Jurassic LIZARD!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote enters the “PARK” to catch a GIANT lizard on the loose! 

Well it might not be “Jurassic Park” but the enclosures at Kids Saving the Rainforest in Costa Rica certainly remind you of it! So the “Jurassic Lizard” Coyote is after is none other than the Spinytail Iguana which grow to be absolutely enormous! 

While there are many species of Spinytail or Spiny-Tailed Iguanas they all have close ancestry that date back to the time of the dinosaurs. No wonder they look so prehistoric! 

Get ready to see one HUGE and SPINY lizard! 

Big thanks to everyone at Kids Saving the Rainforest for hosting the crew at this location. To find out more about their organization please visit their website - http://bit.ly/savingtherainforest

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Rad Chad
It is accurate to assert that both avians AND reptiles are the progeny of Clade Dinosauria. The two classes of animals simply took divergent evolutionary paths from one another.

Now all you children shut your cakeholes. Let Daddy Coyote throttle his lizard in peace.
Michael Hall
anyone else see that monkey
Filthy Fern Films
That green niggah is super charged
Harry Wang
I wish godzilla have the same speed
Calm down Dumbass
What does all the extra skin below its chin used for?
Aisha Bashir
OMG that lizard is feisty
Edward Wiggins
I love your channel coyote. it reminds me of Steve Irwin. keep doing what you are doing
creepy creeper 46
6:20 I'm better than you -lizard
TheGaming Monster
Try to catch a Kamoto dragon lol
TheGaming Monster
If there strong then that means coyote goes to the gym
Friends Fur Life
3:57 that monkey in the background tho 😂 lol
Ricardo Talavera
I love this guy he is a great guy very friendly and tells us everything Brave you deserve 20 mil subs
Bryan Pacheco
Yes it is a herbivore
Bryan Pacheco
You should see our ones that we have in central america. san pedro, belize the Bamboo chicken iguana it's is very colorfull with lime green and looks crazy crazy awesome runs very speed and swims very fast but also holds it's breath underneath the water for a very long period of time, it also eats flowers such as hibiscus and other flowers very uniue
It would take me probably 698 Years to catch a Lizard like that
its like catching pokemon
JJ Jones
I want to see him get bit by one
Jahn Anderson
Does anybody knows if he ever been to Ecuador ???
I had a pet Iguana and i will say he was great to have but he was born in captivity. if you try to pick one up do it how coyote did it and be careful.
code negative
dinosaurs weren't reptiles though
Layla-Rei Thompson
I saw a godzila spider
James Burns
Coyote is hot honestly
Epic Peep
wow so many people are mad because of him calling it a dinosaur he was clearly making a exaggeration on its size
Cowface Moo
Did anyone see the monkey at 3:57, its in the top left part of the screen
Elias Kanaan
make A video about on location red panda
Jaylen Lizardman
I'm gonna be a vet when I group andi have so many lizards in my yard so many if I fought an iguana that big I'll ry or I'll crybecauseit probly bit me😄
TheBoomZ TV
3.15 I thought he was gonna stab the iguana for a second there
Nick L
he should catch a Draco lizard, or a giant Chinese salamander
Holly-Cakes Lover
3:58 top left, tiny monkey! 😂😂
Mahdi Mansouri
how dide see the monke in 3:57
Alia Shanelle Dela Cruz
Cayote your so brave I wish I can be like you when I grow up today I'm just 9 years old I'm gonna be 10 years old on August 3.
daneka ckarke
I'd like to see you encounter a crocodile
flowerfell frisk
Coyote should be in history!
you're brave!!!!
i feel srry for u brave wilderness coz u have taken mutiple bites and u only have 5 mil subz. lol. but im a subber 2 so ur not lonely
Deer blood
birds are ascendance of the dinosaurs
Deer blood
by the way it's not a dinosaur it's not a bird
you need to see komodo dragon
coyote what is your favorite place to catch more wildlife... my guess is Costa Rica
Braxtron the Ultimate Gamer
I think I know why you couldn't catch that iguana cuz iguanas are the fastest lizards in the world.
Mindy Miller
Dawood Noor
when he says " if you thought that catching a spiny tailed lizard was cool" my responce was : to me, everything you make is amazing
Can you please catch a Komodo dragon
Zekrom YT
Finally, a video outside of the U.S.
Patrick Diete
My grandma has an iguana
Slender Dog
back where I come from we use our hands or slingshots to kill them. and eat them
Chris Rivera
you should make a TV show on animal planet like if u agree
Urpal Ducks
id like to see the jurassic lizard w/ a bearded dragon
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