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They have the ability to save lives and they have the power to cover up. Don't miss the all-new series from FOX, THE RESIDENT.

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Focusing on three doctors at different stages of their careers and a dedicated young nurse, THE RESIDENT is a provocative new medical drama that rips back the curtain to reveal the truth of what really happens, both good and bad, in hospitals across the country. Meet DR. CONRAD HAWKINS (Matt Czuchry, “The Good Wife”), one of the best doctors at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. Charming, arrogant and only a third-year resident, Conrad does everything in the most unconventional way possible. Along with treating patients, Conrad believes it is his job to burst the illusions of first-year residents, like DR. DEVON PRAVESH (Manish Dayal, “Halt and Catch Fire”), and turn them into real-life doctors. Devon is an innocent idealist, who wears his finely tuned moral compass and passion for science like armor. With Conrad’s help, however, Devon quickly discovers the reality of his chosen profession is not what he imagined, and that ethical lines are often blurred. Nothing, not even the best medical school in the country, could have prepared him for what he’s about to learn. As Devon accompanies Conrad through the hospital’s halls, he meets distinguished chief of surgery DR. RANDOLPH BELL (Bruce Greenwood, “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” “Mad Men”), the face of the hospital and its most sought-after doctor, whose diminishing skills, and the errors they cause, are covered with the help of allies under his command; DR. MINA OKAFOR (Shaunette Renée Wilson, “Billions”), a rising star surgeon from Nigeria who is threatening Bell’s dominance, but who also is in the U.S. on a visa; and NICOLETTE NEVIN (Emily VanCamp, “Revenge”), one of Chastain Memorial’s most respected nurses and Conrad’s on-again-off-again romantic partner. While Conrad opens Devon’s eyes to the stark realities of hospital life, the once-optimistic young doctor soon realizes that the practice of medicine is a business, like any other. Not all patients are angels and not all doctors are gods, but one thing’s for sure: expectations are meant to be shattered.

The Resident: Official Trailer | THE RESIDENT

Sid Walker
3 great actors in a new medical show, this is to good to be true :)
Athziri Rojas
I'm already crying and I haven't even seen a single episode! So Good! This show might just give Grey's Anatomy a run for their money in a few years if it does well. I'm Calling it!
Reeha Rafi
When does this show come out?
Leanna Rigoux
Jessica Gladys
You better not air this only to cancel it like every other show...
Hanah Detalla
When is this coming out??
Franziska Löffelbein
Elle goss
Only reason I'm gonna watch is for Matt Czuchry and Emily hope this show becomes something big because there both so underrated.
Neha Patel
The aspiring doctor and Matt Czuchry fan in me is super excited
Chef Lambo
looks really good
Harriet Thomas
i can not wait :)
So excited to watch this when is This put on our screens??
Bea Arthur
Came for Emily and staying for her and super excited to see Matt
Deepak Singh
I hope this works
WTF is wrong with these people. I read comments to see people's view on the video not who they like and etc. no offense though, just expressing my opinion.
Everyone talking about the actors but not talking about how this looks like its going to be a young House M.D.
average savage
Emily VanCamp? Ok I'll watch
El Bahria
When its going to be released ?
when does this release?
Prue Matthews
Anybody feel like this is a serious version of scrubs. The newbie is JD, the resident is Dr. Cox, the chief surgeon is kinda like Kelso, I meaning not completely Kelso was still a good guy underneath it all, unlike this surgeon.
Ana Cardoso
Emily Vancamp :D Love her
Tami Lou
so where are the gay characters??
Raghad A
I'm a medical student watching this in the middle of the night freaking out about my career choice omg
Way too preachy
Matt McKinney
The Resident > The Good Doctor.
Evan Christianson
Cary Agos and're alive again! Missed that smile!!!
tru e
EMILYYYYYYY someones gonna die
Jeralyn C. Aquino
Watching this because of Matt and Emily, plus it looks like a pretty good show!
vinuja chamika
when is this coming out
I don´t understand why every medical show has doctors with flawless skin and make up doing 24 hours shifts. If you want to be realistic (besides the medical content) you need to show some pimples, eye bags or greasy hair.
Robert Hutchins
has potential
Dominique Jacques
How many more House clones are we looking at this year?
Emily Vancamp has been out of the tv series world for a a few years and when she comes back she still has to say the words "Conrad"
Marina Emad
Does anyone know when this is airing? It looks interesting.
Julia Evelyn Garcia
Can't wait for this!!
Arishka Rampersad
Where can you watch this?
wow excellent
Julia da Mata
logan huntzburger is a doctor and my fantasies are happening
Andrea Esquivel
what is the finale song?
? goúd?
Gotta c it.Thx u.🙌💀😤♎
Pam Kowaski
when does it even start
Emily Thorne!!! I mean Emily VanCamp!!! So good to see her back on TV! Hope this show is another winner like Revenge!
Jordana Monteiro
whoa Amy Abbott is dating Logan Huntzberger
I've been seeing a lot of people that got to see the pilot and all of them said that it was really good, that it wasn't what they expected, some said that have a few things from Grey's, others said it has nothing to do with Grey's...i'm really excited!!
Does anyone know the music at 1:32 ?
mia lohan
when is it coming out???
For some reason I think this show won't last for more than one season
adriana krzyszczak
I'm stoked to see Matt Czuchry in new series but pleeeeaaaaase change the first name of his character-it's the same as my ex's and I cringe every time I hear it :)
Lorena Teixeira
Is Emily a nurse or a doctor?
When is this on?
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