||Reaction To Twice Signal||

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It's Kylie and today was such a lit day for me!
I got my braces off, it's my birthday, and TWICE RELEASED A NEW MV!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!
I am obsessed with this era because I am a huge alien enthusiast and also this concept is just so cool!
The song is of course cute and catchy with a key dance point and I'm a sucker for Twice's iconic dances!
I am overall extremely pleased with this comeback and I think it's my new favorite Twice era!!


We are real, and we exist.
Juliet Delicat
i come here because someone create twice signal mashup reaction and i interesting in your reaction xD
Yoda Sinkhole\
Omg Someone who really likes the concept and this comeback/song! Yesss I relate
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KYLIE!!! I hope it was a great one!
react ikon plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Army Lee
signal twice
Wow, love your reaction of Signal :-)

Please react to Signal come back live dance stage, it is very nice .
Army Lee
Gracie Marie Nava
react to converse high by bts in mcountdown .
Hậu Trần
You Reaction Lạc Trôi by Sơn Tùng MT-P(VPOP) tks
kristelle tabernilla
belated happy bday
bea nicole barcarse
belated happy birthday!! :D
Ant Mendoza
Yoooo you are fucking cute as hell and I love ur personality you're just so adorable. I also love twice haha my bias is momo she's adorable I really would like to start talking to you I'm from Illinois add my Snapchat @estforlife187 no I'm not a old pervert or fake haha I just really want to talk to you
UFO Number1
happy birthday^-^
Noé Melgarejo
I do not know how I got here but I just came to see your reaction and greetings from my Argentine country
Connie Tran
happy birthday bby :)
heejin eats in Paris
what her 1st fav girlgroup? i didnt hear it clearly
water melon HTC
i love twice
Hồ Nguyên
Your reaction is golddddddd 😂😂
Tia mwrni
happy birthday.you look so cute...
catalina alarcon
wow good reaction
I see bts poster
일까요? 무무
Hi i am from korea!
reviewer cute~~♥
lone reaction? that's rare... happy birthday? congrats... new teeth?, oops! just not wearing teeth braces... sweet gal... happy sweet 18 and stay pretty. also don't forget to keep doing more reactions to entertain viewers.
Happy Birthday!!
Inferno77 99
If we multiply with the number of clones, dahyun has the most screentime 😁😂
HAHA~ Good reaction!
Ana Sofia Vega
Susana Bernabé
Dahyun smile is life <3<3
thx react. 😄
Happy Birthday!! 🎉🎁🎂 Your teeth look great! (Make sure to wear your retainer)

I think this song is so cute and fun as well! I don't get the haters. Twice has always been a little weird with their concepts and songs, so it seems like a logical progression. My girl Jeongyeon had so many parts 👼 I AM ALIVE 👼
aries yoshy
2kgt gracias por aserme reir
aries yoshy
HEEEEEEEEE resubido un corazón de alguien muy especial
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