Mariam Madany
Is it me or does it sound so balkan?
Kiran Raut
Most people giving negative comments are the same one who enjoy Kya Kool Hai hum Series and Masti series. As if they were glorifying 'Our Great Indian Culture'.👏👏👏
shivam singh
Nice.... An aggressive initiative on Orthodox mindset people of "REPUBLIC OF INDIA"
Republic in Fact not in Act.
Tawab Nooran
She has made herself a name by copying afghan songs...third one and counting!!
Copy of Afghan song
Sarat R
atleast this film has succeeded to unite Hindu and Muslim males... ek matra film he jisme BURKHA ka use he fir v jhat hinduo ki bhi jal raha he. abe sale muslims ka gussa to samjte he, but hindu ko kya problem he??? actually few males have problem with it. salman ne bohot sal pehle kya bola ...main karu to sala character dhila he???? sale kutto chikni chameli,MunnI badnam, biri jalaile ...GANDI BAT... pe hila hila k dance karte ho. tab kaha jata he INDIAN CULTURE???
Feroz Shaikh
mujhe ekta kapoor ko chodna hai kitna legi paisa jawab de
Mora Mohammadi
it's based on an afghan song
Afra Reis
this is nonsense😒 #boycott
Satya V.S
Bollywood has become the producer of porn now-a-days...very bad.. directors are believing that keeping a kissing or xxx scene will make the movie to collect good at BO..worst... south indian films are the best...
Manvi Singh
Ye sahi hai hmari society ko Hunter se prblm nai thi.. Luv sex aur dhoka se prblm nai thi but they hv a prblm wid Dis1...
seriously man sahi bol gyi ldki "aap log hmari aazadi se itte drte kyu ho"..
Raglak & Temish
This is your feminism Ekta Kapoor ? nice film only based on one thing *Sex😱
chelsea drog
amazing song..another coke studio Pakistan song recreated..
Kumkum Bhagya
sudipa adak
to be honest , this is the first film i am excited about.. loved their work
Ankit Charles Rodrigues
Why are women in movies wherein they explore sexualty termed as prostitutes or randis etc. if a male actor were to have multiple sexual scenes he'd be cool or a Playboy and that's ok. Are Indians scared of the fact that women can have sexual fantasies rather a voice of their own ?
can't wait to watch this film!!
ajay singh tomar
Movie of the year..
irshad waheed
what is so interesting about this movie? Why do filmmakers in india think that every indian is a closet voyeur who has to have vicarious sexual gratification? Life is simple, so is marriage, so is modesty. Why do we, as a youthful nation, have to hanker after moral depravity depicted in such movies. havent we got nation-building to do, self-development to achieve? Will these "new-age" artists decide that we must be a sex-starved nation, drooling over make-believe, fictitious fantasies of some women? What's next then? Fantasies of another 4 women who are a laborer, a rickshaw driver, a vegetable vendor and a housemaid? oh, what have we reduced ourselves to!
Puspak Dasgupta
Oh Womaniya , how will you get sexual liberation while you are only sex objects for Patriarchy in this Country..Sad to see some of the comments, are we going backwards ???
Dinesh Chandra
IDK what the maker of this film are trying to show, like deepika's my choice video it just shows that having sex in public and saying vulger words can make a women empower,
I bet the Laddies who started
"women empowerment" mission would be crying to see this,
this is ridiculous.
Megha Singh
had been waiting for this movie soo eagerly!
Sarthak Parmar
Mursal Karim
The music is from an old Afghan song
mukesh rajak
society me sab kuch hai.. galat sahi kisi dharma ko target mat karo... ye sari chize industry me new nahi hai to burkhe ki aad kyu...
Марина Чепик
Creators Never Follow
Its a Horror movie.. at the end of this movie..these lady will become a wolf..
Farida Amiri
yeah from afghan song Laili laili jan by Late legend Ahmad Zahir !
rishabh kumar
lip sticks under my bur kha
ayesha rahim
Pakistani song ke copy hy hd hy yara
Zubair Riaz
chori music and song from pakistani coke studio india biggest chor
Mohit Mali
So that old woman is saying that, I will do sex whether I married or not. waa re waa What an excellent example of #WomenEmpowerment ...#Femisnm
Tan 90
sounds better at playback X .75
Vickram Rayman
I love the ending when it's said "The most controversial film of the year is here"
Creepy Alien
agar yeh women empowerment hai toh mai tumlog ki iss cheez me help karne ke liye tayyar hu....😂
puneet gulati
That disclaimer.....burrrrrnnnnn
SSB KaioKen x20 Slayer
Kisi ke judge karne se kuch nahi hota !!!
If people wanted to live their life in their ways they do it sometimes they do it secretly that's what they trying to show us in a fun manner.
People are abuing yeh kya n woh kya so called thekedaar or society. If they don't like all these stuff why they watching it. they are the same people who watch porn n all and act as priest.
don't abuse each other just find your flaws (free advice)
Jan hit main jaari
kamal tusham
unless and until we don't watch the movie we can't predict anything. but if we talk about freedom then boys' and girls' freedom have to be same. agar ladka chahe toh kuch bhi Kar sakta hai toh ladkiyon ke liye itni paabandi kyun. if being a female escort is wrong then equally male escorts are also wrong.
Sunny H
priyanka tanwar
yeahhhhh im d one who complete 1k likes....
hellodelhi 24X7
this movie gonna be awesome
Liberal Thamizhan
Best Disclaimer :-)
Kavish Roy
Wow nice
Zainab Zainab
cheap 😠
Ossama Javaid
another coke studio gem
Butan Chakraborty
i will watch this movie
Aysha Iqbal
Trisha from Agent Raghav
Khader Khan
kiya hai ya 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Zoya Bukhari
I wish if I could banned dis movie disgusting why using d name burkha
yeh accha hai, women empowerment k naam pe randibaazi....
Habib Khan
haan yehi hai women empowerment 😑 #Shabash 😒
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