Ron Checora
DeVon Straham
Stephen Colbert, shut your disgusting, butt-hurt, crybaby, beta-male cuck, mouth!
Alex Landherr
This isn't an administration on the edge of a cliff, it's an administration in a free fall. And there's no parachute for Trump.
Emily Leavitt
Oh we all know how this ends! We just don't want to..... #enddays #laughsthenslowlystartstocry
Buddha The monk
Awwww Stephen has cold. :(
russell civello
what an asshole !
Mike Peterkin
i made a trump burned portrait. he's handsy!
Patricia Handa
And yet my understanding is that his core supporters are still with him. I wonder what it would take for them to abandon him... hard to say, since apparently they only trust what he says and nobody else.
Kevin Lopez
There's no beating "around the bush" on this one.
Catherine tt
Alanis morcet......hmmm conspiracy???
Daily beast... nice source
Jason Luong
I know how this ends. Donald Trump is impeached but refuses to leave the White House claiming that he is still the President. We and the world will witness a moment that will sear into our collective memory: Donald Trump is physically being dragged out of the White House by the Secret Service. As a bonus, if you look carefully, you can see Hilary Clinton breaking into the place through a window.
Julie Waring
The blood of jesus washes all our sin and he is calling on sinners..liars...God haters to turn from their evil ways and live a life of good deeds, then you will get times of refreshing...the holy spirit...the invitation is for you
Mathrock H
You suck assholes!
I just hope when Pence shows up he is just as merciless. .
David Ladjani
Are you sure they were not hiding "among" the offices?
I'll give Trump credit in one place only, to shake up the White House. It's fun to watch politicians squirm under pressure.
Simon Cortez
that awkward moment when Stephen Colbert is actually left wing of left wingers.....can I say rebel media?....nope....I'm already right wing for that. His boyfriend tough him well.....
Angry Kittens
And to think just a few months ago, everyone was predicting Idiocracy. Back then, it was meant as a hyperbole. #impeachtrump
Heinz Arsch
Yadda Yadda.. Lies about Trump.. Out-of-proportion FAKE news.. Comedy reduced to slander.. All of that is okay.. The real shame are the people who believe that this is the actual situation.
Dr. Hugh Bumazz
I would get out if I were them. It's gonna be terrorized.
shitter is full... drain the swamp, please. can we MAGA yet???
A comedian Once Said You can judge how a Leaders rule is going by the amount of Comedy material he produces..
Bush Was good, Obama was kinda lame. But Trump is comedy gold
Liam McKerrow
Colbert is such a hypocrite
wait, is this big pharma ad at the beginning for real? and people think colbert is anything but a shill? LOL

TWO SCOPS? LITzaRlly HITZLSR!!!! I mean, it's the CURRENT YEAR! ILL GET yOU nexT time DRolamd TRumffle!!!!
jeremy carter
Im A Brit, so I, so look forward to these Colbert pieces. Sooooooo funny.
James Rae
I'd honestly be more pissed off if Mike Pence was our president. What a cuck. Can you imagine seeing that punchable, smug face of his on TV and in the news all the time? At least these Donald Trump shenanigans are funny and we can all laugh. Mike Pence would be just as bad but also boring.
This presidency will make a great TV shows
John Leintz
Oh the Russians again.... I can see which CBS stock is taking a nose dive after watching this.
Gopi Krishnan
and I'm here
to remind you
of the mess you left when you went away... (touché!)
Trump looks like abod of jor&dan=Both r lierz , kkkillers and theives...welcome to the Royal treat.
The White House is beyond pathetic now...
SmoknWoodChucks ChipChuckSmoked
Misspelled (Tap) Watergate. Right out of the Watergate tap...???🚿💧🇺🇸
Bad Fairy
Very funny . brilliant .
Jay Torraso
Nixon was smarter than moron Trump
G.R, Dray
If any are in hiding, there hiding cause cockbert. wants to suck their cock..
donald trump is proof america is not great.
Random Process
To paraphrase that great political thinker Malcolm Tucker, Trump is "as useless as a marzipan dildo."
Guys have we ever thought when trump is gonna get impeached. Fucking mike pence is gonna be in the next president
Willy Whipp
Impeach dumm trump!!!
Sadiq Mohamed

(Pause for effect)



Was that the lovely Desi?
Tristan Neal
I'm not sure if the Daily Beast counts as a legitimate news source, Stephen...
Pexport llc
Trump : I am a crook and always been one, what you gunna do about it!
Yolanda Harley
This just keep getting better all the time!!! Stephen Colbert you simply the best!!!! keep it coming!!!👏👍👍😂😂😂😂😂💕💕💕💕
Dennis Vu
i wouldnt even put working under trump adminstration on my resume
Can someone tell me what is that song which was playing?
Yee Vita
I dont know why people are surprised when the party and voters of the "Destroy America" party, aka make American govt tiny party, really does destroy America. Seems like they are doing a good job to me: scandal, tell secrets to other people who also want to destroy American govt, place people who are complete opposite of their agencies' mission. Seems consistent to me. Also is consistent why 90+% of GOP voters still behind Trump. He is doing an excellent job for them.
Jonathan Haar
Asking her a question and than just ending the show? That seems kind of rude.
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