azmal rangrez
6:52 it shows the evil side of goku, the angry one. And ultra instinct was just the glimpse of what that goku can do. Can't wait to see the full potential of his anger
azmal rangrez
My reaction seeing the fight was same as zeno sama.. 'ooohhh'
syed Jawad
Did anyone notice goku's voice when charging towards jiren?
Khalrul Anwar
What's that fantastic soundtrack at 4:30
this episode ended my nofap streak of over 9000 days
I'm so glad Vince was able to convince Bobby Lashley to come in for a match against Cena.
Richmon Dumlao
I like the ultra instinct because goku become really faster and he can hit faster jiren!!!!!!!! THE LIMIT BREAKER
The "heat" of Goku's power is like when he turned super sayian 1. He doesn't know how to control it.
Can someone please pass me the tissues.

Pretty sure I just jizzed.
I thought flying wasn't allowed?
Joaquín Colin Estrada
Goku should take of his cloths that weigh like a 100 pounds each
Angel Lopez
I really hate dragon ball z its super dumb and it is so bad dislike now who's with me
Jay D
whats crazy is once vegeta get that strong he'll be able to hold things bacc with his stare also. he has that mental capacity and determination. Goku do shit for fun lol
What happened to the no-fly rule ? xD
Lorrana Mesquita
What is the name of the song??????
Yall weeabos should know ultra instinct is a mental state..super just made it a form..technically its based off Mushin " mind without mind" learn something fuckin weebs
Re Serpente
You can hear the inner dragon God in his voice
Abiba Latif
this anime is shit
Heheh as a manga reader Bills used this methode against alle Dods of destructions ^^
Brandon Patterson
7:57 goku had the look of a fucking predator
Hamad Alsuwaidi
They turned Dragon ball to Toriko. Blue hair, muscles, no one dies in the anime, no blood. What happened to Shonen jump 3 principals (victory, hard effort, victory) Dragon ball only has victory. They should have just finished the series in GT
The Legit Legend1607
Wonder what will happen if Jiren Punched Yamcha??? 🤔🤔
Bacon Agent
If universe 7 wins, they will actually resurrect all the erased universes back to normal with the super dragon balls. ( with evidence on dragon ball super episode 112 )
Goku ultra rapide wow
when they run out of hair ideas.
Sunny Al Capone
I don't mean to be a hater but in my opinion I think they should not continue the Dragon Ball series no more from GT or Z. Dragon Ball already reached to its peek since GT and Buu Saga. All these super saiyan god or blue are bullshit. Their appearances and power look too strong and it looks even better than super saiyan 4. For me SS4 is the real iconic god level of saiyan now they're trying to destroy it with these bullshit transform. What's next ??? Super Vegeto God ??? What I really mean is there is no new or fresh idea for this series no more. All they're trying to do right now is just reusing old idea.
Billiam Busey
Holy crap, Jiren is strong. Usually when a character gets a highly-anticipated new transformation like this, they mop the floor with their enemy, but in this case, it looked really cool but barely did anything.
Eric Mesias
All this fuzz for a few seconds transformation at least they should have give goku a new super saiyan god transformation
Kelly Yamaguchi
You DBZ fans havent seen anything yet, this form is just the beginning, because Goku has a secret transformation in the future eps even Jiren and Superman will be pissing there pants
Andrew Gordon
Does anyone wants to thank the creator (Akira Toriyama) and Toei Animation for the greatest moment in time ever since Luffy went gear 4 or Naruto unlocks Kurama's Chakara
7:56 punch with the left arm

8:22 now with the right arm . Wtf???
Kevin Alexander
7:59 Epic Moment
Mr Marrow
I found this jaw dropping and all but, when you realise that behind all this screaming and shit by Goku, there's a vulnerable 80 year old women trying to make a living
Douglas Harding
that was one of the best episodes of Super.
SavageShadowWolfie - Roblox And More !
Holy shit Goku is more noisier .
began to Start
watch this amazing battle
dragon Ball super
Nicholas Buckstead
It's crazy that Burter is still faster than these guys.
Richy Axl
Man what would it be like if Goku had faced off Kid Buu as Ultra Instinct? I know Kid Buu has been out of the question ever since Black Goku and Zamazu but still, Kid Buu is still one of the most powerful villains in DB history. Not to mentioned they referenced Uub awhile back since he literally is the reincarnation. But my guess would be that at this point, Kid Buu would get blown into small chewing gums just by couple of punches from Ultra Instinct. Obviously Blue AND the God form could already defeat Kid Buu in short time. Any opinions?? :-)
Marcus Beltran
smh im dumb, i never even realized the super short scene right before goku throws that last punch and his eyes were back to normal
Solar Dxsire
7:28 Dyspo XD you need to check
Dhruv Sharma
goku and jiren should be disqualified because they are flying
It's official. It's obvious to most but Goku DOES lose his ultra instinct before landing a punch. There is a frame shown in a close up of Goku's eye and you can see it revert back to normal before the punch lands.
Alex Dalli Cardillo
is this new transfromation SSJ ultra Greasy hair ?
Puga Nesh
So sweet of that bitch frieza.. If You want to live... Dont do that to son Goku....u won't smile forever my dear...
Bryan Max
Waiting for ssj3 blue goku
Mr Reece
Do you think Vegeta will have to achieve his new form and fuse with Goku to beat Jiren? I mean damn.
Gamingbro Master
roblox king correction he IS a GOD
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