Jurassic LIZARD!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote enters the “PARK” to catch a GIANT lizard on the loose! 

Well it might not be “Jurassic Park” but the enclosures at Kids Saving the Rainforest in Costa Rica certainly remind you of it! So the “Jurassic Lizard” Coyote is after is none other than the Spinytail Iguana which grow to be absolutely enormous! 

While there are many species of Spinytail or Spiny-Tailed Iguanas they all have close ancestry that date back to the time of the dinosaurs. No wonder they look so prehistoric! 

Get ready to see one HUGE and SPINY lizard! 

Big thanks to everyone at Kids Saving the Rainforest for hosting the crew at this location. To find out more about their organization please visit their website - http://bit.ly/savingtherainforest

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Lawrence Mansier
Coyote is up for anything and I love it keep on the good work
reeveano heh
At the start of the video I think another one is in the tree at 0:01
Warzone Gαming
lol that lizard is flying at the end
Go komodo
6:47 DEJA VU...
Risemary Aquino
2:43 got em !!!!!!!
Marie Trejo
Did anyone see the monkey when he showed him to the 📷📹
Alexa Molendyk
I never knew they could be so grumpy!
Juan Herrera
I have seen a hole lot of them in Ecuador
Dr RedNecks
Soo.. The iguana are the closest animal to the stegosaurus?
Thad clemo
I'd love to see you get a kimono dragon, that would be kool!
Game Smile
How can birds be closer to a dinosaurs then this?
Joshua Hunsaker
I was on a cruise down in Mexico by Cabo and there were around 5 or 6 iguanna just chillin on rocks and I could walk up to them pretty close wgwre I could grab it by the tail by hand but they were really fast and I didn't want to get bit so I didn't try to pick them up and plus I thought their tail would be released like normal lizards if I tried
Leafyluvbug Aj
Coyote does it hurt the lizard?
Samantha Flores
I saw a monkey
Samantha Flores
Coyote I have a pet bearded dragon he is a male and he is lazy lol
From the looks of it's teeth I thought it was a carnivore
DeLora Kauffman
Wow I’m inpressed I like lizards🦎
Coyote the dentist is good at making him open his mouth!
Your imaginary friend
I peted one before at a carnival
anonymous_bmx_and_stuntrider anonymous
Catch a wild tokay gecko
3:15 what knife is that?
Chrystal Der
Awwww it's so cute
Do you keep the animal s
Skele bob
Do you travel the world to catch them?
True Builders
Welcome to Jurassic park...what the hell dude there's only a lizerd here!
ajs 1579
Please look at Praying Mantis'!
Masihi Rain
When the lizard was in the snare I felt so bad for him 😢
Leslie Chisholm
Is it poisonis
Rebecca Clarke
Are they stronger than a toad
Maryse Paines
Catching those things was my specialty back in the Carabien
john comedy
wolf girl so cool what how to Moon
3:15 wacht
wolf girl so cool what how to Moon
Who else being brave and Wilderness should have merchandise and they should have a Netflix and they should be celebrities walking on the red carpet JK that's just extra but coyote and his and his crew are super awesome they're the best animal resource I have ever watch love your shows coyote and the crew your shows are amazing keep up the good where you guys are awesome stay strong and be power please leave a like if you agree to all of this thank you bye
wolf girl so cool what how to Moon
Me and my mommy have a iguana
Andrés Barth
I live in Costa Rica, i used to catch them when i was like 9 y/o and coyote is strugling with this ! lmao
Im gonna make my own channel lol jk
Katerina Bubnova
Кто от Дарвина?
The life as Grace
Guillermo Lockard
Bro those are ALL around Puerto Rico
Ani Manalo
1:09 The iguana heard santa to it ran... I think :/
Fishers Games with an S XD
That looks like a FREEKING ultimate monster, it’s so cool, I love it, what a beautiful creature, I would not be surprised if that was one time an iguanadontion.
GameMaster-Overwatch and More :DD
your caching a lizard not alligator wrestling
mix the lizard with an ostrich and boom! velociraptor
Wrestler 4life
5:03-5:16 vegans in a nutshell
Amy Brock
That is a Gorgeous Lizard!!!!
Omarion Brown
Who saw the monkey in the background at 3:55
Bluefire Phoenix
coyote you made me scared of the huge lizard
Interesting that you can see that it lost its tail at one point.
Noah Johnson
That lizard is shook.
lyndon rose
get bitten by it.
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