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Extreme Pogo Sticking + Trick Shots
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Alham Haziq
I call u lagendary
Alham Haziq
Dude perfect call u lagendary u know
Ashman Greiss
Dude perfect plz put link so I can buy pogo stick
Khairun Abd Rahim
Jaime Lozano
It fake
Loretta Kagy
pogo rocks
Bollywood Dhamaka
7.5 so close!!!!!!
Γεωργία Δελημάρη
+1 who likes xpogo
Oli Keepa-fitzsimons
is this real or am I dreaming
Xafonix & Seatek
the fail of 18 backflip
Bradley Chan
Tyler's The Best
Ömer Ömer
Ty is so powerful
Patrick G
when he got 17,5
Josh Rodriguez
This was my first video of dude perfect that I seen that that was in 2015 and since then I love all the rest of your videos keep it up
Bo Mayer
h_k_ trickshots
nice video i go for crows but it puts me on stinky port
like for tylers eyes
Entity Robbie09
I'm in shock
Manfred Lam
Humph Webb
I love pogo could I be in it
Daksh Arora
wow !!!!!!!!!! it was amazing
Elias Gemma
Can I have a pogo stick
Swad Amin
there is a channel called Mr beast and they said that there better than you guise
Football Sketches
first fail ever on dude perfec (like)
الجوكر خلاسهم
ولة ملوك
like who plays jetpack joyride
Dab Cat
What is pogo parkor its full of stupidety
Dab Cat
what is pogo parkor its stu
Dab Cat
What the Heck is X
James Livingston
happy b day cory and coby
Charlie The Tweedle
That timing with the music tho
Charlie The Tweedle
17.5 so close!!!
The ProSport23
On pogo parkour who else laughed at Ty's celebration and he saying "HE DID IT" 😂
Casper mårtensson
Gene Brown
Muhammad Haider Ali
I fell so sorry for the guy who tried to do more than 18 back flips. :-(
TheBanana Thrower
That's hard
Evan Bittel
Face plant
Kacper Lewandowski
kto w 2017
Nicholas Giles
I see u guys have a commercial on tv now which is sweeettt!!
Jordan Hernandez
i think thry dhould have about 30 million subscribers
Samsmyth01 Vlogs
The first time I watched this I thought it was easy and I tried to pogo and I got like 2 hops😢🤣
Brandon Mosko
Oscar Carcamo
Gisela Paulino
18 back flips
Sezer Gül
Suzan Manbeck
1.don't be mad but look at 10
2.the answer is at 18
5.pls don't be angry at me but it's at 11
6.still nope8
9.have a great day
10.your problem mad but look at 2
11.its at20
18.dont be angry but it's at 5
20.nope 6
Brisyn Elam
I'm Brisyn Elam
Skippygames 8260
I have a pogo stick at home.
Assassin Krishna
Me and German are going to be the next dude perfect our channel is going to be dude perfect 2
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