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Yesterday's Vlog -

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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. 

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Vincent Metivier-Ali
Crazy Cousins
It's boss baby
Gaming With Maya
It is boss baby
Jaden Robinson
Leave a like if you miss Zeus
Samantha Fisher
Are they married? If not when?
adam wren
I will like your videos
Rylie Winterbauer
My b-day is May the 3rd
Kazi Marzuq
It's boss baby
Dannielle Cookea
The. more. is. Boos. Baby
Natasha Maldonado
Abigayl Shadle
I fell behind on the videos due to vacations. I love you guys and yous make me so happy. You show me what happiness is. Thank You
Gloria perales
Alyssa Gillespie
It's boss baby
It's boss baby
The Master Gaming Dude
Good luck 😀😀🖐🐩🐶🇺🇸
sidney dupuis
my birthday is may 4th!
LetsPlay gaming
I wish our cinemas had chairs like that
Lana J Hender
I am so happy for you guys 👼👶
Confusion Boi
its boss baby not baby boss
Humza Adham
Where's Noah???
Game Play
He went to the garden mall
Dr Pepper
Hey Roman at wood I feel sorry for Zeus everyone in the world sorry for you all and loved that dog
Simon Russell
It is boss baby
Iline Lozano
When you guys have the baby girl Kanye is going to be jealous
Joshua Cooper
senior tunnel begin kkzdqc screen envelope highway gold soup spending.
It's Boss Baby!
Hope you had a nice bidet Mawlmawl
Linda Torres
mi B day is May 30
Where's Noah
motivation provider
how do you know if the baby is a girl ???freakin sexist!!
Lucas Moreau
Twice complicated surprisingly pursuit favor so roof duty serving idea.
3579053234678 Kgjhf
Romans grandmas b-day is the day my grandpa died.....:(
Bulls Eye
I know you can do it gram
Anastasia Lawlor
You should make a slime video
Gabriela Velazquez
cool guys
You should get a m16 for you gun safe.
Scroer Uee
I go to the movie theater like one time each week lol
Buck Eye
laurin ale
I love how a two person job is one vlogging and one doing the work lol
Angel Gabriel
Roman 2017 "You're excited for your little sister Your going to be a crazy little brother" 😂😂😂😂WTH
Valeriya Kyts
Sami Imad Al Khawaja
Oh my gosh
alex alvin
some and you're right it is called boss baby it isn't called Baby boss
Nillie Montana
Looking back on this vlog makes me cry!!! I am so extremely excited for maw maw. I miss my grandma that was just like her. Cherish her everyday. I love these vlogs that she is apart of.
Fiona Bamford
tell her its okay and never give up
Destiny Diaz
I fell bad for mama
She is one brave grandmother / athletic
Suzanne Andrews
did you live in California
Raphy Perez
You should take her indoor sky diving then
Rinad Suliman
What means Ramazan?????
Thomas Pettersen
0:59 kane is a savage!
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