Denise Bays
Now, to clear the air on copyright and usage of our Giraffe Cam. No person, channel, vlog, or hobbyist has our blessing or permission to use any part of our cam in realtime, recorded restream, or still photo on YouTube, social media platforms or websites.
Bonafide News agencies that have reached out, have been given a written release to use the stream in realtime on their social media platforms, but are also restricted from recording and reusing content. The recent copyright steps and restricted use statement is the result of significant fraud and misrepresentation that is occurring. Victims are reaching out to us after being taken advantage of on unauthorized YouTube streams. It's saddening. Our hand has been forced to begin to take back control of all content, and go back to our one and only authorized live video - viewable at
Fake site
Roxy Millberry
Look for Animal Adventure Park on Facebook or just go to for the actual livefeed (that's really live) from the real Animal Adventure Park.
daniele swain
She did try to have the baby yesterday, but it was a false alarm...:(
Love Revolution
giving birth now for over two month! I dont think its giraffe its bull
Caitlin Ac
Not live
Jay Bee
Is like watching paint dry though strangely addictive - why are they not doing gogglebox style watching the prevert humanoid watchers? Would be hilarious...
Joann Pryor
No She will increase walking. There is actually very few signs of actually birth. All of a sudden she will spread her back legs and have the baby
Beth Ashley
do giraffes dilate like WE DO and IF so has she dilated any?
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