Ed Sheeran - The A Team [Official Video]

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Official music video for Ed Sheeran's 'The A Team'. Listen to the remix EP here: http://bit.ly/ATeamEP

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'Angel' - Selina MacDonald
Housemate - Katie Brady
Music by Ed Sheeran
Produced by Jake Gosling
Directed & Filmed by Ruskin Kyle (http://www.riversrush.com)

Jajang Mulyana
gime me your subscribe ^^
Shapol Kid
I Love dis song
Remember watching this with my sister about 7 years ago
Jimmy Chastain
I like this song 😏
alzy jones
and they say she in the class , A team , stuck in her daydream been this way since 7 , but lately her face is slowly sinking , wasting ...
Joseph stjean
I really didn't know this song was this old crazy times flys
oscar muntendam
7 years, already
Fiorella Alfaro
this song about drugs
TV GrinnN
Millie price
Hands down one of the most inspiring songs in the music industry.
Matteo Lattanzi
Anyone else with a broken heart?
Daniel Schlegel
Andrew Clark
Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne
Markus Storz
I love this song❤
Elliot Begay
what's a pastre
Elliot Begay
this is mid sad 😛
Jasmine Locke
Been a few years since I last heard this song and I still know every word off by heart
Is that crack? Heroin?
Kim Areum
this brings back so many memories
tito perez
"Angels die" part sends chills
2017 and still catchy owo
Francisca Halstead
2017 and this song is still really amazing
Infinity Games
Who's listening in 2017?
BioNiiC SnoW
Emma Goudreault
welcome to my world
Chris Biersteker
that girl is so pretty
Alice Fletcher
that is so creepy the way she staring at me (actually at camera lol) at intro
Ocean Bleu
I feel so old
Jay Sam
Stop at 0:18 and be afraid cause it will be coming for youagagahahahddksooaonnerf
Deen Mia
I remember watching this when it had less than a million views.
Nikkiah Mack
who did he write this about
seven years later and...
ibrahim sadiq
MBE for our Ed!!!!!!!!
Cecilia Boyle
White lips
Pale face
Jules is not real
this is the ultimate try not to cry challenge for me
Atajanae James
i hate my life
niah kustaa
this song is so amazing
Hi my name is [BLURRYFACE]
white lips, pale face, breathing in SQUAREFLAKES
willian emanoel
mano q musica linda ..
im crying!!
everytime i hear this song tears come out again and again i just cant!!!!! thus is so amazing😭😭
Yow Be
Bruh.. I dont understand why i feel the song even though i dont do whats i nthe video...
whotalk walkthrough
but where is "hello it's me" part?
Burning Wezird
This song may be about a crack addict from what you can hear.... But to me its a bitter sweet love story...
Cody Jones
love this song just because this was my moms last song before she died ;(
Atallah Hachimi
Ed sheeran's music was best before he went commercial 😉
Courtney Mcclearen
i do try not to cry......and i aways cry because its to sad for me!!
Caio Siqueira
I remember the first time I played on the streets for money. I had no job, and I needed a way to make some money. I was so embarrassed 'cause I've always been shy when it comes to my music, even though I've always believed in it. I started making a little bit of money, but people would always give me money and go. I was really thankful but what I really wanted was for them to stop, maybe for just 30 seconds, and listen to me - and not just give me money for pity. So, when the amount of people begun to decline, I decided to play The A Team, just for fun, just because I really like this song. And this lady passed by me and she heard me, and she smiled, and I smiled back, but she continued to walk. Well, after like 10 steps forward she came back with that big smile and she started to dance while I was singing, so I stood up and started to dance with her while I was playing. And she started to sing with me, and we sang the rest of the song together. Everybody stopped to watch us. After we finished, she had tears in her eyes. She gave me a dollar and then said "That's my jam. Thank you so much for playing it. You just made my day". Man, every time I think about giving up on my music or my dreams I remember her smile, and her words. Can't stop to think about the fact that she said the song was "her song", and she said it with so much confidence that made me worry about her because, in the end, this is a really really sad song "to own". But it was one of the best moments of my life.

Wherever you are, if you find this comment, I want you to know that you made my day too that day. :)
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