$7 Buffet Vs. $95 Buffet

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"Champagne wishes and caviar dreams."


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Berserk MMA
95$ is quite honestly worth it. its actually cheap. if im ever in vegas then im havin it
Anne Nguyen
"ITS SO FLUFFY!" -Steven
Bella Tanner
You need to do a Worth It Brunch: Dubai Edition. Famous for our brunches out here!
Brenda Rojas
I wanna go to all the placed they went! I'm hungry now. My lunch was just soup :(
Sharice B
"..all kids should eat whiskey carrots."😂
Smol Bean
Breakfast pastries and ice cream~ drools
Miss Lovely
adam is sooo cute :D
No way in hell they have girlfriends. I think they mean boyfriends.
They're both the same age as me!
Gello. 14
I went to red rock for my brothers birthday we also flew over the Grand Canyon. It was fun.
Alex Arias
LMAO! Iv had a carrot cake every birthday also!
Christopher Tom
If I went here, I be all about the caviar and lobster tails. I likely stay away from the cheese popover.
Gi Gi
12:47 ..😂
Wicked spoon is on point👌🏻I be been there!
Adam is my fave ❤
Caro Gamboa
Why am I starving when I see this videos???
Yousra Ramadan
do $1 makeup vs $1000 :-)
Shanel Knight
I'd gladly pay $95 for all you can drink champagne alone
Damn, this video made me hungry. Who else wishes they were at a buffet in Las Vegas right now?
Yosami Weeshu
5:34 Props to the sound guy at this moment. Amazing
That 8.99 buffet looked so good!
Astro Vin
Who is Andrew's Girlfriend?
VC Ms.Bubbles
"White chocolate is for children"

Excuse me?! I'm 20 years old in still like white chocolate!
Vicelya Visakha
Steven: Adam?
(Adam turns to Steven wearing black glasses and looking all cool like a terminator but he's actually just a driver and the sound guy and the cute guy)
Adam: What's up?
Finley Bell
Memory development borrow usbakiz floor bomb efficiency addition.
Zaira Sayed
wait, andrew has a girlfriend?
Ennaid Targaryen
Adam is soooo cute ☺️😍
Jennifer Lynn
"technically we just knocked a thigh together" so, does that make it a THIGH-five??
Coby Ngan
They seem to be sharing their food, are you not allowed to go up for seconds in American buffets?
Anya Sharma
I have been to the wicked spoon
Professor Blum
since its Vegas and theres a one eyed dude I think its safe to say he is number 2 from austin powers
Mmina Maclang
what really makes this series amazing isnt just the concept of the 3 price points, But I genuinely love Andrew Steven and Adam together. adam is so precious!!!!! huhu and the friendship and witty banter between the two hosts is really what keeps me here. i love this series and I hope they dont run out of things to cover. maybe travel????
Buffets...sure Vegas is known for that. Vegas is totally not known for their Mega-resorts and Casinos.
Jerry Pven
adam eats cinnamon roll, cinnamon roll meets precious cinnamon roll
Jaqen H'ghar
Duff was cool but he's no Cash Black
Ace Victory
2:10 it says 8.99 but he video title says 7

gime my likes 😏
Kaka San
Fact: on the 3:55 min, No, the brightest spot on earth as seen in space is Mecca not Vegas.

bao thuan
Executive chef vs chef de cuisine? Are there any differences???
Olivia Kline
These 2 are my favorite duo, and my other fav duo is Shane and Ryan from buzzfeed unsolved
bella martinez
I swear Adam is so adorable
Jessica Vega
Im I the only one who feels bad for Adam, lol poor Adam is always eating by him self :(
The only place I would have gone to is the cheapest one, despite the price tag, (maybe Sterling)...
FormattedSky s
most expensive apple pls
Really Keely
These guys are 7 years older than me, where I wanna be when I'm 27
Orlando Marín
How can they eat all that food in one single day?
I would probably get sick.
Jeyd Noscoriane
I knew it. There won't be an expensive buffet without cognac and caviar.
Ashley Butts
Go to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC!
Itz Kelis
It would still be a high five because you don't call a normal high five a hand five or high hand
That $95 buffet is such an amazing deal
The Inspiring Rice
The camera dude needs to eat more.
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