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america so confusing. next yuh tell me we have 50 states. is crazy. i leave now. thank u for washing me. ok bye bye now. 
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Thank you, lil hawaiians!


Jessica Grimm
Did they actually go to hawaii?
Its Bella
Ur calling me crazy(im Hawaiian) im feelings are so hurt. Jk
Teresa S
you need to run back to russia you'll be safe their
Drexie Mabaso
Please make more videos very funny
Galactica Gurl
3:35 can kill you with laughter
Голубь Жора
EmaJustEma justEma
0.00-5.59 best part💕
Who else thought the Intro was Funny!!
hmmm rather not
1:32 to 1:35 is funny
colorguard kitten
colorguard kitten
I need a recording of helga saying got to go got to go got to go😂

It's at 0:12
Bhorkar Eesha
Helga: Oh, Mentos! He had disgusting feet!
Naomy 01220
That's me when I found out trump was president and my mom was like

dis girl needs mental help.......And milk
Izabella .K
Leticia Fernandes
eu fico surpresa com o sotaque que ela usa pra fazer a Helga kkjjkkk
Ally Million
I used to have one but i broke it

oh you had a little basketball thing?

no i had a baby
Victoria Rivera
Helga make a YouTube channel
Rachel Wallette
Rachel Wallette
I keep laughing I am going to watch it over ten times!😂😂😂
Vandita Singh
Did u see Helga running in 1:37 and that man was sitting enjoying and Helga is just running??
David Sennett
Alaska is Amarica!~~~
Dragon Liker209
i wish your videos were longer
Kendall Hensley
great video
Prarthana Banarji
make a video ....Helga in alaska
Unicorn It Up
Helga: Oh I used to have one of those until I broke it.
David: Oh you sued to have a basketball hoop?
Helga: No a baby
Me: 🤪🤣😂
Hey It'z Jordan
I almost died I was chocking on some exxtra hot Cheetos when helga was talking about her “husbands”
Aliya Dawn
She actually said aloha instead of alo
mlpgamergirl 55
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Lyzi Howel
Best Helga video I’ve ever seen XDDD
Lara Matraca
Helga: i use to have onde of this and Than i broke it....

David: you use to have a basketball hoop?!

Helga: no, i use to have a baby.

Alyssa Marie
Yessss helga should totally go to Alaska next!!!(North Pole) cuz I’m here!!!!
Lucy Jenkins
4:10 😂😂
Stacy Chavez
U should make more helga videos they make me laugh
king potato
Alaska till argentina if america
Mia Gomez
Mia Gomez
The funny thing is that Hawaii is part of the us
Amanda Kasper
Hillary YAASSS♡♡♡
Anastasia Kurdgelia
This is only one thing why i love helga (beacause she hates trump)
Lily R
oh quesadilla
Mia Patterson
Plzzzzz do more helga shr is so funny
That’s not Hawaii it’s CA
Hayden Vaz
Maritza Ramirez
Did she know that Hawaii is part of America 😂
Dereck Kami
she went to foodland
Taylor Guise
i love you liza you are beautiful
Adacelis Medina-Nieves
Alaska is part of America, Helga 😂
The beat Dominguez
"Little Helga is out byeee" -Helga

Me- byeeeeee
cecilia oliveras
you are a little good
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