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Yesterday's Vlog - https://youtu.be/pmrWtj9VDxo
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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. 

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Thank you for coming along with us on our Easter Sunday :) We sure feel so lucky to have you in our life! Thank you for everything. You're amazing :)
Alfie Mckale
How olď is Noah
You should work with dude perfect
lady monoluwa
SO ROMAN IS A CHRISTAN YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😇😇😇😇😇😊😊😊😊😊
Evan Burke
Lmao I think the salt and vinegar chips thing is sympathy weight
Andre B
I’ve been watching you since 500k
Karlee Ramirez
me I saw those old Easter videos
ANGEL royale 13
Emperor attwood
lori ortiz
my family goes to church pretty much every Sunday
DGProduction Tv
name her Queen Atwood
Kaleb Tawney
i have that same addiction with those chips. I missed this vlog just came back to watch it
Andrew Brown
this is ANDREW I love your videos 👍👍👍✌
Jamal George-coker
I thought someone died. I almost died.
Madison Berry
i actually thought he did it first try
Emma Davenport
roman you didn't end tje vid proporly
Roberto Avalos
Nardine Georgy
we were was the easter bunny
Isaac Rodriguez
Wearing that NF merch let's gooo
Bryce Patrick
All of them
Nails for life!
That sexy pregnant belly though
don hatcher
Ian Christie
Where is Zoose
Conway Thomas
Get a baby elephant
Christian Shadrick
Empire is so Cool! It was so funny when you tried to get
him to come into to your house when all your family
is in your house,Have a GREAT Day Roman! :)
2k carman
2k carman
Can you please give me a shout out
A7maDino 898
In a month a elephant will be in romans back yard
L.J. Zou
You are so awesome everyday when I have a bad day you bring a smile to my face😄😄😄
Amijah Wallace
im addicted to salt and vinger chips to
tessyboo_ilovemypets 24609567
when is the baby due
Ah Easter, with its origins no one seems to actually know, how quaint.

The picture of you vlogging was good, now he just needs to take videos ;p

Nice fails on the ball in the bed by the way
Johnaye Johnaye
Are there any real chocolate in these eggs
Luis and Kike Vlogs
we deren t der easter😭
Erik Keller
What do you when you have time? Romanatwoodvlogs
river burbage
You have good taste roman, salt and vinegar chips are the best.. Who agrees?
Rgv 07jacy
I hope they do work with dude perfect 🙏🏻
Sarah Ayoubi
Roman same!!!!! I LOVE SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS! Yo! They're AMAZING! Like if you agree.
Diamond Hero
I've been watching for 3 years
laurin ale
They went to church omg I've been watching them for almost 3 years and I've never seen them go to church
day q caster
we got bunch-o-balloons for Easter too!
Ryan Green
Martin Garrix & Matisse & Sadko - Together
Brewer Goebel
roman if your reading this put your sprinkiler under the trampolin
3mpire Matt
I love salt and vinegur chips I'm also addicted
Destiny Diaz
Happy Easter
Emma Dixon
Dude Perfect Roman Atwood Edition!
Scroer Uee
don't let your dog eat chocolate
mike McMike
is it comig
Laney Williams
i am addicted to spicy diredos
Josh Higgins
Where's Zeus
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