New York City rat taking pizza home on the subway (Pizza Rat)

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A rat tries to bring slice of pizza down subway station stairs.


Master Splinter bringing food home to feed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

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Lady Asila
this is the most new york thing ever, the only thing missing is the timbalands
Beach Life
too cute!!
chris corny
I love pizza
Larry Small
Hey all of us New Yorker's love pizza even rats
1010 Wins
Hi Matt, we're doing a story on 'avocado rat' and would to include the original video in the story. Can we use the above in a produced piece with credit to you? Thanks!
Karma Android
It's a rat dragging a pizza into the subway.....the only thing that can make this more NY is if he were wearing a NY Yankees hat.
P Ferreira
Splinter before the mutation (wink).
Eevee of Kindness
All Baby turtles:Daddy!!!๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Juzo The Weeb
So cute
Hamza A M De Barros
You got to do what you got to do to feed the family and they many
Metal Boss
NYC in a nutshell. Or Half-shell if he's Splinter.
Ruby Cola
Thanks Vinny
happy mouse
why the fuck is this license?
Flame of Udun
Goddamit Joel, go back to streaming and stop watching ratto videos
I would have a tug of war with that Rat to get that slice of yummy Pizza!
Omg splinter ๐Ÿ€ that ain't enough for the turtles ๐Ÿข they need more
Joshua Workman
Keisha McArdle
My friend told me about this
Luna kawaiislayer
This is really really cute
Hi Pizzashow on Munchies.
tio mergedzamasu
Parece que o estuart litle tรก passa do por uma barra pesada
Ratatouille 2 looks great
skullsey bones
Roblox gamer anzures
Hey slinter? Can I have that pizza? Im hungy!
T Hassan
Love this rat
Bad Content
How did we bare bears brought me here???
Fullmetal Flippy
Go master splinter The turtles needs there pizza!
Aminata Mansaray
it's really funny how a fkn rat gets so many views just for holding a pizza, and then there are poeple out their who struggle to do what they love, just to be notice for who the are, and most of them can't even get 10 views like.....this world
George Washington
My brother in law is a cunt.
Matt Beaumont
Noddle Hill
Ross Vixie
It me, I'm that
sweet heart
sorry yall but pizza rat is probably dead by now rats don't live long
Did he pay for it?
That commie turd jimmy kimmel was right when he said this is the most new york thing ever
soda time
I was in the park the other day and I saw a squirrel with a piece of pizza too. This is really not unusual for NY except I've never seen a rodent with such a big piece of garbage.
Matthew Eisenhauer
Urban nature!
I see a rat drag a slice of pizza down dirty subway stairs and now I want pizza.
Tiago Cardoso
The mindy project t4 ep19
Randy Camata
Ninja turtles dad LMAO
Elpingumanya Youtuber
El origen de la rata bagel de escandalosos
(The Origin of the bagel rat of we bare bears
Kona Alan
It's the rat in NYC
Samurai Pizza Rats!
Thumbs up if you're watching this in 2017.
Allen Guevarra
I saw a generic New Yorker, who probably wasn't interested in being filmed.
jaxarapo the skeleton
this is how we are bears in the episodie when polar,panda and grillz sees video of bagel rat
derrick daniels
yes tmnt is real
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