Laura 0401
Song? 2:28
Hanna Stibe shami
When Anna hit James with the frying pan I died😂
Paige Lester
Who else wishes they would date??
Haziq Mazlan
Am I the only one cringing to James trying so hard to open the belt? 1:35
Maddie Williams
You can tell that they are actually really good friends 😂😂 and I really love it 😂❤️
Ava Kelly
I loved how Anna's shoes didn't match her outfit at all
Gelo meister
Such Wow
Inesiia_14 xd
Anna kendrick is amazing 🙆
Victoria Yuri
John Zhang
Why doesn't Anna come out with an album???!!! Girl can actually sing!
ErinTheCat :3
Agi Siostrzonkova
Omg,i'm so late, but its seems like they were meant for each other 😍😂😏
Madison Bibbs
When u have been binge watching Anna Kendrick videos and you have been questioning your sexuality the whole time...Fucking Queen
Emilou S
Ship it
Evi Manton
Wait isn't that lady from the twilight saga ( like is u agree )
Nicole Rhoades
What is the song that goes like and I know she'll be the death of me
what was the song she sang at the kitchen counter 😂
Dean Morris
Anna Kendrick is gorgeous
Anna Ferguson
I think I need to switch my celebrity crush from Jeremy Sumpter to James Corden... about 1,000 of these views are mine... his voice is so beautiful when he sings...
This video is literally my dream. To marry Anna Kendrick.
Jem Aeschyli
Anna Kendrick you have my heart as one of my FAVORITE actresses not to mention your voice is GORGEOUS
Anna Ferguson
<333333 they got back together
Jesse Hernandez 2
Anna Kendrick singing is everything
Ellis Balabomba
amazing I like it !
Alexis Wilson
their faces when they were singing "I will always love you"
Alyssa Hargreaves
I think YouTube is only counting my views 🤔
bruh james sings so good i mean listen to the high notes like how?!?!? lol im fourteen and i love james hes so funny and awesome and i love seeing him in movies
Potato Awesomeness
Damn the vocals
Why aren't the to people a couple yet
Another Crappy Channel
I kinda ship them... 😂👌🏼
Devin Marlin
anna i will find someone like u
me he cheated on u why to u what to find someone like him
me u are crazy u now that right
ana i will find someone like u
me im done im leave
anna wait
me yea
anna i will find someone like u
me i quite im SOOOOOOOOOOOO done
Oreo Nougat
3:51 just look at James impression😍
Marian Nazaree
And anna kendrick just belted out Adele.
Erin Kubasta
The weekend cool
Amazingsofiaisnotonfire !
I have watched this so many times that I know all the words so I can sing along
Margarita Magafa
So is this what Cinderella and the Baker got up to at the end of Into The Woods?
Grace Wells
She a really good singer
M_Dachi 40
This was amazing
Shams shows have since evolved. nice!
ive never heard of her
Yan Dcb
Anna is the best!!!!i love you Anna :*
Zipfaro Kain
He should do something like that with Niall Horan or Harry Styles not saying I don't like this I love it.
Corrie Hadady
Still a better love story than Twilight..
The_Unknown_ Princess
I couldnt tell if i wanted to laugh or cringe
Chandroma Ghose
Carpool Karaoke with Anna Kendrick!!!!
Naima Jacob-Menon
anna's voice is beautiful
Julie North
Pool Party Toys
omg I love your channnel
Can Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow just get married already?
The Wonderful World Of Amanda
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