jonesy jones
Damn Kodak was skinny haha
Andrus Lanham
WOOOWWW. I have to be real with this. I am not a fan so today 8/18/2017 is the first time I heard this song and it has over 106mil views. Never would have thought that. Keep grinding youngin.
stylex3 vs
Cardi swag jackin on Bodak Yellow was a chess move look where it got her...
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Say lil bitch you can't fuck with me if you wanted too. These expensive these is red bottoms these bloody shoes πŸ‘ 
I farted because this song is lit af
alexa camacho
Lol who else thinks this song is like Bodak Yellow
the cam tv
Im a healthy kid i smoke broccoli
Who's is listening in 2017?
Devin Luna
bodak yellow has the same flow as kodak in this song.. I'm dropping cardi B "god damn, yous a clown to me"
Jesse Nicole
Idk why so many people in the comments are mad at Cardi and saying she stole this. She openly says that she sampled this song and I'm sure Kodak Black is aware of it. So her getting exposure is only going to bring him more exposure as well
Can't stop rocking this fucking beat man. Ever.
Elvis Max
Tamieka Bass
Still listening in 2017
Cloud Touch
The only Kodak song I fw
Siphamandla Mfenqa
this is a nice mother fucking song. but here because of bodak yellow heard Bodak Yellow because of Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B its just a long shitty thread and now im drawn to this song i love. he's Like Lil wayn
Kingjo8 1234
wonder what bodak yellow would be without this
Zack Pharos
Still a bangee
Chill Vibes
Bodak yellow and this don't sound nothing alike tbh...
Antonio Romero
Shit isπŸ”₯
Jonathan Bonilla
he been with those niggas since he started singing osrs
Manuel Cruz
Fuck Bodak Yellow, this shit right here legit. πŸ’―
31 Savage
I don't even like Kodak and this was good
Akilah Trammell
cardi better. yep I sed it.
ThaMusicNerd Blog
His dancing on this video lowkey reminds me of icejjfishπŸ’€
Dan B4
Yooo he used to be skinny
Ratrice Bowden
oh shit Card B stole his song... he should sue
Seth Okai
This sounds like bodak yellow
Isaiah Samuel
he look way different now he was skinny is hell bacc then!!
Jerome Productions
Oh yeah!
Junior Asvp
When I finally get paid from work plus doing overtime πŸ’―
Fuck "BODAK YELLOW " This sht fire
L. Jizzle
this bitch stole his whole flow. disrespectful
jayla stewart
August 2017 still rocking this shit πŸ”₯
Manuel Browne
Fuck Bodak Yellow This The shits
Rafael Medina
Still can't believe he copied bodak yellow smh
crystal cortez
Lmao he copied Bodak Yellow
Destiny Jones
"KKK?" Or "Gang Gang Gang?"
Ḿƴĸḭe Ḿedġōøḻ
so Cardi Bs only decent song is a rip off of a 3 year old track ? and shes posed to be the new bitch?? rocking 3 year old flow ??? XD i love how this is a hood song and its the hood acting like shes so real when shes swiping fruit from other niggas back yard and selling it as her own for some shine
Brianna Rayna
Khaled Alkahtany
Bodak Yellow
Fuck Kodak
Who Still Here in 2017? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Jessica B.
Damn.... Cardi better be glad this song was born. πŸ˜‚
Sebastian Lmao
Who else just listened to bodak yellow
Abigail Paramo
Bodak yellow and this song are πŸ”₯ fire
this shit go harder then bodak yellow
Justice Boake
this is my 2nd fav song
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