The Disturbing Murders at Keddie Cabin

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We tackle a fresh case in the remote forests of Northern California


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Evidence Box
BlakeDavidTaylor/Getty Images
computer generated equalizer bars in waveform audio spectrum
vitanovski/Getty Images
CSA Plastock/Getty Images
Policeman in office, portrait
Darrin Klimek/Getty Images
Plume Creative/Getty Images
Psychic/Palm Reading dwelling, home, business.
Pete Starman/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Hammer Against White Background
Hendrik Sulaiman / EyeEm/Getty Images
Confident woman smiling against wall
Portra/Getty Images
Studio Portrait of a middle aged women
Jamie Garbutt/Getty Images
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
Red Phone Receiver on a Spiral Cord on White
artpartner-images/Getty Images
Steak Knife
LongHa2006/Getty Images
Bloodied metal hammer and knife
korionov/Getty Images
Chef's knife
Siri Stafford/Getty Images
Old fashioned police station
ChrisSteer/Getty Images
Mystery cases and evidence files
Folder & Paper (w/path)
PeteWil/Getty Images
Retro photo frame isolated on white background
ExpressIPhoto/Getty Images
Digital abstract background
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Portrait of psychologist in examining room
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Retro Reel Audio Recorder
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H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
Blank lined sheet of paper on white
stockcam/Getty Images
Brown envelope torn open
Andrew Paterson/Getty Images
Utamaru Kido/Getty Images
JDC/Getty Images
Male police officer with crossed arms
UpperCut Images/Getty Images
Rear View Of Silhouette Police Standing By Car
Frederic Genest / EyeEm/Getty Images
ClaudioStocco/Getty Images
Sherlock wannabe
Evil man hold shiny knife, killer in action
stevanovicigor/Getty Images
Police badge
Tetra Images/Getty Images
Selective focus blurred view of abusive boyfriend holding girlfriends head ready to strike in kitchen
Mark Andersen/Getty Images
Beautiful woman who is sad but strong
Paris Jefferson/Getty Images
Tough Serious Mature Man
drbimages/Getty Images
Portrait of middle aged man looking serious
Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images
Human skull
Joe Clark/Getty Images
Unrecognizable woman running for her life
SimonSkafar/Getty Images
Wedding cake visual metaphor with figurine cake toppers
Mike Kemp/Getty Images
Witch in forest
Thegoodly/Getty Images
Bloody investigations
Yuri_Arcurs/Getty Images
Children's bedroom with a bunk bed nside a residential log home, Laurentians, Quebec, Canada. This image is property released. CUPR0211
Perry Mastrovito/Getty Images
USA, New York State, New York City, Crime scene barrier tape
Tetra Images/Getty Images
Abandoned log cabin with open window
Linka A Odom/Getty Images
Portrait of boy
Jordi Boixareu/Getty Images
Teenage boy (15-17) with bob haircut, hands in pockets, portrait
James Woodson/Getty Images
Group of boys smiling
Flashpop/Getty Images
Group portrait of people smiling
Flashpop/Getty Images
Ending it all
Yuri_Arcurs/Getty Images
Hand holding blood covered knife
Simon Winnall/Getty Images
Candle lights memories
by calajava (Peter Chan Shu-kei)/Getty Images
Number 28 Mounted On Textured Wall Outdoors
Klaus Fenzl / EyeEm/Getty Images
Cabin Door
buburuzaproductions/Getty Images
Spooky cabin in the woods
Sjo/Getty Images

Footage provided by VideoBlocks

Steve Mintz

Grant Henderson

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