$7 Buffet Vs. $95 Buffet

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"Champagne wishes and caviar dreams."


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Treasures of Distraction
I love this show, but its so disgusting to look at americans trying to eat with knives and forks.... they are simply unable to eat anything without half of it falling out of their mouths... ^^
Awesome ! $95 , nice...
Steven Mo
The average buffet in Australia is $200 😤
Sabina Burkitt
soooooooooooooo hungry from watching this! :D
matt 8813
poor Adam
Angel Gonzalez
'I said it better'
I'm in Australia and I will not visit any of these places but I just love watching you guys eating and enjoying the time
Salty Panda
Am I the only one that's wants to go inside the video and eat everything?
Gamer gorilla rip harambe Don't forget
Vegans are Triggered
Tater Slayer 55
Yes #Leaveittosteven
Eric Moore
Well everything you can get at the Sterling Brunch $95 is actually not bad.
Cen Cen
I like how as soon as the waiter came up Steven rubbed his eye.
Joey Sal
Born 1990! I was born 1991 😂
Amelia Stuart
Adam's wink made me swoon
Shementa Broose :p
Who saw Adam at 8:20 ?
thanh pham
They don't even look like they gain weight from all the food they eat from this videos and all the others
Hanging with Cayleigh
HA! Andrew's plate is EXACTLY what I would get!
Elevated Grower
These guys DEF blew each other in that hotel room
Aimee Walsh
Did the dude in the passenger seat major in journalism? He puts together the most exquisite, descriptive, eloquent sentences.
Omg the cute lil camera guy 😍
Portia J
Cammy Tr
Adam you're so cute
Casey Sedgwick
Do these buffets not let you eat as much as you like? The ones here in the UK are all you can eat..or are they just having one portion so they don't over fill?
Chuck Lee
Cheaper than McDonalds
Adham Fusama
I'm older than Andrew but he looks older than me.
skarmory 123
the umami thing is going on
Ppp Rrr
I came during the Sturling brunch...
abigail xx
what??? 9 dollar for buffet (plus it looks a nice place)? that's insanely cheap even the buffet restaurant in my country isn't less than 20 dollar. that's unfair........
Tai Eileen
It's so FLUFFY!!!!
what song did they use for introducing wicked spoon 4:22
Mike Batbold
If you guys notice that they are taking turns to wore Apple Watch ⌚️
Hey It's Mia
Please do food trucks
Roco Kay
When you watch a expensive cooking video when you're super hungry.
Doggi ツ
I came here from basic
You guys really outdid yourselves on this episode. Everything looked excellent, I'd be glad to go to any one of these restaurants.
Jamie Jaconetta
Red rock dinner buffet is excellent
DrawmaQueen Studios
this made me so hungry omg.
Austin Studer
is the guy sitting in the back only job to look like a wannabe hipster dj?
Kelly Nhan
This entire show is pure food porn
Duffy Cheng
Because the waiter was also named Duff, I want to go try the $95 buffet
Dave ItsOneProdigy
1:53 she had some cheeks on her
Hotchocolate 321
Any1 else notice all those champange bottles behind them while they eat the buffet? XD
Michelle Nyatero
these guys must really work out after...
hayden x lang
background music at 5:36 ??
I would eat like 10 plates if I was there..
Living Vegeta
$1 Hooker Vs $100 Hooker
Margaretha Claresta
5:21 - 5:36
i have never fell in love harder with a youtube video than i did during this brief moment
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