DIY School Supplies! 12 Weird Back to School Hacks!

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Diy School Supplies for Back to School! In this back to school DIY video I show how to make 12 easy DIY school supplies and school hacks for kids and teenagers that go back to school. Perfect DIY school supplies for elementary, high school or college. These school DIYs are easy to make and perfect for DIY beginners as I show them step by step. Why do expensive back to school haul and shopping when you can make cool DIY school supplies yourself. This back to school DIY video includes DIY school supplies notebooks, pencils, fidget spinner pen and more! These are not DIY edible school supplies but I can make them if you'd like!  These hacks and DIYs for school will get all kids and teenagers ready for back to school.

Help me translate this DIY Phone video:

First back to school essentials I show in this video are notebooks! I show how to make a couple of DIY school supplies notebooks. Go back to school shopping for an inexpensive notebook and turn it into amazing fruit one. I show how to make a watermelon and lemon notebooks using felt. These are so simple and easy and will make sure that your school supplies haul won't cost you a lot of money. Next DIY school supplies notebook trend is a sequin notebook, that you can draw or write on. It works like an erase board! This DIY is perfect for beginners – easy and affordable but absolutely beautiful. 

We'll definitely remember 2017 by the fidget spinners so there can't be a DIY school supplies 2017 video without a DIY fidget spinner, right? I'll show how to make a fidget spinner pen! It's a great idea to prank your schoolmates and teachers. You'll need some crayons, play dough and a spinner of your choice.

We also need a pencil case and pencil holders when going back to school. Did you know that you can make epic DIY stress ball pencil holders out of a stress ball? They are a perfect DIY room decor and room organization piece that you will love! 

In this DIY school supplies video I also show how to create a candy no-sew DIY pencil case. It is perfect for beginners and turns out gorgeous! The sweetest kawaii pencil case ever that you can also use as a DIY makeup bag.

You know how much I love DIY makeup so I had to include three DIY makeup school supplies ideas. First is an epic back to school hack where I show how to use coloring pencils as lipsticks! I know it sounds insane but they work amazing and think about all the different colors you can try! A very practical life hack for back to school. Another makeup school supplies is a DIY blush notepad! All you need is a blush container that you've used up and some post it notes! How about some DIY nail polish highlighters?! You don't have to be a nail polish addict to adore these. All you need is a highlighter, some rubbing alcohol and a nail polish bottle!

Another must-have when going back to school are pencils. And we are making DIY rainbow pencils! These are the coolest pencils I've ever seen and all you need to make them is some clay and pencil lead. These DIY pencils are also super satisfying and fun to make. Besides the rainbow pencils we also need a magic marker, right? This back to school DIY is seriously mind blowing – it shows how to make a magic marker out of bleach and any marker of your choice. An even more insane marker DIY is a spray graffiti pen. I found a way how to make amazing blow markers out of any marker that you already have. Never before was taking notes so much fun!

No need for expensive back to school shopping this school year, you can make way better DIY school supplies with these 12 school hacks yourself!

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SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art
Hey loves! Hopefully these 12 DIY school supplies will make going back to school fun and exciting! Let me know which one is your favorite :) I LOVE the DIY spray blow markers! I saw them in a store and thougt: I need to figure out how to DIY these for my babes haha. It took a bit of experimenting but they turned out amazing! Thank you for watching and I wish you an amazing school year! Watch my last year's DIY School Supplies here:
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