10 Surprising Ways To Offend People In Other Countries

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"10 Surprising Ways To Offend People In Other Countries

Planning a summer vacation abroad? Then don't offend the locals. Here are 10 seemingly innocent ways of offending people in other countries.

Music = Hot Club Swinger by John Etheridge"

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dee james
in Muslim countries and India eating only with your left βœ‹ is wired because what if you have a πŸ”ͺ and fork what would you do.
the number 6 is the most logical
Johnny Vincent
How to offend someone in the internet:

1-Make them realize you exist
Vohn fhide
I didnt know beckoning someone with your finger in the philippines can get you arrested...
btw I lived there for 10 yrs.
nerz chingoo
Lol i'm filipino and been living in the Philippines for 15 years. That kind of gesture isn't punishable by arrest wtf u talkin bout bruh πŸ˜‚ lies
Jason Hook
Offend a weak American by mocking our current president. Simply doing that offends many of the spineless.
Derek Kwon
I'm Korean and I have a Korean family

Oh so that's why my mom always smiles at me when I get back from school.
Bobirb - Block Strike
muslims may not use left hand to eat cause devil eats with left hand so muslims eating right hand
John Reyben Ravanzo
majority are not true.. beckon someone with your finger in the Philippines maybe impolite, but arresting someone doing it is not based on fact.
xXashupashu Gaming63xX
And there's those people that make fun of cultures
#2 goes for you, Trump.
John JD
I'm a Filipino and I don't think beckoning someone with a finger is punishable. That's ridiculous, and you guys may have offended someone for showing something you guys think is offensive in my country.
Sophianicole David
wait I'm philipino
ζ— εζˆ‘ζ˜―
To piss everyone in the world: say F... YOU
Jason Kristian
it is offensive to tip people in japan. it lowers their moral value...
JayVids TV
did i just saw GMA's name at the end?
Corvus Blanc
I live in the Philippines and #1 is pure bullshit.
Arceus Legend
when waving at someone in Greece, keep your fingers closed as showing sb your palm and with spread fingers is an insult
Dudzilicious Chan
Oh... I didn't know you could be arrested for that in the Philippines XD
jordana Ljubenov
How to insult a Serbian1. say you are albanian,2. mention Kosovo,
Salty Mate
i use my left hand for arming bombs
Nadeen Muwafaq
BULLSHIT whats mine is mine (:
#1? fake.
Ahhw E-Any
i learned on ridiculousness that europeans like to stand very close to ppl. i mean if im in an elevator, thats something different. otherwise, i dont like ppl in my spacege. i also dont like sitting somewhere & someone standing next to me, hovering over me. like get on my eye level & talk. just dont damn spoon me or some sh.

the word bae is retarded too....
elizer jay Villanueva
wut that last 1 one i didnt know - -
Alex Kim
There's something wrong with the scene about Korea: the group of people, who seem to do gymnastics together, are probably Chinese, and the frowning woman is wearing a Vietnamese hat. It is a surprisingly good way to offend people in other countries to show materials totally unrelated to the countries, since that shows definite ignorance to the country and the culture.
Canal Anos IncrΓ­veis
There are two meanings to OK sign here in Brasil. The OK as usual and the other meaning that they explained in the video. But the most part ok people use it as just OK sign.
aleksanteri reijo
This video is on a Finnish digital textbook.
alexa mae
#10 Wow, I am a Filipino and I don't know what happens if you use that hand signal. FMAL.
Steve Berge
Using fork and spoon to eat food is rude in India.
HotBrownGuy XD
0:35 Holy shit this is so true !! i went to visit a friend in his country Pakistan and i simply said to his father "What a lovely carpet you got sir" and he ALMOST! packed it and said take it to USA .. such nice people but also kinda weird XD
Diego Vazquez
Heeey muy buenas a todos guapisimos, aqui VEGETTA777 en un nuevo gameplay de planeta Veggetta # 25722557
10 surprising ways to offend people in different countries <-- this video, lol, good job..a lot of watchers got offended
Viviene Dayna
I'm from the phπŸ˜‚πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
laure Beguedou
Africa isn't a country but a huge continent, I don't know in which country they will give your their couch πŸ˜‚ If in my country you say you love my couch I'd be happy and tell you to come by often (If I like you)
ajibola alibaloye
Shut up I'm in. Africa if you say you love my couch my reply is thank you I ain't giving you shit
In Denmark, it is very disrespectful to call someone "bae" because it means "poop" in Danish, and a Danish person might get mad because you're calling them "poop".
Lokir Fabira
do not use left hand to eat in some parts. but ime left handed.
Don't ever use the leafy πŸ‘Œ it will get you killed by keemstar
Dustin W
In Canada not ending ever sentence with "eh there bud" is a sign of disrespect to our elders.
In latin american countries say America to refer only to USA instead of the continent
The Commodore
i'm a muslim, use my right hand in the toilet, put a thumbs up commonly, and i keep my effing COUCHES
Jethro Connor Tuerca
Here's how to assault that fat ass north korean president: stick up the middle finger
Maxwell carty
This is wrong. I am half Filipino from the Philippines and this beckoning sign is not a sign of offending people. Mura baya gyud ka nga nakasabot sa kultura sa Pilipinas!!! Sa'g dili baya ing ani!!
Misti Munson
I live in the the USA and I think it's fine to slurp soup.
That 2nd one? Surprisingly, the okay sign is only rude when you show it horizontally. Vertically it does mean "ok"
At least that's what I think.
Wow humans are so easily offended by every little thing.
Lolz,Im in the Philippines
naser77 Naser
dont take it to
ripe tomato
Americans are offended by everything.
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