Jessie J - Domino

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Music video by Jessie J performing Domino. © 2011 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Michelle Lorje
This song is temptates.
swear to fuck I thought this was Katy Perry. Fucking Winn Dixie. Cite your goddamn material.
Juliana Alves
Kim Me
when you feelin your fake nails.
Good old Minecraft days..
Aum Ponprapa
หื้มมม ลูกคอ
jerick mangahas
G Gg
love you
Inten TV
Gokhan Kucuk
There's something so Sexy about a women who's so confident... I think it's because what u see is what you get... dream chick!
Gokhan Kucuk
She is a freak in bed! Fuck man that would be an amazing night... I wouldn't stop until she's soak and fuckin wet...
מברת פנטהןן
Jessie I love you
Melanina Carioca
Amo essa música.
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Power Boy
я всегда думал, что это Кетти Перри
If Katy Perrry would have a good vocal range
Kimberlie P
This so Whitney Houston
สุชาวดี เถื่อนสันเทียะ
I Like Jessie J
Well it sure isn't Dale
This is one of my favorite songs and I have no clue why.... I prefer metal and Rap, but her voice and personality charm me.
Javon Mitchell
To me this is what Pop music should represent, carefree, adventurous, and fun without the extra nastiness of now'a'days bland and disrespectful music they call pop.
Karol Zamora
guapa 😍😎
Mary_ Winchester
My friends always thought i looked like jessie,Idk i think its because i have the same face shape amd teeth,but oh god i can't belivie this song is so old
Fernanda Dias
Old memories!
Calvin Crews
jessie j is the bright version of raven of teen titans
Алиса Двачевская
я Фёдор Нечитайлооо
Amazing song!!!
XxxX TH3 H4CK3R XxxX
Who comes back to these kinda songs to remember/re-live some happy memories??....
Dooba King
Lord farquad got tall
Jm Pandac
Who is watching this 2017 word is already 7 years
Itz or7o
This song never gets old !
Kele Davidson
Jessie j were are u ??? My daughter Jessica Leigh loves ur music she has Rett syndrome and smiles at ur music 🌟
Alicis Johnson
She made this song when she was felling down
Yousaf Muhammad
Beste Lied ewer😄 ja Ah oja🎵🎵🎶
Mary Ann Medina
0:07 or 0:08
Nayla kim yoona
Lyrics please: is: "Damn this love is skin tight" or "Damn this club is skin tight"?
นายสมพงษ์ ขอประสงค์
melissa lopez
Love You Song 😘😍
Kimi13 Sailo
Better than Selena, Taylor, Ariana
Yulian Russessabagghina
I look up into you Jessie J. Keep at it..!!!
Manon Brunisholz
Manon Brunisholz
This songs brings back a massive amount of memories
Ana Gabriel
Mateus Filipe
Esse som é top. 2017 eu ainda venho aqui escutar
Rahul Sharma
I agree
Omar Arroiuach
No comment
Julie Ann Delvillar
ang ganda
Claudiu Lucian
still one of my favorites energetic songs to date, keep it going, Jessie! :)
Vanessa Lima
Linda como sempre
Iane Lima
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