Philip DeFranco
I'm going to bleach my brain. brb <3
scott left
15 year muslim apologists will be...."why so old"
Painted Dream
This disgusts me I dont know how old he is but he isn't 18 that's for sure and 14 WAYYY too young not a legal age for any sex act at all even if the other person is same age. 16 is the legal age of sexual consent and this guy is literally telling still impressionable 14 year olds to fucking twerk for him. What a disgusting desperate pig.
I didn't know Austin Jones was a popular Youtube guy until this video, regardless he is a PoS.
Geek The Girl
If there's any justice, he will soon be showing his anus and genitals to strangers. Strangers in orange jumpsuits...
Dee J.
he may be a pig but so are the girls. 14 year old girls today are having sex like 25 year old girls. they know exactly what they're doing. sluts everywhere ,they make it easy on these guys,14 or 18. I am a girl and I know the power a vagina has. we are more in control than men think we are. Rape is NOT consensual,this was.Any 14 year old sending 25 photos,while spreading her own butt hole,she knows it is wrong. She's no better. At 14 ,I would know that is fucked up!
Jeannette K
Life in prison! Please!
lisa Arkwright
Phil, did you see the Deefizzy videos about Austin Jones? Shouldn’t the people that helped him continue with his predatory behavior be punished also? This story is a bit dated, but with everyone realizing we can’t let people in power just do whatever they want, I would love to see some of these “ pimps” punished.
Prison for life or death penalty would be good for these sick ppl! Poor kids. :(
this shows how private your online conversations really are. be careful out there everyone.
Josh Eppard
Damn, you weren’t kidding. It is MUCH worse than it sounds in its broad headline. Yikes.
Why is this in my recommended tab 4 months later
Markus Green
I wonder if gun control is possible? Like wouldn’t people rise up yelling “Injustice!!” If the government tried to take their guns, which would lead to riots and more and more violence. Either the government would have to make some sorts compromise or completely take over for the “greater good” and become more powerful. But then going back on it’s constitution, wouldn’t it just lead to either absolute chaos and anarchy and seems impossible
Markus Green
Woah, damn
Jives Got Moves
DAMMIT!!!!!!! Can We Get ONISION TO Jail?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!??! PLEASE!!!!!!
xr28y ge3fl1
It s the Justin Beaver haircut. Prison time will give him empathy for his sex victims.
Here comes the PAIN Austin Jones. Thirty years of prison sex.
Cole Croley
I really don't care if some piece of shit politicians got shot. When you treat the public the way you do and fuck over the public what can you expect to happen......?
Brody Volt
It's disgusting
The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God
Holy hell
John Hughes
Well he is incredibly dumb.
Austin Jones must love
JC Inc.
I think that becoming famous doesn’t turn you into a good person if anything it makes you seem better then you are and you can get away with it for longer as we’ve seen from this story. Disgusting.
JC Inc.
Wow people like this get famous while good people have trouble gaining subscribers and views smh
The .CrystalBoat
100,000s subscribers isn't huge. Never heard of him but he is a disgusting human being.
storm le cat
Sadly no way he'll get 30 years
I watched his apology video and the reasons why he sought videos from underaged girls is because A. His older sister died, B. He went to many funerals as a kid, C. His parents divorced, D. He used to cut himself. So he lived the typical angst filled life which is not at all uncommon and that’s why he is a gross, creep. 👌🏻Got it. Honestly all I heard was “feel sorry for me, feel sorry for me, feel sorry for me, etc.” like any of that is a valid excuse or reason.
You Fear Isonomy
Damn, I don't know how to feel. I support the idea that porn censorship is against the first amendment but this guy gives me an understanding towards why the U.s. government censored Underage content. Yes, you may hate me for my comment but censorship is a violation even if the content is Immoral. Actions and content are different in context.
N Shell
The girls parents should be jailed for being pathetic.
Cirex. _
niggas in prison will ask him show his ass and twerk.
Saddam Hussein
I Want my beefy grip to wrap around this dudes throat what human garbage, plus the shit he says to get these videos in the first place is so pathetic. Slaugher him dammit.
Thats Nodildo
this dude
Austin Jones deserves everything he’s getting, he sounds like a disgusting human being
Michael Moretti
"waived his miranda rights and agreed to speak with them"? Yeah, I'm sure that was all 100% voluntary ... NOT.
Colin Johnston
The glenville tower masacre was caused by the Tory party (those that sit on the right of parliament in this country and always seem to get voted into power) voting down a proposal that would have saved their lives. Whether you're in London or New York kids, always remember the right are cunts!
tf2main player
GRABS GUN i need bleach too grabs bleach bye ima kill myself cuz i hate the word child porn
Justice Hackworth
Justice Hackworth
I think his sentence is fine bit they should put him in real jail with no protection so he gets what's coming to hi
Tina W
That landlord is evil
Tina W
Fuck him#❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜🙏💪💯📍
Tina W
Yea and i was 7 so yea its real out here and ive bin raped by a group of guys thought we were in the house alone now im paranoid about meeting ppl online smh
mamzi marie
He was flirting with one of my friends for a while (through Facebook) and kept asking her on dates. We ended up all going to the movies and the dude was so fucking socially awkward. He never asked her for twerk videos though, probs cause she was his age for once >.> But he would always guilt trip her into tryin to go out with him and telling her his music was about her shit was weird
Joel Smith
My band opened for him on two occasions in the past. The second show was right after the first twerking incident, and I was gonna make a joke about it but my other band mates suggested I didn't. After all of this, I really wish I had
Alyson Holder
yeehhh, the punishment fits... i gotta go scrub my brain his behavior is disgustingly horrible
William Hampton
A.Jones sick bastard
What the hell
Margaret Norman
I was a huge fan of Austin and as a young girl at that age you are very gullible and willing to please idols like Austin and he abused that power to victimize these young girls and it is sick
Marvin 777
2:10 my eyes will never be clean again.
Ivy - the - demon
I'm underage, very underage. Stories like this make me upset because whereas my reaction to someone I look up to talking to me like that would be with anger, these girls are just.... So trusting of this man. I hope I'm not coming off as snobbish, (oh look at me I'm so much smarter than other girls my age), but I do legitimately act differently than them. These girls and the way they believe that that man isn't trying to get something disgusting from them, it always surprises me. To the other 14 year old girls like myself, please be safe. My reaction to someone I look up to talking like that would always be to react in the most violent manner. Throw them off guard and make them fuck off, then tell someone what happened. That may be childish of me but it's how I would do it. Find your own ways to keep yourself safe, don't let this happen to you.
Anwyn Willow
thats why my kids dont get free reign on the internet
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