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4 Simple & Fun Life Hacks
Hi Friends,I will show you 4 Hack with a syringe.This New Amazing Ideas and life hacks.They seem like Simple Entertainment, life hacking, but at the same time they are instructive,I came up with this original Idea with a Bottle of Pepsi to make a street crane.And an Amazing idea how to clean it quickly to the Mandarin.And how to eat an Apple without teeth.Friends appreciate my work like for life hacks I'll be grateful.

5x One
Leave your comments Friends!!!
معتصم mmm
J F Gamerz
1:58 lol failm
some bones left
cool intro
carlos rivera ramos
Leave your my friends soy de peru ingeses estos
Sweet Apple blossoms Vlogs
I'm cleaning some mandarins for lunch

gets syringe from pocket
Артём Зотов
Эй русские
Ibn Sawese
neki anonimni lik
i readed the tittle "4 life hacks with cringe"XD
Mr gear ?????
Ian Soini
u dont have to be perfect like everybody like u just ignore or stop watchimg if u get med
Ian Soini
be careful plz
Rimsan M
what is this song name this is good song please replay
رؤة لتانا ل
رؤة لتانا ل
نورت لا نلةلنؤنؤنؤبلبنثخيخبمبةنبنؤ
뭔지 모르지만 해보고싶다
Hanna WazzHere
1:15 like the Mandarin is crying for help poor Mandarin I feel you 😂😂😂
MaRlila - Куктус
русские вы где?.-.
Ronald Jones
that amazing
wannabe game kids
Song name ?
Hiiragi S
กุ งงกับชื่อคลิป และคำอธิบายใต้คลิป
Nesay Hzgn
. #.. dssfy
Men Toys and more
very nice !
Shafeeq Ali
Though its a nice video. That one seed inside the apple is bothering me.
Ali Simsek
when your not a drug user so your not allowed to wash your hands with a empty coke bottle and syringe... feelsbadman...
pwnu benston
i love an easy peel mandarin after i shoot up next to the dumpster behind tescos
nightever GT
1:13 creampie
nice job putting a link in the middle of your video literally blocking the last few scenes of the last hack.
Ismail Pinar
Kineko Zhenican
What's the song called?
Brorongaming GD
at 1:60
Brorongaming GD
5x1 = 5
Sunsetbow 12
That needle almost made me faint. 😵
Satang Dookandee
Supertiptip tip
The only person that has a syringe around its house are the doctors/nurse
Ben Myo Usta
music ? help
น่ารัก แต่ดี
, ggggffguilgsgi
Mr. Fluffy
Wtf why is there this same song in every life hack video I see!
Millionth subscriber!!
Alex Sustaita
TehEpikNuwbie ッ
Where the fuck do you think im going to find a syringe?!
Mabye that guy in that ally way could help...
Valen Almanza Dussan
es de mal gusto q le coloque a uno el video en la mitad de la pantalla y no lo dejen ver nada
Kate Tomory
Great ideas
roger L waters Waters
This is stupid all the way!
Loren Diaz
cuando eapicho la mandarina me dio olor
Treasure Forever
0:45 butt there's a sink XD
boy 930721
R.I.P syringes 2017-2017
Will be remembered.
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