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Hi There
Guv.gnhvöbugb vifm 🇹🇷😙😍😗😘🤔🤗
je to dobrý video odebíram
Paul Valencia
The baby is so cute like my baby brother
Lynae Armstrong
wow those kids really are insane
Imane Fawzi
Is babe isvery fanny
Jaycielee De Kock
det kids its so funny
سواره سواره
شنو بالاخير ما افتهمت
Belo Queen
ههههههههه تجنن 😂😂😂😂 استمري
Alcie Yin
I don’t get the last part
Brenty g
Jillian Kaufmann
wtf was that singing
Georgia Raisborough
Mike Young
she needs to brush her hair.
Jaime Luis Casanova Martinez
Lele amo tus videos like si la amas
Brenda Rosario
omg thoose kids are so ulgy really
Abdirahman Jamal
Is that young boy in narcos
Kimberly Strout
1 17 did you see that girl clapping if you did like this comment pls
SelinaS Johnson
stop torching thechild
Rimal Prasad
peyton miley
i have the same shirt as the girl
Peanut Butter Jelly
I don’t get the part where he said those aren’t my children
Hailee Steinfeld
"What's up with the baby so small" what the heck those mans
Dorothy Jane Pagwagan
flurry moon
I can imagine a midget 40 year old
Chloe 101151
Subscribe to me
Rebeca Oria Alfaro
Jajaja que risa 😂
Luka Srbljan
Oh my good sister and brother
Juan Garcia
i love u
Singh Bakshi
it's so funny
La Quita Gilbert
They're acting like they don't know what to do
Checkout my lele pons vines compilation! please!
Emily Hayes
Did u actually clean up lele pones
Nidhi Bisht
Nice one lele
Ana Msp
I dont get it when the guy said that those aren't his children
Michael Pomerantz
This is so funny
Terrell Celestine
is grey lady🐣😂💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Miss Kitten
The rapping was hilarious though
100% WeirdoXD Msp
Is that the eh bee daughter?
Subscribe please
Charlotte Rollason
Is that miss monkey and Mr monkey from eeh bee family?
Yury hd1
That lil girl looks like ms. Monkey
jennifer gonzaga blogs
I have the shirt that the little girl has on
Sophia McFarland
My favorite scene was with all the guys left with a little baby!
Connie Mccullugh
Nicole Barrett
does anyone knows the girl's name? she is really beautiful. HELP! her name plzzzzzzzzzzzz
Vaishnavi Manazhiyil
That baby I so cute
Cristopher Robles
Tigre Virus
Kong was on the corner at 0:3
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