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Does Jiren know Ultra Instinct? Did Jiren MASTER Ultra Instinct?Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren main evented Dragon Ball Super Episode 110 and the question is: How FAST is Jiren!? Lets discuss! Check out MJ: tinyurl.com/mjgeeklist

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Adam G
Jiren would wipe his ass with beerus
Jeff Rojas
Food for thought. Jiren is Dragonball’s answer to SUPERMAN. Look at the roster...

Jiren - Superman
Dispo (Speed) - Flash
Toppo (seems to lead the group and outside of his fighting suit, he’s seen to be a fairly wealthy man) - Batman
Kahseral (cyborg eye) - Cyborg
Vuon (dinosaur with lasso) Wonder Woman (knocked out by kale).

Therefore... Jiren has to have some sort of weakness only his team know about.... time will tell.
Avin plays
His eyes jiren his already ultra
Remember when Jiren said "this heat is your limit", well when Jiren was first introduced when he was meditating it zoomed in on him and you could see heat waves surrounding him.
Anime Blade
Goku- Pro Player
Vegeta- 9 year old squeaker
Beerus-Best Global Player
Whis-Staff Member
Grant Priest-Admin
Zeno-12 year old derpy face kid
Jay Clay
I think jiren have mastered ultra Instinct in some kind of way. It's all in his voice. Back when jiren was fighting Hit, he unleashed a flurry of punches on Hit and he yelled when doing it. When he was yelling his voice had that distinct echo a person in ultra Instinct form has. I think that's a big clue he has a familiarity with the ultra Instinct technique.
Young Rick
Sean Whitlock
Vegeta is the one that's stronger than the gods of destruction. I believe it so much. Instead of looking at Vegeta as foolish for going blue so much maybe it's simply he can he has more power to use. Whis has been doing a lot of training with Vegeta constantly pushing him and taunting him that Goku is training too. Whis even says if you want to be stronger than Goku this is what you have to do. He tells him how to be stronger than Goku. It's going to be Vegeta to beat him.
Kivi NoMore
I dont think jire has ultra instinct because the clown guy was so surprised when goku achieved ui
cole gillgrass
I garrentee that jiren doesnt know it, due to a few things, 1 gokus attacks in ultra instict move directly to where they need to be jiren on the other hand sortof winds up to it( best place tk see this is when jiren leaps from the smoke to attack goku), 2 he never landed a blow on goku while in ultra instict.i feel that jirens race has a hightend eyesight kinda like jaco but much higher up there with training and meditation, coupled with an insane speed he could easily block goku. His movements just dont look the same as goku
Question: How can you die if you are more powerful than a god???... does this mean that goku and jiren are immortal ?? ... which then makes them gods ... they can never die only get deleted
This is a huge leap of logic you did there.. Jiren is not a saian, not everyone / everything can go ssj so why would they be able to go ultra instinct? because of its name?
I do not believe he has ultra instinct at all :) The way Goku was dodging and Jiren was dodging was totally different plus Jiren as long as Goku was on Ultra instinct (before it run out) was outmatched by Goku. Totally outmatched... And both times we saw Goku Ultra instinct (well now we saw that as well again in 115) he was in a depleted mode in terms of stamina. Who knows how it will be when he masters it or gets to the next level. Because the limit Breaker/Ultra instinct with the tense back photo is quite different and emits a quite different aura. Seems like either another level of Ultra Instinct or a different more advanced technique connected to UI though. That is from me. My thoughts.
It'd be fun to see Jiren train coku in Ultra Instinct after the tourney
I think this is why the pride troopers weren't letting Jiren fight early on. Maybe ultra instinct drains Jiren just like Goku.
chad mccourry
I don't think jiren has ultra instinct because I believe wise/vados or one of the gods would have just out right said it. every time he did anything else note worthy, someone would explain what was going on... why would they go out of there way to tell us everything else about what jiren was doing, but not ultra instinct? that makes no sense.
King DiamondPlayer
Hi guys

Read more
Rickard Rakkoon
Is it just me or does Jiren remind Yall of Buu?
Bazz Arh
Jiren is from underground group(mortal rebellion group against gods) the boss of underground that can square up to grand priest!
Ultra instinct has to do with speed of movement, not so much raw power. You could have the point of view that although a god of destruction technically has more raw power (Beerus has the "destroy" ability), they cannot defeat Jiren due to his mastery of Ultra Instinct. So although the god of destruction is more powerful, they cannot hit him with an attack as they themselves have not mastered such a state. Because they said "a mortal that a god of destruction cannot defeat". Does not mean the god is weaker. Not matter how strong you are if you cannot hit your opponent you will never defeat him. The gods may have stronger battle powers but do not have the mastery of speed and instinct like Jiren.
Maybe Jiren used to be God of Destruction, but chose to step down and become mortal for some reason. I would love to see Jiren origins maybe 10 episodes or something.
Jonathan Likes Boys
I Don’t Think So
Kevin Yun
Jiren does not have UI, my theory is that he’s just THAT strong. If he had the “Mastery of self movement” he wouldn’t have been hit by goku stated by piccolo as he was blocking his hits, he kept giving hits. In the whole fight you don’t even see jiren landing a good hit on goku.
Kawika Gustafs I N
If Jiren has ultra instinct how is it that he got kneed in the stomach. I thought the whole point of ultra instinct is your body dogging every attack on its own.
Shawn Mclaughlin
How can someone with ultra instinct get hit by someone without it? Because hit managed to land a blow on jiren. For that reason I don't believe jiren has ultra instinct. He's just ultra powerful.
Azwan Faiz
I dont understand why universe 11 shock when goku have ultra instinct , even jiren is mortal too , so why r they shock about goku if jiren himself have mastered ultra instinct
the art of fighting without fighting -Bruce Lee
Rafael Ferreira
Ultra Goku had the same "eyes" as Jiren the Gray, Ultra Goku had the same faster than light fighting velocity of Jiren the Gray, the glow inside Jiren's eyes are very similar to Ultra Goku's aura, Goku lost his Ultra state because he was still a noob and wasted it all without care while Jiren knows how to use this power and to keep it for a reasonable amount of time in battle, but maybe if he overuses it he could probably lost it just like Goku lost it, that's why Jiren did almost nothing in the tournament to spare his ultra energies to deal with the real threats like Goku and Hit, that's why Jiren meditates to keep focusing this power inside of him to use when it is necessary, I would say that if Jiren lose his ultra state somehow here his level will drop to Goku's level and then U7 will have a chance to win.
#Alex Gaming
ultra instink is ur body moving without u thinking right? well y did goku hit jireb when he roars, jiren has no ultra instink he just can sense so he can dodge
I just think Jiren is so unbelievably fast and strong that he could keep up with Ultra instinct.
Nash Doyle
Idk maybe beerus was still lying to goku by saying he used 70% of his power against goku red.
Dayvon Roldan
Geekdom do you think it's possible that jiren strated meditating after fighting Hit to come up with a plan to defeat goku just in case things go south for jiren like kind of a back up plan
Kyle McDowell
Wow..someone's trying to debunk you..
Anthony Halufska
Reading these replies and videos I cannot help but remember that these fighters are from the WEAKEST universes. Remember back to the decision to who would fight in this tournament of power. I can’t even imagine the strength of them and their gods. I wonder how Goku and Jiren fair to battle them. That’s the next arc btw, Goku and the other universes.
Roy Raymundo
If Jiren has Ultra Instinct too, how come Goku's Ultra instinct is superior than what Jiren showed. Remember Goku was able to hit Jiren when Goku was in Ultra Instinct, even though Goku's Ultra Instinct was very new back then. Jiren was only able to hit Ultra-Instinct Goku when Goku ran out of stamina. So I think Jiren has not achieved Ultra Instinct yet
Buttface -_-
Your stupid how can you master ultra instinct the name itself says there's nothing better than ultra instinct unless there is "infinity instinct" lmao Make no sense in your videos bro quit talking out your ass
Paul Kelly vegeta
A don't think jiren has it and goku couldn't best him cause the sport bomb was only giving him limited power for his drained body once goku learns it hopefully we see ssbui and he destroys jiren
Beast man
Can Son Goku's hakkai work on jiren?
I feel like Jiren himself is a universe compressed into 1 being XD , idk something about the empty endless black eyes he has , yet the way they flicker, and in the manga Toppo said Jiren is even stronger than his own god of destruction
Nate Tʍi
Dose anyone ever ask why Jiren is a gray and if that is the same race as the galactic patrolman
Nate Tʍi
I don't think Jiren has Ui or how would goku hit him if he did? Goku did some damage, not much maybe but some, and Goku is no master of Ui so how could Jiren be better at it then goku and still get hit
Stephen Constant
There is no doubt that jiren has mastered ultra instinct after seeing him fight hit and goku. The only question is goku going to be able to get ultra instinct back to take him on again because nobody left in the tournament has anything remotely close up their sleeve to fight jiren with
Robert Thompson
"Jiren was getting him some of Goku". Truer words were never spoken. Goku's going to be having nightmares for years following the beating Jiren gave him.
The Lorax
Yo!! What if Jiren is called Jiren "the Grey" because he has mastery of UI? What if Jiren's eyes are the same as Goku's, only their colour is permanent?
Sammy Abdalgalil
Jiren reminds me of Virgo Shaka from Saint seya
Joseph Reyes
I don't know if its necessarily ultra instinct that jiren has... from what we can tell we know he has some kind of psychic or telekinetic power. His eyes definitely have something to do with his strength. Either way, we will find out what jiren is.
govind anil
Jiren didn't know ultra instinct.... Goku in ultra instinct was hitting jiren and picolo was saying he is evolving and if jiren is using ultra instinct then both will be just dodging attacks and that didnt happen
After having watched episode 111 I know Jiren doesn't have ultra instinct
Ixto NonExiste
There is proof he has ultra instinct in the special in the moment he grabs Goku's last punch he says: "this heat... that is your limit" that pretty much implies he can go beyond that.
Carlos Valderrama
Jiren has no UI he just has an energy wall. Jiren may have not shown impressed or hurt but UI Goku is a threat and Jiren knows deep down
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