Moosa yasir The racer
I thought Neymar didn't know English
Richard Wotzlaw
This video has me worried that Americans really believe that he's the best player in the world
NikitaShakur 1
I love Guillermo!!!
NikitaShakur 1
He's good but he's no Messi. Or Ronaldo...
Nimrod Regev
Neymar jr är min favorit spelare!😁
Lethal Holmes
Blue Beatle
The Americans don't even know who Messi and Ronaldo are, let alone Neymar lol
would be nice if i saw anything
Mashed Patatas
Its football la
Aoghan Mc Connell
Lmao American haters😂 "doesn't speak English" he's fluent in Portuguese and Spanish which is two more languages than yous😂 go back to your eggball....
Michael Văn
Guillermo is the luckiest guard ever lol
Akuma D. Sperate
Psg s beast
Eduardo Villalta
Such amazing camera staff man
TheBaller FC
Now he's not the star for Barca now it's PSG my dude
Og_ Shawdy
2:32 Dat botty tho
In Die
His cleats name?
Dat Boi and More
Zlatan doesn't attempt terrifying shot from Jimmy Kimmel's roof
Terrifying shot from Jimmy Kimmel's roof attempts Zlatan
Xander Ford
É o G0ldy
é por isso que eu assisto the noite
oliver thio
Pause at 4:00 and look at the bottom left of the screen
Diego Alonzo
Sultan Belikov
:0 OMG! Nvm HollyWood has lots of famus cars! CAUSE I SAW A LAMBO IN VID
Maricela Morales
yay jimmy
Watching this when his part of PSG and then he said from Barcelona
Me: triGgerED skjwjdjsksjfjekwod
Aufaa Rajaa Almayra
Karolis Slepikas
an orange yellow gallardo damn
mandirigmang lahi
david beckham can do this easily at first try
Angry Asher
Doesn’t play for Barcelona now
Potatoe Banana
Huh why did he leave to PSG
ATGaming TL
2 reasons why neymar is not the star of barcelona:

1: Messi is in barcelona

2: Neymar left barcelona XD
Star player for Barca. WTF
Expired Bleach
Rosemary Ravennight
his laugh is so adorable
Chris Martinez
He is wearing superfly 5 shoes
Jackson Hier
Neymar seemed more nervous speaking English than missing...
Lucien Weber
It's kinda funny how Neymar is where some superfly she and not his own shoe, boi😂😂
Winston Churchill
memories :)))
DK Gaming
Cristiano is too GOAT so they had to settle for less Neymar.
Jesse Cohen
Camera man hiding at 3:54
Killersnipe044 Batmanspy077
3th times a charm
joseph medel
Ronadiño is better then him
Isaac Sánchez Venera
Neymar traidor :v
Jayden Wu
You laugh at Neymar’s English, He laugh at your bank account
Said Khidir
3:06 OMG Marvel Vs Capcom!
AfroNinja 321
Tomorrow is sports jersey day at school. I'm wearing a Manchester United zlatan shirt.
Amanuel Bekele
I subscribed for the hamster
Mini Beuzy
Next get zlaten he is the best ⚽️⚽️
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