sweet heart
sorry yall but pizza rat is probably dead by now rats don't live long
XHunter SlasherX
Did he pay for it?
That commie turd jimmy kimmel was right when he said this is the most new york thing ever
soda time
I was in the park the other day and I saw a squirrel with a piece of pizza too. This is really not unusual for NY except I've never seen a rodent with such a big piece of garbage.
Matthew Eisenhauer
Urban nature!
I see a rat drag a slice of pizza down dirty subway stairs and now I want pizza.
Tiago Cardoso
The mindy project t4 ep19
Randy Camata
Ninja turtles dad LMAO
Elpingumanya Youtuber
El origen de la rata bagel de escandalosos
(The Origin of the bagel rat of we bare bears
Kona Alan
It's the rat in NYC
Samurai Pizza Rats!
Thumbs up if you're watching this in 2017.
Allen Guevarra
I saw a generic New Yorker, who probably wasn't interested in being filmed.
sans the skeleton
this is how we are bears in the episodie when polar,panda and grillz sees video of bagel rat
derrick daniels
yes tmnt is real
Ashley Slodzinski
splinter Bringing home pizza
DogeSwag YT 2.0
Reference of bagel rat
orale wey
Hi I'm A person Bye I'm A ANIMAL
This is fucking everything... Lmao....
IrixGuy's Adventure Channel
LOL saw you on the Sunday morning show! SUB and LIKE added! Cool video!
Master splinter has been seen
Hello Cortez
One word:nigahiga
Mz No Skills Living Singular in the Desert
Tuesday, 18 July, 2017 @ 09:53 MDT (11:53 EDT): 22 months after this video was originally posted...I am Viewer # 9,890,554 of this little 14 seconds Video.At this time, there are 24k 'Likes' (and, unfortunately; 1k 'Dislikes') and 5,280 comments, including mine.I am betting this Video goes over the 10 Million Views mark today; as "Live with Kelly and Ryan" mentioned both 'Pizza Rat' & 'Taco Squirrel' on their show this morning while reviewing the latest 'Internet-Wonder-Beast Story'; "Storm the Retriever Dog" saving the fawn from drowning. While some Nincompoop stood in the background filming and calling to the dog repeatedly instead of helping to save the baby deer himself.... Which makes me think that this "Storm the Dog saves a Fawn" 'phenomenon' might have been staged, because of this Nincompoop's actions.. Really, WHO does that? Films while a beautiful little deer is drowning and doesn't help rescue it ??? Pretty suspicious to me....
TorchDotJSON Ahmad
who came here from bagel rat?
Talla Niang
Lol, Mice and rats don't do nothing to us
Tavmanian Devil
Martin Duplessis
Pizza Rat for president
His piece of the pie. Dont touch.
Me Too
(Hmm, this version appears to cut out just before the rapid wolf leaps into shot and takes the cameraman's hand off)
Jason Blakemore
Elora james pizza pizza pizza pizza
i think its cute
Rusty Shackleford
that would be even more funny if he stood there and hopped on the train with it
Mallory Miller
cody evaristo
Love rats, I've had pet ones, and they are just as if not more greedy then this guy
J Andrew
it me. I'm that
Darth Raider
Master Splinter trying to feed his Turtles 😂
Lee8639 Leeah
Ratatouille if it were set in New York.
Justin MZ
Would've been funnier if you snatched it away from him and started eating it in his face... then stepped on him and ate his remains.... then shot yourself in the head.
i trust him
Edward Elliot
pizza rat rules! all other rats drool.
Frick you
The former Chuck E Cheese mascot has fallen on hard times.
spider kid
TMNT confirmed to be real.
Nathan Fleischman
If that is the rat, where are the turtles?
Kyle Stubbs
Bill Maher: That could've been a meal for a homeless person! And for dessert, he could've had the pizza!
Tom Passey
Got a mention on Brooklyn Nine Nine.
Looks like my ex girlfriend trying to get some food
Why does it have like no toppings
Hannibal Landa
the rat is like: "the fuck are you looking at".
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