Jurassic LIZARD!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote enters the “PARK” to catch a GIANT lizard on the loose! 

Well it might not be “Jurassic Park” but the enclosures at Kids Saving the Rainforest in Costa Rica certainly remind you of it! So the “Jurassic Lizard” Coyote is after is none other than the Spinytail Iguana which grow to be absolutely enormous! 

While there are many species of Spinytail or Spiny-Tailed Iguanas they all have close ancestry that date back to the time of the dinosaurs. No wonder they look so prehistoric! 

Get ready to see one HUGE and SPINY lizard! 

Big thanks to everyone at Kids Saving the Rainforest for hosting the crew at this location. To find out more about their organization please visit their website - http://bit.ly/savingtherainforest

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Jonathan Stallings
I think this would make an excellent Discovery Show
Wow if it takes you days and I (an 11 year old girl) can take me 10 mins to catch it I'm like trump(let's say I've been to the emergency room a lot) and in Florida (where I live) there is too many.!.!
Aisha jewel
Why is it's mouth open
Yeah I Got Nothin
the opening screen is a bit misleading. it suggests that they travel the world, but I've only seen you guys make videos from the americas.
Sarah Rhoades
go find a mongoose
Chayce Jones
can you try to get bit by the lizard
Dayton The Spider Guardian
Shows off the trap Looks like a hanging device
Few minutes later
"Let's take off the noose" Oh
J00HN - Roblox & More!
i can cach baby lizards
Clorox Bleach
dang vegans are pretty strong.
That lizard is ripped
I live in costa rica and there is those iguanas in the place i live and they actually eat chickens, they'll eat fruits and stuff but also the hunt chicken
Chris Wooliver
they should make a movie Jurassic LIZARD
Cindy Star
it's so fast
rhoel hatamosa
Hey is the lizard venomous or somthing you mght go to the hospital if it is not do a bite in it hehehehehehehe plssss like if you agree....
Kenneth Deinla
Can you find a Komodo dragon lizard
gaming lizard
i have a red iguana they are strong and have sharp claws
I went to Costa Rica on march 8 to march 15 and i saw a bunch of monkeys and lizards but the white face monkeys were so cute!
Noah Rose
Anybody know what knife he uses at 3:16
Hunter vu
Christina Mejia
I saw a monkey Behined him
supermom :)
Lizard:I can take on anthing. But I like plants
supermom :)
Who thought the lizard died :o
Brielle Jumao-as
3:25 I got jumpscared
My Son wants to know if you are in a zoo??
I hate the fact that he looks like Fousey but I really like Coyote
John Cooke
I watched this with my lizard
XxAlvinxX Gaming
why are u not dead yet?
Would you ever get bitten by him? It looks as if itd be a pretty interesting episode
taylor aitcheson
Hi your the best at finding animals well not just the best animal finder your incredible at finding animals
Its sad to see out of some of my co workers pictures from Costa Rica that they do in fact eat this species :( Even my best friend from Honduras eats em as well.. Don't wanna be hating on what they do to survive but they all grew up eating this species.. At the back of my mind i still think its wrong..
Wow, hes so fast he actually had some "leg slip" like a powerful car with wheel slip when it first takes off. Awesome looking iguana, maybe best looking of them all. I want one.
Lengendary Gamer
I want to see komdo dragon
Teresa Newhall
Coyote if he has teeth why can't I see them they are so small!
Josh Davon
i touched one of thoes lizards
Rubiks Gaming
That speed is ridiculous!
Count Mustard
3:53 monkey
joemar orate
I got it at 1:00
joemar orate
I got one of those.
Moon Orchid
i now understand why animals are starting to come close and trust humans more.. because we are interacting with them so much picking them up and admiring them. i think its wonderful!!!!!
Vanoss Girl
trying to get likes be like
i didn't think that spiny tailed iguanas were that dangerous me and my dad took a trip to cancun and while we were there i caught a 3 ft female with my hands and my dad caught a giant male like the one you caught in the video with his hands
awesome wolf 123
Rwkirk328 Leopard
I saw that stalker monkey
Samuel Cooper
Aloysius995@gmail.com yap
Aloysius995@gmail.com yap
don't mind what camera is use
Kawaii Quasar
look at 3:54 look in the corners their is sum thing that saw the camra and ran
Paul Nugraha
Hay! Did you know that ate fruit
King Wolfie
awsome vid
The lizard is cute
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