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Tre McCoy
Terence Smith
the M Carter.... what's more gayer than going by another nigga name... fucken hoppa👌
Terence Smith
mf the dumbest shit.... not even worth responding to🖕
When the hell is Isaiah Thomas coming back the Cavs could take their game to a whole nother level with Isaiah. D Rose is playing great but he's constantly getting injured and pretty unreliable at this point.
I don't get that block at 7:48? That wasn't a foul? Looked like he went cross body to block
German Lytchenko
I want to see this same performance from J.R. and Kevin Love every game
German Lytchenko
I want to see this same performance from J.R. and Kevin Love every game
German Lytchenko
I want to see this same performance from J.R. and Kevin Love every game
Varun Bhatia
Who is the commentator with the heavy voice?
Mack Edwards
Good fuckin game Milwaukee!!!!
ivan mandin
nice play cavs
Luke Searchwell
D rose needs more touches, seriously think he could average 20ppg and 5ast if he didn't always just give up the ball to LeBron at halfway. Let the man go to work.
zrno 25
zumaya ahmed
waaaaaw umac
Wumbo logy
D-Rose is still a monster when driving into the paint.
normam angeles
Fujag isLife
Watch this
Maverick Johnston
Does the channel pay for the rights to this footage or what?
Vicky Villanueva
Ang dikit ng laban milwaukee lang kalaban ng cavs pano pa kaya kung gsw na😩
Freyry Alberto Hernandez Luis
game 1 cavs
Does the colour commentary dude seriously have input other laughing?
One and Only HMV
Jay Ray
Lebron pushes off everytime he drives. Thats all Im saying.
Wtf happened to ximo
Pj Cabael
2:23 lebron travels!
Ruben Santana
1.9m views in 1 day with less than 200k subs niceeee
James Worthy
they didn't win by much
See from my previous comment bout JR. This game had already justify completely bout my feedback on JR. Indeed he has proven he is so much betta than wade n klover. Gif him e ball more n he wont disappoint u at all. Be it dribbling passing or most importantly is his accuracy on 3s. Hope tat shity king being e team leader will appreciate his efforts. Dun b such an ass tat only allow him alone to shine on e court. Hey shity king no doubt ure a great all round player but pls take note tat in basketball u need ur teammates as well. If u feel otherwise just go back to ur shit hole n stand in e mirror to reflect y previous games u guys kept losing.
Loren Dulfo
Travelling at 2:22. LeBron LeTravel did it again. Antetokounmpo even looks at the ref with disbelief with the no call. Bail out win for the Cavs
Josef Joshua Baxal
2:26 is clearly a travel
Pinoy Anglers Club
Lbj traveled @ 2:25 ... But good win for the CAVS ... Gianis is amazing though....
Tarisai Mukora
Jr Smith is lit they just dont pass the ball to him more often
Prince Thoj
D rose d rose d rose d rose d rose 🌹
Cavs gonna be good when Thomas back
Huj Hygf
6:11 How was this not a travel??
เก่ง อุทัย
Jr's good
Ok so from the looks of it the Cavs only play good when they are facing good competition. I don't like that approach but as long as they can compete against the big dogs i'm good.
Rafaelrussel Mendoza
War for god
El Chapo
If only they had a better coach
David Blood
2:22 - 2:26 that's like five steps lol
Roberto Garcia
My nigga drose just binged binged the shit out of Brogdan 0:56
Rose Anne
I hope they can do that to the rockets
sabasas sabassa
john wick play basketball ?
gg wp
Don't let this distract you from the fact that Liangelo Ball will lead the NCAA in steals this year.
Lol noob cavs not great warriors 9-3
Wtf cavs
Solo Virgo
JR back to playing starter basketball
ronnie camron
I am not feeling the energy on the CAVS team. Are they even gonna get anywhere near the championship!!??smh
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