KARD - Hola Hola M/V


KARD 1st Mini Album 'Hola Hola'

Music Video

KARD - Oh NaNa M/V - https://youtu.be/yPTcKSVAEvA
KARD - Don't Recall M/V - https://youtu.be/41Dp7Q-SM1Y
KARD - Rumor M/V - https://youtu.be/8LPjJ1p4dYs

Download on iTunes  - http://apple.co/2uOs8xO

#KARD #DEBUT #July19 
#Hola_Hola #Music_Video

Official KARD
Twitter : https://twitter.com/kard_official
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/officialkard/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/official_kard/
Kakao : http://plus.kakao.com/home/@kard
V Live : http://channels.vlive.tv/E6431D

victor gabriel
Brenda Ottoboni.
Cadê os brss????? 🇧🇷
Ale SoEsc
Esta canción es pegajosa! Hola hola!!!! 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Ale SoEsc
Me gusta esto
Ale SoEsc
HOLA HOLA! 👏👏😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Jaila Primm
I love coed groups
my cousin that doesn't like kpop liked that song
IZ kard
They are not nominated in MAMA..how saddd!!
Bam ;3
This is the first group that I've been a fan of since their debut. So happy I found them. KARD FIGHTING <3
Duda Brito
Que cidade linda maravilhosa é essa? Amo todos vocês ❤😍
Zaina Ghosheh
Jiwoo 3:14 bwoo
Suki Tinker
I love the song , this is the first song I have listened too of there's can someone tell me there names?
Love music ltd Be
Amazing song makes my day ...Nice beats
doaa doaa
Ekin Taşdelen
Türkler nerede
April Naeun
I following DSPmedia artist since 08.2014 (Kara, mamma mia comeback)
Wengie Collins
I made a video please see it it is called my first video ever😄
Paan Mlakew
My fav song
From malaysia
Leticia Escobar
o cantinho da isa boneti
Eu amei essa música 😎😍😘
Araceli Luque
like por la kard
Kamily vitória santos
Maria Rosales
Who else noticed when Somin and B.M were playing with the basketball by the gate it said on the sign behind it on a sticker that said #bit*h
Ana Sousa
best song <3
meu mundo clara
Love jiwoo 🇧🇷
Sansagott M
Come on hidden kards we have to reach 20 m views!! fighting!!
Black Angel
Hola K.A.R.D,realmente amo esta música ÑSKDMS viva el k-pop
Vanessa Gomez
why is not available in mexican apple music?!
Alexiia jsdksk
16M views. 644k likes.
dev 28
good vibes!! i love thissss one💓💓💓💓
i can see why South America loves them now
1.2.3 Minimundos
Melhor clip ❤❤❤
Neens_ _B
I'm feeling a comeback on the way....on their website it says coming soon....kard has had lives on the vapp more than once a day when they used to have them every couple of weeks. November comeback (winter concept?) i know it! Hidden kard's on their official channel let's get both Hola Hola and Rumour to 20M it will be hard but hopefully we can do it!
I am so angry that KARD is not nominated for 2017 MAMA. They deserve it omg....
Melike Aslan
Shockwave Music
What this fandom is called by the way?
P. N.
I am still can't believe that MNET ignored KARD this much. Totally unfair.
phoebe_ seng_ M.R
I just realized of k.a.r.d can someone tell me why kard is not nominate in the list of MAMA...they should be in the new group list..
Agatha Xaris Villa
KARD is ROOKIE of the YEAR for me. WITH or WITHOUT an official AWARD. The reason is simple: THERE IS LITERALLY NO CATEGORY for them. They are in a category of THEIR OWN.
Agatha Xaris Villa
16,138,543 views. #KARDONTHEWAYTO20MILLION
roberta silva
16m #HolaHola #KARD
roberta silva
Amo muito
In Ha
I freaking love KARD so much. <3
Mosh Mosh
Im so dissapointed to MNET that KARD is not even Included of any nominees on MAMA 2017 awards this year. Cant blame them cuz theres NO category for COED awards. all the categories is for female and male only. DAMN unfair.
Levii Miqueiias
Levii Miqueiias
Karddddd ❤❤
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