How will the U.S. react if North Korea tests its nukes?

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Fox News military analyst Jack Keane on the U.S. dropping a bomb in Afghanistan and what the U.S. should do if North Korea conducts more nuclear tests.

whatyougonna gain from it
Why Kim jong UN saying he wants America best again if hes gonna nuke us
Iman Sentosa
Life is short , please don't make it shorter ...
ashutosh sharma
American why are you crying on north korean nuclear test your friend pakistan give nuclear technology to north korea and you know that this so why are you crying on north korean why can you take action against pakistan who create this situation 😂😂😂
FOX 654
"mother of all bombs"? Like Saddam Hussein's "mother of all wars"? listening to this sounds like another rodeo justifying another crisis where lives are lost to further agendas we know nothing about.
dems KNEW about NKs mini nukes in 2013 yet DID NOT want to release that info under Ojackass because it would have made him look bad
,,,, to late obama always Has looked bad
Lauren Leider
i know that everyone in the u.s are panicking and i know this is a bad situation but if you say "oh ya in totally going to die" than you your gonna be more scared. just think on the bright side and say to yourself "im going to live a long healthy life and im going to be ok" it will mae all things better. :)
Dead dino
Looks like they did.
Like pussys as always. Let's do it I'll sign up.
Bri Guy
Well....they fired another missile off and the mighty USADid NOTHING!lol
Atlien Rider
To all the "people" (and I use to the term loosely) who are advocating war with N. Korea... don't you realize that there is NO WAY you will be able to insulate your trailer homes from the fall out? Read between the lines.
Atlien Rider
What is the difference between a scientist and a redneck?

A scientist that comes across unknowns, studies, evaluates, calculates, and makes rational decisions.

A redneck that comes across unknowns: "What da hell IS it?!?!?"
"Hell, I dunno.... let's shoot it."
you blokes make me laugh, no one has a nuke , why ...coz you cant make one...nuke reactors are real slow fission in control rods heat water ,turns to steam drive turbine. hollywood the rest on film ,hiroshima the concrete buildings an trees at ground zero were still standing its fake it like the moon landings
Kim Do
the chinese would be scare the shit out of themselves if kim `s got "nuke" ,so why the west has to worry ,let the big brother comrade china fix up his younger comrade north korea himself !!!! communist countries love to fight each other ...why bother .
bala krishnan
trump will get a korean hair cut by north korean leader?
Reaction will be seen once the test is carried out. Until such time both are calm.
Julius Red
North Korea most probably doesn't want war themselves. They just fear they will cease to exist. Hence why they test out nukes to threaten people, just to show not to mess with them. We can either ignore their threats like we always had, which has been working for a long time, and let them gloat in their bubble. Or go to war with them for the sake of proving who has the bigger gun.
fuck saving a country's people send a fucking nuke and make them extinct . do you use Windows XP no we toss it out. Kora is a floppy disc that IDC if all of there people die they don't do shit. the army dose nothing no one s claiming mutiny. so fuck Kora in its ass .
Radwan Saidi
Fuck fox
desi derata
North Korea had been testing underground nuclear explosion and rocket delivery during Obama's presidency but Obama was BAU, nothing to worry about or just cannot decide on what to respond to the illegal aggressive actions of North Korea.
Just Me
John O
trumps reaction could go either way. no seriously either way because he's nuts. no telling what he will do. when's the impeachment because trumps a foreign russian agent.
Galimir Nund
Yay, it's a smart bomb it only kills terrorists and ignores civilians...hahahahhahahahah
Anonymous Guy
Trump you need to test and yours if these chinese monkeys want war they will have it...........!
DROP YOUR NUCS TRUMP...............................!
Trump will eat them for a breakfast...!
Vase Svedomi
WTF! Denuclerize USA and then you can ask others as well. The American arrogance is heavensmelling!!! Go to f. hell with your rude behavior to other countries before you pay for it, damn Trumpet!
C Tac
He did it. Now what?! Gonna bomb Syria again?
That "Axis of Evil" is the pentagons playground
America jerks off while missiles are launched.
Zena Fanom
Oh, for that day to come! Wipe out the Continent of Psychopaths. Most Evil country is Satan America.
High Feeling good
Who gave USA right to pump Afghanistan by mumps and who knew that's is normal weapons America just capable of weak nations
Russell Anderson
China need to let them know give them all nukes and everything else they have that is to do with it or they won't help them any longer and we'd see a big change with NK
People don't understand that that bomb was not used to kill normal people, but to kill ISIS members. It may have killed normal people, but it was meant for ISIS.
400 K.D.J
A fair intellectual conversation
Jorge Farill
The USA leads in number of nuclear tests, right?
Dexta Rolle
red Bulalll gavesus wings sixden sand good. meh? why
im cool cool carhd Carhd
America gets better and better
Jim Smith
And that's our fast pass ticket to the promised land.. never ending life with our GOD , Hallelujah. Finally peace for all. Well maybe not all....some are headed the other direction.
Jim Smith
Nice communication style you have. Either your a teenager who never had a respectable educated up bringing, or an adult who hated life since you were 18 and knows better but is self destructive. Either way you just can't communicate intelligently so please stop replying to me....I don't really have the patience nor the desire to talk with unprepared, uneducated childish people. REALLY.....ITS TIME TO HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT AND GROW UP.
If North Korea test nukes, Congress will make the decision to go with what Trump wants. It is Congress who gets final say in everything. Trump is just our President(Basically a Spokesman for the US). While he does make some laws Congress have the final word. I hope you "Americans" learn more about our Country wouldn't want an American who knows nothing about their Country living in the same Region as me. Sorry, I just prefer to be around Intelligent people. People who have an Open mind, Democrats and Republicans have both their Pros and Cons. I know it's not about that but again Our Country needs to be Educated on their Country.
Jim Smith
Come on....can't type a sentence without dishonor to the way your mother hopefully raised her children, to communicate respectfully and grown up. Or was your family routinely using gutter talk as a way to communicate with each other.
Jim Smith
Not strong in your beliefs, isn't heaven the ultimate reward for your soul? Isn't the after life with our Lord the life we believe is better then all the fighting in our world that never seems to end. Think of it this way...we WIN the war we win, we lose the war and are dead we WIN, this could be our fast pass to the ultimate after life with our creator, OR are you weak in your faith and are headed for hell? Just what are you scared of??
amazed totally
Fed up with American being the policeman of the world. Look at Vietnam, so good weren't they, couldn't even defeat paddy farmers. Then a few weeks ago they do a raid in Yemen and 10 children are killed, hey well done boys, a big tough enemy, how many medals will trump give you for killing children. But wait up, you might have to fight real men in Korea, wow, time to shit yourselves.
amazed totally
Some pratt on FOX news said as he saw that big bomb go off, 'that's what freedom looks like' Lets hope he is one of the first to fall. Anyway north korea will probably test a bomb, that's what freedom looks like.
Bottom line: If you have a hornets nest in your house, you don't treat it like a fucking piñata.
Mark Conrad
my god Lou Dobbs is so painfully slow with this questions...uh uh uh uh uh ugh
Jim Smith
Oh don't you remember the United States dropped a nuke on Japan to end the war? We don't you think we would do the same against N. Korea? And if by chance we get hit by a nuke and we are killed, aren't we going to the promised after life and dwell in the house of GOD for eternity? Where heaven is the end all greatest gift one could receive? We win either way so I'm not worried. I'm strong in my belief of eternal life. What R you lacking in your own faith??
I've got a better question for you Lou: How will the US react if NK tests its nukes on Seattle, Anchorage or Hawaii? Will the Trumptards finally admit that they fucked up?
Kim O'Brien
The purpose of testing a bomb is done for two reasons. One is does it really work. The other is to warn others that they are to be respected and not subjected to threats and pressure. If you don't test your bomb but use it directly well that doesn't necessarily mean it won't work.

The joint US South Korea military exercises will end. When things seem quieter North Korea may or may not go about testing then if they so choose. The fact that they have tested at least one bomb successfully should indicate to Washington that they are not to be messed with.

Since officially North Korea is in conflict with the United Nations to begin with what they say will do little to convince them that they should be taking another course of action.
Kim O'Brien
I wonder why South Korea has North Korean websites blocked? Of course the people who will damaged, Korean's of all political persuasions, are left out of the decision because the US Empire with its record of waging nuclear war in the East claims the father knows best title.
mirror man
Killed 40 to 70 that's disappointing mother of all bombs my ass
Sam Carmichael
Adios California
Stay Classy
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