Kassie Johnson
I think jake paul is on cocaine.
Music&Basketball Mixes
some one kill me
Javier Giendie
This bitch copied faze rug you little Mother fuckers
21 was gonna get the knife offa his forehead and kill paul
Nathan Belfer
What's that French song called?
Mr.Terrible Gamez
The cringe is so fucking real
Does jake delete his nice comments?
When white people listen to black music
ISHE Entertainment
I'm dope, mum I made it
Julius The YouTuber
21 savage I'm sorry for you bro. ....
The Raid
How annoyed was savage
luvda puncake
Why he editing like rice and adapt and all of them
Oteng papa oteng original song was created by dr malinga south african artist
broken car
OMG I wanna kill myself 😭😭
Kayla Williams
Has audience of 10 year olds decides to put explicit rapper in carpool karaoke
He looks so, awkward
Mario Bueso-Murillo
jake paul u gay
André Sætren
Best Funny vidio
1 Like= Jake Takes This Video Down

2 Likes= 21 Savage Tells Jake Hes So Fucking Cringey

100 Likes= Jake Paul Stop Making Videos With Rappers
This might be the most cringe thing I have ever seen
Nikith Boyapati
21 should've shot Jake Paul's ass
L. E.
21k Savage in the air
fnaf fan Mann
He met 21 savage
The mustache gamer TMG
Just when he tells 21 savage safety first he pulls out his phone😂
It's ya boi Buster
Yo I Love 21 Pilots
Issa Knife
21: what he’s saying?
Jake: he’s saying where’s my dad?
21: where’s my dad?
Jake: yeah
21: damn... that’s crazy
Harry Powell
This guy is cringe af
paul steko
GOD take Jake Paul and give us Hitler i won't mind
Tiago Buse
I feel bad for 21
Maan Nouh
Stop tryna be successful for real
Kool-Aid Man
I didn't know white people still keep slaves
Matt Sloan
I feel so sad for 21 😐
panda vlogs
England is my city
panda vlogs
William Hersted
I like how uncomfortable 21 Savage looks
Victor & Aleeyaah
Do 10 savage
Ariel Sorto
Nice songs
Ariel Sorto
21 Savage lit
TheRenaldas Gaming
The team 10 house looks alittle bit like the white house
Chaos AWS
Jake paul just showed us that

White people are the cringiest mother fuckers in the world
Cleveland Brown
Savage just wanna go home
Cleveland Brown
He probally deleted the awkward moments but it’s still awkward
Big M
i really wish vine never existed
Dragon Man
21 Savage was clearly cringing his ass off to this white boy
12 car garage but only 6 cars
Cleveland Brown
Savage wasn’t enjoying himself...
GabeTheDog Ruff
I think people just came here for 21 savage
Roger Cabrera
21 caught another L
Deeyon Richardson
I wish he was in my car
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