I Dare You: Pain Edition!

i dare youpain editionnigahigahigatvryan higaChallenge

Leave your dares in the comment section, or tweet/facebook it to me.  I'll be taking screenshots of the most creative ones and the dares with the most thumbs up!

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Matt Lane
i dare you to wacth nyan cat for 10 minutes at full blast with beats if they change the volume everyone loses all their points
i dare u to kiss someone
Jolter J
I dare u to ๐Ÿ˜˜ the person on the left
Alex badwolf ใƒ„
I dare you to slap a cheese grater.
That Guy
i ate like 40 warheads in a row in a couple min
Miguel Ramos
I dare you to give 3 points to the person to your right
Miguel Ramos
I dare you to get hit on your butt by everyone as hard as they can but you without pants
Savannah Jacobs
Tornado Gaming
For the warheads one you should have put them is the side of your mouth and not let it touch your toung
Gianna Brogley
do they ever puke afterwards cause their dares are nasty
Alan Epsinosa
Eat mustard or mayo till you mouth is full
I dare you to lick the nostril of the person's nose next to you! ;)
Jose Caca
.; w. &&" , ,ge
addison ptolemy
i dear you to go outside nakey and take a piture of you nakey and it on google drive
just plain leslie
I didn't know Ryan and Sean were both wrestlers. Would be cool watching them both fight.
Nicolas sun
I dare you to slap ryan for 10 points
14:00 lol ๐Ÿ˜‚
Karl Hoffmann
Gilbert Mann
you do know there are drugs in glue Shaun?
TheMasterOfAnime 687
Archana B. Shrivastava
i dare you to fart like transformers
cool boy 360
I dare you to kill you're self
Gloria Vang
I dare u to slap the birthday lady or man for anyone u pick.
Every person slaps you with a belt each person go's harder
Aomine Daiki
i dare you to watch 2 girls and 1 cup while eating nutella
Moking Punk
I dare you to eat banana peal
Katia Acosta
I dare you to wear a diaper
Jeff Driggs
You get to pick a dare for everyone
Jeff Driggs
You win the game enjoy
Ryder Han Htoo Khant Paing
I dare you to step on a toothpick barefoot with the toothpick pointing straight up
Cassidy Evans
I dare you to run on Lego on your knees
Andy Awesome
Drink a bottle of Ketchup
Airsoft Unity
I dare you to pull your underarm hair (slowly)
Star Storm
I dare you to attempt to backflip outside
Turn on subtitles at 11:13
Me and Sean have the same Birthday!
Alex Min
lick a slug
Alex Min
lick a slug
Kainoah Kaminaga
I dare you to kiss the person on yo right foh 10sec
Oscar West
i dont eat glue๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Laura Rowbottom
I dare u 2 go up to someone on the street and say help Im pregnant!!! Ha ha
Leighton Francis
i dare you to get pinched as hard as the pincher can on the back of the upper arm
Barkly Incoperated
I dare u to eat carpet
Doge Life :D
Why does everything have to deal with nipples???
Maria Samaniego
I dare you to shave Daina's head bald while she is sleeping.
Sital Tamang
finali ryan won
I dare you to wear girl clothes in a busy store
tomi king
that was soooo cool what hepended on 14:20
Lamest YT VLoGs?!
I dare you to pull off 10 strips of your hair, each strip of hair has to take 7 seconds to pull off.
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