10 Surprising Ways To Offend People In Other Countries

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"10 Surprising Ways To Offend People In Other Countries

Planning a summer vacation abroad? Then don't offend the locals. Here are 10 seemingly innocent ways of offending people in other countries.

Music = Hot Club Swinger by John Etheridge"

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Amazing Informations
Do you know the country in which you can drink and drive? Top ten bizarre driving rules in different countries.. https://youtu.be/td37zvom-Fs
H Pinecone
My English teacher showed this in our lesson.
Life There
In Afghanistan the thumbs up is bad too
Rittam Das
I am an Indian but it isn't at all impolite to use ur left hand to eat in India.... I mean u can use any hand nobody cares..... but generally right handed ppl here tend to eat with right hand and yes the left hand is for bathroom duty😂 and for left handed ppl its jst the opposite......
atheist lebanon
about middle east all wrong ...and in lebanon if u eat with ur hands it's not right at all and disgusting and everybody will be offended by it😷
Sauce Team
Hey I’m from Sauce, we’re currently creating a really cool video educating people about country’s culture and etiquette and what not say and act before travelling. We saw your video and thought it’s amazing. We would love to include some of the clips in the video we’re creating, would that be okay?
Roger Diogo
You want to really "Offend" a Scottish or a Irish, say to them, "I tought you´re English"...
Well can't eat in India.. O well.
That sign means you're a fag in Turkey.

I mean the one to whom the sign is shown.
Asd scriber
trump does 2 of these during a speach haha
Dante Bell
How smiling at strangers made them think you're calling them stupid? That's rather entitled...
Vanshika Oberoi
wait! i am from india...and trust me its not rude to eat with your left hand!
KimBer_ thePirate28
Srsly were the no. 1 hahahaha well thats true its offensive if someone wants to whisper something or like u want that person to come to you. But itll be seductive to someone if theres a mutual feeling between them though :D
say hi in my country meowland
TheRenSpartan SpartanBliz
insult britain
David Choi
your notion for the culture is so poor. simply i do not explain it. learn more
Prashant Pradhan
lol not just muslim and india.U forgot about Nepal.Nepali people also dont use theirleft hand while eating
nico adler
My mom said that if you winking an pakistanian, he believes you want beat him.
I can say that here in Brazil an ok sign is just an ok sign, mostly. But if your entire posture is an aggressive one, people might understand as an equivalent to showing them your middle finger. Anyways, be polite, smile and the ok sign should not be a problem in here, but I'd recommend a thumbs up
New Yorker
The fact about the Philippines is so not true. I am a Filipino btw.
I'm a Filipino that lives in the Philippines and I didn't even know beckoning somene is rude. NO. Scratch that it can even get you arrested! Why is nobody discussing this?
Tracey Keogh
Amazing how simple hand gestures mean different things for different people. Good to know.
Celeste Valeros
THE FUCK!!! who told you that #10 is a fact???
Jupitrean Music
the Japanese business card one is the same in China.
albino chan
Do not smile at strangers in Korea and Bangladesh
ching chong
ASAP rocky
it's very rude to eat with your leaf hand,because you wipe your ass with that hand.
Ayano Aishi
1:42 huh?Smile to insult someone in Korea? thats weird!
Mike Chen
"In Japan, its good manners and means you're enjoying your food"
A lot of asians drink soup, so, what can you expect? I mean, I am Chinese, but I honestly don't really drink soup often. But, I'm not Japanese, so I can't slurp
Leo M.
The okay sign is not very rude in brasil, it is extremely rude
Curious Khan
Just add a past tense to each of your facts.They might turn out as correct then.
Atomic Fart
lol im from the Philippines I do that, same with my friends.
mcciv5wt _
i stick my thump up as i shove a business card in my pocket. whilst saying "great Table" and then filled my own glass on said table. the glass was for a feast that i ate with my left hand. after this, i remembered i had date and rushed to the restaurant, when i was there, i slurped my soup. Then i smiled and gave the ok sign. finally, i beckoned my friend to approach me after leaving the restaurant
Nathan Cooper
well looks like I will never go to India I always use my left hand to eat stuff lol
Bobby Wang

not going to mideast anytime soon.
Bobirb - Block Strike
do u guys know why muslims eat right hand reason devil eats with left hand
Phoebe shirasawa
i hate beckon im a filipino...beckons are kinda bad to me...WAG KAYO MAG BECKON KUNG HINDI LAGOT KAYO SAKIN
Misfits Ravenclaw
I didn't know beckon can offend Filipinos cause I don't get offended by that
dee james
in Muslim countries and India eating only with your left ✋ is wired because what if you have a 🔪 and fork what would you do.
the number 6 is the most logical
Johnny Vincent
How to offend someone in the internet:

1-Make them realize you exist
Vohn fhide
I didnt know beckoning someone with your finger in the philippines can get you arrested...
btw I lived there for 10 yrs.
nerz chingoo
Lol i'm filipino and been living in the Philippines for 15 years. That kind of gesture isn't punishable by arrest wtf u talkin bout bruh 😂 lies
Jason Hook
Offend a weak American by mocking our current president. Simply doing that offends many of the spineless.
Derek Kwon
I'm Korean and I have a Korean family

Oh so that's why my mom always smiles at me when I get back from school.
Bobirb - Block Strike
muslims may not use left hand to eat cause devil eats with left hand so muslims eating right hand
John Reyben Ravanzo
majority are not true.. beckon someone with your finger in the Philippines maybe impolite, but arresting someone doing it is not based on fact.
And there's those people that make fun of cultures
#2 goes for you, Trump.
I'm a Filipino and I don't think beckoning someone with a finger is punishable. That's ridiculous, and you guys may have offended someone for showing something you guys think is offensive in my country.
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