5 Creepiest Things Found In The Forest

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From a doll graveyard to a forest in Japan where people take their life, here are 5 Creepiest Things Found in The Forest

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love your channel!!!
Louise Hampton
1:28 THIS IS GORGEOUS Be nice to have it as a pix hanging on my wall. 8-D
Петя Атанасова
Hehe no. The Doll graveyard is made from a man Who founded a little dead girl with a Dolly in her hands somewhere in this place and put her Doll on a tree because he throuh that the to is haunted from the girl and now everyone Who go there to take picture or someting have to put a Doll here ( i watch so many creepy videos for haunted things, Nick place and more)
Lol Wow
The "white material" hanging from the ceiling is most likely salt stalactites if i'd have to take a guess. Anyways, pretty cool video.
Jelly Cat
I once found a goat head on a field. I don't wanna know what satanic things were going on there
''White material hanging from the ceiling''
OH COME ON!!!! It's weird how I was watching this in my dream one night and I mentioned my dream in my comment and now that I watched it's weird. I gotta stop dreaming now. 😩
4444 invader
1:00 nobody had forgot the dead doll grave yard they have see??Come on a DEAD doll?!!!
Israel Sly
just when you think you've found a warm place to masturbate...
Angli Angeli
another correction: if her grave was a few centuries old the inscription could not have been in old English, but rather middle English or early modern English. old English is a Germanic language written in runes.
Angli Angeli
correction to statement in the video: the Nazi Germans did not lose both world wars as the Nazi regime did not yet exist in the first world war.
Pickledicklethisisagirl Hahahaa
When I went to Arkansas (USA) we found an old cemetery in the middle of the woods CREEPY
T Chase
Nothing spooky about the deer head, & the ranger should've known this: someone was poaching & dropped it because someone--maybe the ranger!--was coming & they didn't want to get caught. Not an uncommon thing at all, much less spooky. Do better.
I found trees 😳
Debbie Joyner
it's called a huter with the deer...
Dominique Mcclaney
Yup that was creepy. And it's night. Oh boy.
Invictus Pictures
im sleeping with my lights on
A fresh deer head? Sound normal. Have you ever dragged a deer? They are heavy as hell. They failed to mention their was a pile of guts not far off. The birds would eat that first. It just means someone said Fuck it and tossed it on a trail. Hell where we used to hunt at there is a log cut in half and painted like a watermelon. Why? Simply because its fun to leave something behind for someone to find. Or a landmark
Nazi Germany didn´t lose WWI, as Nazi Germany did not yet exist at that point in time.
blood hownd
Nikola Tolić
Best kind of videos, straight to the thing
john hicks
the nazis only lost one war!
Pphan7 AJ
I live near a forest.. well shit.
Hammerhead Beer Reviews
Hang on...number 2. They know how old she was but not when she died? Bullshit alert.
Cookie Cat 276
am I the only one who noticed the whispering in the background at 2:17 - 2:23 ?
Slime Life10
I found A trail near a forest. Me and my friends followed the trail then we heared sounds and then we saw a sign we followed if and then we found a old shak and then we found death notes and then we went to the police and they said that rangers went there cause they heared screaming and when they got there they never came back. They said we should never dare to go there at night. But we went there cause we are savages and we heared the screaming we ran way and there was a note there we picked it up and ran way. Before we left the forest one of my friends were missing and we saw a man covered in blood and had a Axe. We ran the other way and made it home then we read the note it said "I got your friend Kayla. If u ever wanna see her again follow the trail of blood that leads down to the pump house. She will be there waiting. And so will I. I DARE YOU TO BRING POLICE WITH YOU. THE MORE U TAKE THE HEAD I'll take." We brought the police and he said "I SAID THE MORE U BRING THE HEAD I'll TAKE!" He said then he cut her on her wrist and she body." She stared to scream and he pulled it pants down and her's and made her bent down and rapped her and hump her. SHE KEPT SAYING HOW GOOD IT WAS. Then she looked at us. She looked scary the police shot him and her. They said it was not Kayla it was a spirit of Kayla. They soon discovered Kayla was in the shak with other people. We rescued all of them. Kayla died of being rapped and abused by him. We also notice that their face was thrown on acid by the man. Then he said he burned their faces on the stove if they did not behave. SIKKKKKKE!!!! WHOO I TODALLY CAUGHT U GUYS!!!
I'm not trying to be an ass I'm just saying that Germany wasn't Nazi in WW1 good video though
Congrats on 470k
#4 Is literally just the result of someone hunting...
Kenzi Canseco
Israel Sly
just when you think you've found a warm place to masturbate......
Yahoo Gene
When I go to the forest, the most scariest and evil looking thing I have ever seen.......... Trees.
Scorpion Gaming2
2:44 Eeww that looks like sh!t
Jason Jibbit
Me and some friends once found a perfectly good dear head aswell..
IIZelus II
what is the most terrifying thing?
ive watched this video.
jim bob
the forest I live in is creepy 😛
Na never going to the forest again
Kawaiitee e
Is 1 AM
Oh I'm going to watch this
No problem I'm serious

Im still shaking...
Lizzy g
So my YouTube froze on the picture of all the dolls on the ground, it's 3am.........
Spencer Paul
Japanese people have a great taste in shoes.
Jordi Marie
There are a lot of reasons to explain the deer head one
Gamer Patrick2017
The Forest is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and at the same time one of the most spookiest.
Cry Baby
who is crazy enough to bring one of those dolls at home? I would definitely actually
lol, I found something scary in the forest!

A stick
I visited aiokigahara or (suicide Forrest) many years ago.
There I met a man, he was sitting in a tent and seemed distressed.

I sat with him for a minute.

I asked him if he was alright. He said yes so, I
fucked his dog.

True story
Daniel Byrd
Germany did lose both world wars but the Germans were not nazis in the first world war.
Laurie Fraser
It's Nine o clock so what tf not
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