I Dare You: Pain Edition!

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Mung Naulak
Sean's birthday is on the 3rd of September? Mine's on the 4th
Chris Carneiro
I dare you to drink mustard hot sauce mayo and sink water
Chris Carneiro
I dare you to smack a random persons butt
gpk awesomeness
I dare you to have a roast battle with Ryan, If Ryan draws do it with sean
gpk awesomeness
I dare you to play chess with the best chess player in the room if you win you get x points lose, the other person gets x points.
gpk awesomeness
I dare you to shave your beard without using shaving cream.
Boy Awesome
I dare you to squeeze mustard into your nose and then you let it all out
I dare you to let someone pull your hair as hard as they can
Stay Juicy
Danique Sprock
I dare you to drop the phone but without the case and the touch screen side
Armando Jr Espinoza
i dare you to one of yaw to hit the person in the right
shreekant ganpule
i dare you to drink perfume
thea queen
sad prize... :( well maybe not sad, but the human wrestling ring is definitely the most annoying prize ever
thea queen
"its really salty"
"want a warhead" lmao
anyone watching this in 2017?
Amara Lewis
I dare you to put as many mentors in to ur mouth and then down soda (suggestion is that every mento is one point) and if u swallow all of it than mega points.
I thought u die if you eat glue

I learned that in dumb ways to die
Earl Sam Wilkson
Who else is watching this is 2087??
dokkan battles
will said drop it on the warhead one
Randomdude 21
I dare you to get your ear pulled
I dare u to put a spoon,fork and knife in a toaster
Lebron James
Watching while eating is a bad bad idea
Solly C
I dare you to wear a blindfold for the rest of the game
Marley Kingston
Sean eating a glue stick was physically hard to watch.
بارحه 88
I Dare u 2 lick the pirson to ur left ass
I dare you to put a rubber band around your forehead and try to burst a grape with it
Celeste Grabowski
I dare you to get hit between the eyes with a book. Every 100 pages is half a point. Full point if hard-cover.
The Juicy Watermelon
I dare you to chug a bottle of mustard
Sara Saeed
ryan please come to pakistan I really love your videos and its been a while since you have done a teehee time you are not going to watch this but if you do please do a i dare you with all the bga cast including justin David phlip and jun
Rachel Humphreys
Make more I dare you vids
Wanda L Glenn
I dare you to eat poop
Jonathan Solis
i dear u to hottest pepper in the world
CrystalStars9890 AJ
Someday one of you will die from this game :/
Maxwell Skubisz
Drink your pee
Blargh Argh
i saw a hello kitty toaster
Aaro Forsman
I dare you to put toothpaste in your nose
Jamie Coombe
I dare you to eat a chili in one bite and chew on it for 30 secs. Points suggestion 3/5
JM Taligac
i dare you bite the hair of the one to your right
Lachlan Dyhrberg
i dare you to
charge your head into the wall [do It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Esla 188
I wanna see ryan and shawn wrestle eachother!~
Game Hacking
Who watching this in 2017
pandaking100 :D
I dare u to break into your own house then call the cops for a breaking and interning
chahca taktsang
* to lick
chahca taktsang
i dare you lick the under of the carpet 5 times (for 5 points)
Angelina Moraga
I dare you roll down the stairs while blindfolded
i dare you to eat a usb containing your most precious files
i dare you to swallow a lego piece whole
Everything Today
i dare you to jump out of a car while its driving .
Grace O'Neill
I dare you to do the kylie jenner lip challenge and then put on lipstick 💄
I dare you to dance naked in front of a highway
Dylan Reed
Greg almost got the guillotine choke on shawn
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