Thomas Anderson
They should have given him a point.
Fuck that imbecile umpire.
It's only the retarded beta Latin types that scream like the little bitches they are. You don't hear anyone from Western Europe shriek like that. Disgusting. Haase was in the right here.
Melvin The Goat
so hilarious i almost died from boredom......Pleas look up the meaning of hilarious
Bronze To Challenger
If the guy can lose the point for grunting back, then the other guy should be kicked out of the league for cereal grunts! FK THAT REF
thats bullshit. wheres the justice
Nero Fluidis
First guy sounds exactly like the dude who gets killed by SubZero in Mortal Kombat.
Christian kudos00
Some of you people need to look up the rule. If he was consistently grunting and not out of nowhere with the kind of flagrance he did it with, there would be no punishment. If that were his normal grunt and he did it from the start of the point, based on the referee, there wouldn't be a penalty. Some chair umpires would tell the player to tone it down, or in other words, give the player a warning.

Haase was so blatant about that grunt though. I wouldn't be surprised to see most chairs give him a point penalty after such a ridiculous action.
Christian Toth
I think haase just became my favorite player. sorry roger.
Max Reinecke
Fuck this referee
Robin Van PERSIE
haase is a stupid idiot
Tony Barraza
JB Videography
grunting like this player does is honestly so unnecessary, even if you're tired and struggling to return the ball, what in your body is creating you to grunt that loudly after every shot? I've been playing Tennis for years, and even when I'm absolutely exhausted, I don't make the world know by grunting like a fucking gorilla.
we need to stop the horrible grunting... its cheating. as they still grunt when they play a slower shot, or a drop shot, it also covers the sound of the strike, all of which help the opponent to read the shot.
yes he was taking the mick, but i cant see why they should loose the point.
Also anyone see the sneeky hit of the ball towards him when he complaining
Bora Sener
Can you imagine grunty guy plays mixed doubles with Azarenka, Sharapova and Marcel Gronnellers ? hahaha
Arthur Pewtey
The standard of sports commentary in general is so poor these days that I usually watch with the sound off. (Whatever happened to "If you can't enhance the viewer's experience, then don't say anything"?) This video was, therefore, not just a little puzzling.
lol, that was not grunting by Haase. It was screaming and he was penalized for it !!
What the fuck.
Thomass Ieka
Some people thinks grunting is a choice ? are you serious ? when I do a hard effort I cant control it..
Michael Enns
I would be pissed too in Robin's skin
Lama sounds like a Lama. He obviously can't help it lol
Fares Sleiman
people when you have no idea about the rules shut up fucking idiots it's a clear hindrance howww stupid
Herox Platox
Lebron Bryant
hope lama dies
e b
tennis federations should not let players shout like this. it is bad for the fans , bad for other players concentration. so annoying! and they ask the crowd to shut up... hard to understand...
hahahha legend
Liam Prince
The refereeing in tennis is so much worse than in any other sport
Fair play to Haase, Lama needs as much mockery as possible, it's embarrassing
Ben DuBow
Guys, Guys he wasn't mocking the other player, he was going for a super saiyan backhand :)
it is totally ok , the decision of the ref. Haase is grunting just to irritate his opponent in this situation whereas his opponent does it because he does it all the time when he is putting much power into it
Now I have to know this Lama douche exists? Fuck him in the ass.
Wouter Molenaar
The T-10
This is such a bullshit, an ass move by the ump. The guy in blue obviously grunted to distract his opponent, Robin was just making fun out of it... If Sharapova, Azarenka, and Nadal can grunt and shriek and scream like they do, then why can't a player make fun of it??

Those unnecessary grunts are annoying as hell it's so good to see someone mock it like Robin did
Ciprian Tanana
Bravo Robin!!!
Melanie Deann
You Sir are my hero! Nothing worse than annoying grunters.
Cloe Helvetica
Eric Dalrymple
What a douche that ref is
Senor Studly
This is fucking retarded. The only valid reason they could use is that it somehow distracted him, but the other guy's obnoxious grunting was way more distracting. If it's going by distractions, than the mere fact that the other player's moaning irritated him enough to mock him, should say that his was distracting and he should have a point taken away from him too.
Rennie Ash
Grunting is not needed. Ever notice how they don't grunt when they actually need to exert themselves?
Adam Facciponti
While some folks are quick to defend the players that grunt like this, there's a few things that show it's completely unnatural and they're just basically fucking with their opponent's concentration (which shouldn't be legal). One, at the very beginning of this video, is the serve. He gives a short grunt on the serve, and that is probably just legitimate effort. On the rest of the shots he draws it out, obviously on purpose, until just before his opponent is about to strike. Also, not in this video but if you watch matches these players will sometimes forget to omit it when they do a soft shot like a drop shot or just tapping the ball over the net when the opponent is out of position. Sometimes in the same match they'll remember not to do it on some of these shots because they know it doesn't appear natural, but sometimes they mess up and forget themselves because they're so used to doing it and they do it in instances where it's obviously not natural.

It's pretty obvious it's fake most of the time and just meant to distract the other player. That shouldn't be legal and it ruins the game in my opinion.
russ westbeast
haase is a horse shit
aro android
suscribete a mi canal y yo al tuyo plz
Nathan Georgiou
Robin Haase - this is classic! I say good on you!!
Jason Walker
Does it mean that you have to groan constantly to not be punished? Some new rules?
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