
Raymond Healey
Espionage gaming
if there isnt a guardians of the galaxy easter egg, ima be pissed
Conor Rutledge
The chick that broke Thor's Hammer...she...what the hell is she putting in her face...the eyeliner is too much...
Omar Justin Smith
World war hulk mashup?
WhiteTiger Gaming
"YEESSSSSSSS!!! We know each other. He's a friend from work."
Temidayo Onakoya
did anybody notice the female AKU
.....Telling Tony Stark to send a raven....Classic.
Oh my god I loved that 4th wall break in the beginning I can tell this will be a sick movie
Emily Doe
Lokis gonna watch the fight!
Roblox Skits
im 0 years old
1 like=1 year of age
how old can you get me??
Hans Zarkov
why does hulk look so cartoony. can't they do any better than that
War Overlord
Ragnarok was supposed to be caused by Fenrir, but Okay the movie seems great!!
Ben Wade
What even is this?
Fyro Burns
I really want to see jason mamoa and chris hemsworth hang together wearing their costumes
to be honest I wanna see more if this thor
Who is the purple man in the floating chair?
He's purple
Magic glove
Doesn't like standing up.

so funny haha.
Afsar Ahmed
published on August 30, 2017? ITS JUNE 2017!!
:Send a Raven." LMAO
This movie better feature Darryl
Bruce Rylan
He probably uses that hammer as his teddy.
song name guys????
Assguard lol
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