I Dare You: Pain Edition!

i dare youpain editionnigahigahigatvryan higaChallenge

Leave your dares in the comment section, or tweet/facebook it to me.  I'll be taking screenshots of the most creative ones and the dares with the most thumbs up!

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Deejay777 gamer11
The awesome boy and The stupid stuff
If you keep the warheads in your mouth longer it will start to taste better
The awesome boy and The stupid stuff
I dare you to kick the person on your left in the balls
The awesome boy and The stupid stuff
Welcome back to another episode of i! Eat! You!
100% emu
Idalia Espinosa
I darΓ© you to Darw a face in your stomach and talk to strangers
When Ryan put the pegs on his face, he kinda looked like his brother
JJ And Friends
Pls eat your dogs poop
DerpFace92 _
"Get milk, get points."
D-D Stuch
yeah Ryan did wrestling so...
Good choice
or it would have been
RIP Greg
i dare you to dye your armpit hair xD
diego herrera
I dare you to get punched in the back of the head... By everyone
Jayjay Pham
yay sean's birthday XD
Lina Says hi
Wait I eat glue
Charles Mobley
all kiss each other
Andrew Nabors
I dare you to put a dress on and go flirt with your neighbor
Peyton Bennett
I dare you to slam your head
On a window 24 times
Poor Greg πŸ˜§πŸ˜•He got choked
SkiL Joeymabobber
I dare you to switch points with the person on your right
Aakash Gorde
I dare you to shave Sean's all hair from top to bottom
Diamond Pro
I dare you to get shot by a airsoft gun aka BB gun with plastic bullets
David Bonin
I dare you yo eat something very hot
Dionne Findlay
I dare you to Punch the Wall

hard as you can
I dare you to kick your tv
Bonnie Figglehart
i dare you to drink 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar
Sean is a damn good wrestler! Could've killed Greg!
Zaza Yaghi
8 dare you to eat flour with bacon good luckπŸ€—
Does the snow food at 3:05 look similar to any food in sg?
Bubbly_ Onions
I dare you to eat the top of the glue stick after the other players each use it on anything they choose.
I think ketchup and barbeque sauce taste great together
Charlie Williams
I got 126 clothes pins on me when it was a counselor at a kids day camp it hurts like nobody's business but hey kids are sick animals who like inflicting pain on poor counselor
Lili Tube
I dare you to slap the person to your right across the face with a belt
Katie Stubblefield
When the warning said "contains stupid and dangerous activities" I was like
Well No Duh πŸ™„
I dare you to eat s***
Brandon Cruz
Duy Anh
More I dare you plssss
Sam Tortoles
I dare you to eat an eyeshadow
Wang Hancehn
The world shall know pain
Joseph Schiefer
I dare you to get aids
Gabriella Curatcha
You should do I dare you with skitzo
BaconBeast 1
Shawn goes to the dentist

Dentist: what have you eaten recently?

Shawn: Just some glue
Hailey Walls
I dare you to take a cup and fill it up with toilet bowl water and drink some of it. 😈
Sarah Scrafton
I dare you to get whipped in the back by a belt by everyone. Get harder every time πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜œπŸ˜‡
Zainab. Kamal.
I dare you ryan to kiss Arden cho cheek..
Ali sarfraz
I dare you to lick the person to your rights butt
Parthasarathy Lakshminarayanan
I dare you to walk with your hands
Ann Gutierrez
Omg, it was a little worrisome when greg blacked out, but like seans innocent look when he said "he didnt tap" was just omgπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jordan Obina (262JorObin)
I feel like erika thinks that there idiots
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