Tina Williams
People keep criticizing him about not speaking English. You guys are just disgusting. Why not look on the fact that he's trying, he may not speak it well but at least he's trying JEEZ.
And PSG paid £198 million for that...
Faтαlเтץ - Agario
My fav part was 4:20 (lenny face)
Marcela Burza
yo Brasil!!
succer fans? XD
Nidia Franco
yes i can... missing twice....
at 4.04 a bird flew out of Neymars head.
Harry Kissenger
It's actually pretty dangerous... scary if things go wrong
Samuel B
PSG now
It's not exactly terrifying?
Bader Alostad
Not barcalona psg
Riley Chen
He did not dive???
Star of Barcelona? More like PSG now!
Fc Swagg
It's Football not Soccer
And it's the sport n1 in the world
And football star more popular than the star from other sport including basketball
Imagine Ronaldo has fan more than 100 millions in FB, Insta, .... the best nba player LJ has only 35 million maybe
"How many soccer fans do we have here"

Not many, considering it's called football
Hamudee Salah
Americans are lost
What shoe is he wearing?
xxxMenTaLxxx Doodles
I bet you that's Neymar's yellow lambo (see it on the first kick)
3:38 guy hiding from camera lol 😂
Ahmet Mete
August Husted
Who is watching this when he is PSG
Prabesh Rai
The made it in the third try just like he is number 3 in the world
Delefan 20
Neymar plays for Brazil and PSG not Barcelona
Jesse Yung
all this cmments about americans mocking Neymar's english
Yet I didn't see a singleone...
Erikcardi Cardenas
Jimmy Kimmel kinda looks like an older neymar
Neymar now got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 number in his bank account
Neymar is a PSG player now!!!!
SwagboyG 19
Football, soccer, futbol whatever you call it, we all love the same sport period stop judging how Americans say it. It's their tradition here.
Kubrick Mutriku
And he still managed to put in the corner
Adil Zameer
198 really
Simar Varaich
Roberto Carlos would've had it sail through without bouncing
Sudheep V
Heir King
Seriously Messi will nail that shot in one try ! Seriously even Ronaldo !!!
Trey Whidden
The star player for Barcelona... nope
Isabella Ospina
Neymar you my number one fan
Cal Quinn
0:16 PSG
Abdullah Hamad
Neymar I know you are going psg please don't leave I'm a barca fan I like your skills
PSG paid $262 million dollars for him. Plus a salary of $53 million dollars per year for five years.
Peter Kibathi
Bought for 260mn dollars; most expensive indeed😀😀🏟👊👊
David Brent
This guy was just bought for about $260m dollars...
Louis Kuehn
Dave Gaming
It's actually ''football'' American ''football'' doesn't even have to do anything with your foot to be played, it's just retarded IMO
Dilithium Crystals
messi messi
Ahmed Babiker
Just saying he went to psg (another football/soccer club) for £222m
Fecking Sweg
Football or soccer, was originally called soccer and even rugby was called rugby football. So stop getting mad over it being called soccer because you are all the ones who had to switch it around and confuse everyone.
Johnny Johnni3
Welcome to PSG
Lorena Rodrigues
Love Neymar! 😍😍😍😍
Ryan Hernandie
I wonder if Guillermo likes PSG now cuz that's where Neymar signed with
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