Trump's Special Counsel Is The Most Special

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A special counsel has been appointed to investigate Trump's campaign ties to Russia.

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Drumpf would like very much for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to give him a Golden Shower instead of finding enough evidence to impeach him.
David Barba
John Podesta's spokesman is so funny.
Lilix Max
this guy is a liberal scum.
ToyBear LA
South Park was right when they said 1 out of 4 Americans are retarded. The retarded population still support trump
Cricketboy Now
If you compare yourself to Donald Trump A- hole Colbert you will see a small worm , just call it a Colbert worm.
Don Post
Dumpster fire, or Trumpster fire??
Emily Leavitt
So many casual dumpster fires, so little time.....
anybody else dying from laughter that conservatives bought YouTube ad space on a Stephen Colbert video to attempt damage control? Fucking beautiful 😂
Stephen Colbert is a shill like Donald trump.
Wikileaks proved that Colbert consults with the DNC for its programming. Google it!
Debra Nelson
Thank you Stephen Colbert. You are keeping my sanity in these insane times.
Steven Torrey
118 days into his administration and a Special Counsel to look into Trumspter malfeasance. That is both BIGLY & HUGELY!
the mouth of Sauron
LOL 2:20
Lynne A.
Bad karma for trump! It's a bitch
Band fail when they didn't play after stephen sung and looked at them.
Soldier Slim
Parris Rawlins
please play the impeachment song on your show please the world need to hear that
Gregory Bogosian
1. Impeach Trump. 2. Swear Mike Pence in. 3. Get Stephen Colbert to dress up as General Patton and say "We defeated the wrong enemy!"
so now what do you sisy fags think ?? trumps speech totally ecposes democrats for teh useless simplemined dysfunctionals they are ,,,
LOL, funny how you dumb fucks have nothing better to do then sit online and complain how much your butt hurts, because someone who is clearly your Alpha was able to accomplish something you cant? How pathetic, grown children, following around some little geek who has to pander to get to where he is which is basically no where. Colbert is a little mouthy cunt like the rest of you cowards, echoing from your moms basement, but to afraid to come out. Have fun following this weak little hypocrite to hell, losers.
xracier numbernine
Colbert is a dumpster fire, and Anderson puts it out for hem, but buddy's forever.
These fucking car insurance ads pushing so hard with the word "Revolution" is pathetic
Mike W

* Abolition of all ordered governments
* Abolition of private property
* Abolition of inheritance
* Abolition of cash then create world digital currency
* Abolition of patriotism
* Abolition of the family
* Abolition of religion as we know it
* Reducing the global Population to 500 million
* Creation of a world government

The “NEW WORLD ORDER” is the GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM dream that a BANKER called Mayer Amschel Rothschild, helped revive in 1760's to protect his private bank from global government regulation. His grand blue print is best described by his paid social engineer called Dr. Adam [Spartacus] Weishaupt, Professor of Canon Law in the university of Ingolstadt. Weishaupt adopted the term “Illuminati.”

This nightmare is still sought after today by their family's decedents.
you are just so not funny....your show sucks. you couldnt be non political if you tried. go ahead I dare ya.
I remember my 7th Grade birthday party
Do you people actually believe any politician you disagree with is stupid? Cause wow that is embarrassing simple minded.
Tranny Mohammed
Colbert is a child molester
Flynn should have already be arrested.
good thing the pianist is being a parrot for Stephen or these jokes just wouldn't land.
Ed Belle
Hey colbert. you fuckin traitor
fuck you and your sick kid
when civil war breaks out hope you and your sick kid get shot first right in your fuckin big mouths
Alex Jones and trump have more talent than you will ever have
so why don't you stick hillarys big cock in your mouth and
shut the fuck up
This is more drama than the acual house of cards series....
Athena Wisdom
Shut your faggot mouth colbert!
Texas island studio clay myers
Dear Mr Colbert,
you seem bright and I think your show has moments that are good..but..when you bash TRUMP kill the fun. seriously... Be rounded..more fun..less politics
Why is this idiot always in my suggested feed? YouTube forcing libtards down people's throats. It's ok, trump is president and we are #MAGA
ctm vt
Colbert is an idiot
Mystic Accending
this isn't even humorous
Tya Jean
Lesser Buscemi - lol.
Ineed29 Cents
Trump is really showing us his true colors.
I would like to see Comey face on a Mr. Peanut and he is putting his walking cane in the Nut crackers mouth
I'm no fan of Trump but It's a shame what's going on in this country. Just because people don't like who's president, the media and people inside the government are trying to take him down. Biggest threat to our democracy and sets a scary precedent going forward. If you work in the government under a president you don't like you can just leak out whatever you want in an effort to take him down. Pathetic. Does no one understand how scary that is? What happens when this investigation turns up with nothing? What next will the media focus on to get Trump out? Let the guy do his job because although he's a goof, his policies are going to help the country quite a bit.
Thank God for Colbert.....which ever God you believe or don't believe in!
BREAKING NEWS!! Trump just tweeted new executive order. For 24 hours, no laws will be enforced in Hollywood, Washington DC, and some hipster neighborhoods in Manhattan. Looks like the PURGE is real.. Time rid the country of this filth and make america great again.
Trump is still winning. The desperate media has no credibility and every day more people realize this. Trump may leave office, in 2020. But i think 2024.
What's the difference between a bomb and a libtard? The bomb gets Triggered once. Drops mic
donald barnes
Yoo Hoo Colbert. SETH RICH. Do the decent thing. Don't worry about the Clinton's killing your ass.
Rich Paul
Colbert is such a goddamn asshole.
yeah impeach him... because Mike Pence is such a great dude... surely he wont fuck us as president, at least not without his wife being there.
To be fair, John Kerry is macho for his military service
Legendary Weapon
You are awful.
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