LIVE Stream (24/7): April The Giraffe 3/17 /2017 - ANIMAL ADVENTURE PARK GIRAFFE CAM - LiveChat (24/7)
3/15 Morning Report
April is doing what she does best, and waiting, and we are thankful!
April and Oliver are doing well in their heated barn, while 2-3' of snow encapsulate the property. All other stock is sheltered in place and comfortable.
April's condition remains the same as days prior, for which we are thankful.
3/14 Evening Update
We remain in a holding pattern. No significant change from this morning or last night, though all signs are still present - suggesting we are at the end of the pregnancy. Slight discharge, swelling, pulsing, etc. Keepers reported that baby is very active this evening. April remains in STELLAr (did you get that snowstorm joke) condition.
We remain under the attack of Snowstorm Stella. All animals are safe and comfortable, keepers remain on site this evening to continue to ensure proper conditions.
Procedures are in place to get the necessary individuals to the site should April begin to birth.
To our local friends; stay safe, stay warm, and rest up for the dig out!
Enjoying your evening, or day, and we will keep you posted with any developments.
Remember all things April the Giraffe: www.Aprilthegiraffe.com
3/14/2017 Morning Update
April and Oliver remain inside during our horrendous cold spell.
April continues to be in great condition. Today, we have posted the shot from underneath, to show you our keeper's perspective. Wax caps are present and udder appears to possibly have more content - another few days of comparative photo will confirm changes. 
Giraffes do not "bag out" like cows, goats, pigs, or other animals in lactation. It is a very subtle fill and development.
Significant baby/belly movement this early morning (3-4am) and again around 7 am.
We return to Superchats this evening on our YouTube Page from 8-9 PM
With Keepers and Staff!
Factoid of the day:
Wax caps are what develops on the teats of the udder to keep colostrum in the udder, to ensure it is their for baby's first nursing. Colostrum is a form of milk that is produced and holds the many antibodies and other essentials to allow any new baby to thrive. 
Caps are shed just prior or during delivery, or can be removed by the suckle of the baby.

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April the Giraffe Still Hasn’t Given Birth and People Watching the Livestream Are Getting Antsy

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Fake site
Roxy Millberry
Look for Animal Adventure Park on Facebook or just go to aprilthegiraffe.com for the actual livefeed (that's really live) from the real Animal Adventure Park.
daniele swain
She did try to have the baby yesterday, but it was a false alarm...:(
Love Revolution
giving birth now for over two month! I dont think its giraffe its bull
Caitlin Ac
Not live
Jay Bee
Is like watching paint dry though strangely addictive - why are they not doing gogglebox style watching the prevert humanoid watchers? Would be hilarious...
Joann Pryor
No She will increase walking. There is actually very few signs of actually birth. All of a sudden she will spread her back legs and have the baby
Beth Ashley
do giraffes dilate like WE DO and IF so has she dilated any?
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