Behind the Scenes of Pandora - The World of Avatar | Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Get a behind the scenes look at Pandora - The World of Avatar coming this summer to Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort! 


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Behind the Scenes of Pandora - The World of Avatar | Disney's Animal Kingdom

I am going one week early.
Arleen Stone
Phsyco Gerbil
It's been awhile since I've seen it, but isn't Avatar a Universal film??
Why does James Cameron appear shaved in every Avatar interview?
Ali Ballard
Last part, creepy.
Chase Wiese
Where can I get tickets
Megan Holland
Littlest Chimp
Man, Disney is really striking while the iron is hot
Dane Soto
it took them 7 years to build this
St Mt
@01:28 , is that how you fly on Ikran?
Wow that robot at the end is really good and scary
Mr.J 05
That alien 👽 kinda scared me because it looked so real good 😊 work Disney world
Lindsay Reynolds
I'm going to LOVE seeing this when I go to Disney World this fall!!! :)
David Thomas
I haven't seen the film yet
Anthony O'Brien
Why would a Na'vi invite us to Pandora? That movie did not have them engage happily with humans.
Isaiah Miller
SicSemperEvelloMortemTyrannis TyrannyEnder
Do I get to play laser tag in the park?
Looks awesome, I'll have to check it out once the CAD is up and Trump is out of office.
I'm am so excited to witness this at Disney world! I can't wait for the movies to come out!!
Levi Hinkle
I can't wait to spend my honeymoon with my future wife here. Heck we'd be down to getting married by a na'vi!
My 6 year old says, "That's gonna be awesome!" Lol! She hasn't seen Avatar yet but she thinks this looks cool!
Борис Глущенко
Paco Duke
hype muerto
Raven Darcy
Can't wait for Star Wars land 2019
Blanche-Mai Vancongé
1:45-1:50 "Wizarding World of Harry Potter", but whatever...
No Idea
That animatronic is nightmare fuel
william shaffer
this is a beautiful movie and yes ;they should have a Avatar 2 with added capabilities from the first. humans come back to regain the control and fight for the uranium they first wanted to achieve.and there is a flaw in the first one though!? during the clip the humans had to wear oxygen masks but when being deported they werent wearing any..
What does this have to do with animals?
Disney literally could've made practically ANYTHING else from one of their own movies like Arendelle, Sugar Rush, maybe even something from The Good Dinosaur. But, instead, we get an Avatar Land.
Basically this is as close as we'll come to a Roger Dean-themed area.
Cameron Goldthorpe
being immersed in a world like you dont get at any other theme park, oh my gosh dude seriously i think of plenty of immersive theme parks disney or not, come on mate get real.
Jesus Garcia
I was worked at that project for like almost 2 years . can't wait until it opens
Ara Gali
Corbin Burdette
It looks gorgeous!
That robot is too real it's scary. It's in Uncanny Valley territory.
WHEN in Summer 2017?
Can't wait! Looks so much fun. Going be so busy!
We can't wait to cover it all.
The whole time I thought 'Avatar Land' was gonna be about Avatar: The Last Airbender. Way to crush someone's hopes, Disney. Why do we have a section of a theme park based off of a movie that only did well, because no other movie was playing at that time, again? Does that even make sense?
Abigail Alea
So excited for both this, and the second movie
This absolutely blows away the Wizarding World of Potter.
I have never seen Avatar, I have no interest in seeing it either...but WOW...this land look amazing and i cannot wait to go this Summer!
Chloe Angell
When that dude at 1:50 says that getting immersed in a theme park never happens anywhere in the world as clearly never left where this place is being built. For one of the best examples of this how's about he goes to the Harry Potter sets. Shorly he has also seen other Disney theme parks too.
Ryan Barfield
"Nowhere else does that exist in any other theme park." This guy has definitely never been over to Universal and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Владимир Коробейников
Collectible Figurine Jake Sully is only for fans of Avatar:
Jordan Long
Yeah there's nothing like this in the world...except for Harry Potter land at Universal Studios.
And universal didn't take 5 years to build the land either...they better hit a home run with this or Disney is done.
Audio Plugg
thought this was Avatar 2
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