Soundtrack to a Love Story w/ Anna Kendrick

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From the first date to break up, James and Anna Kendrick journey through the stages of a relationship told through song.

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Jack Hadcroft
Who's watching this in 2039?
Myriel B
He sing so good
Anna Kendrick has a beautiful voice I LOVE HER Like If u Agree
Mia •
this was so fucking cute omfg
Melvin Setiawan
what is james' first song?
Emilia Hantel
Waht is the Song of 17 Second ????
Duc Manh
OMG James should audition for The Voice
been a year but i still find it so entertaining, even ive watched it many times tho <3
Eline Schepers
I love it how often they marry in these vids
Kristine Cils
Carpool please 🙏🏼
lina amara
WHYY DOES Anna Kendrick remind me of Christina Grimmie :(
Isabela R
LOL 😃😃😅😅
Mary Mahfood
The only reason people think she has a good voice is because she has a wide range.... but it's not actually pleasant to listen to..
Bianca Manzini
They have won everthing
After they broke up, I was half-expecting Anna would sing, "Jamie is over, and Jamie is gone....." from the Last 5 Years. AND IT WORKS BECAUSE HIS NAME IS JAMES
P. Gaujour
wow his voice is amazing
almazidi المزيدي
Little Miss Naughty
I wish if James does a comedy sketch auditioning for X factor in front of Simon cowell and Simon gives nasty comments then James goes off on one. That would be funny to watch
does anyone else want to do a duet with James Corden?
Trinity Bair
Anna Kendrick trying not to laugh is my favorite thing
Damn their voices!! So incredible impressive ^_^ <3 <3 <3
FJ Jesus831 J
Damn James you can sing never knew that
Victoria Russell
Anna is so beautiful the lord blessed her
Janssen Autor
im laughing so hard oh my god this is so hilarious LMAO HAHAHA
Ori Shoval
Anna looks here like a younger version of Tina fi
That random Girl
gvantha svanadze
Goofy The Dog
All 6 seasons of glee mashed up into one video
Joanne Dooley
Boo boo boo boo 😶
I wanna be the third wheel in their friendship. They're the best 😍
Toan Nguyen
Anna Kendrick is the hottest geeky woman I have ever seen on the big screen.
Juliana Cowgill (872JulCowg)
It's hey babe
0:47- 1:00
Sponsored much?
April Henry
Search on youtube 'Soundtrack to growing up". It's similar, and I recommend it to anyone who liked this.
Mati Da Legend
My aunt looks like Anna, my aunt's name is Ana, omg
Gaura Wanigasekara
Both of them sings beautiful💟💟💟
Emma Naylor
Anyone else here princess poppy all through this 💖💖
Christine Dekanter
I want Anna's version of Someone Like You!!!!❤️❤️
Fleur Doshier
Funny, great musical skit. LOVED IT !!!!!!!
She starts to low for i will always love you
Rachel Rixon
What is that song in 0:44 name?????
prudence waithera
my ribs hurt
Amanda Ebbutt
She cracks me up at the end when she is trying so hard not to laugh in the last song
Lol the ice cream was already almost finished! XD #anna4everalone
Vishan Lang
Damn...James can sing!
Mendes Unicorn
Posted on my birthday
Maya Acra
Aida Ljaljevic
This is and was so cringy like no joke
Sophia Grande
2:30 part of my fav!!
Sophia Grande
I. Am. Obsessed. With all of them.
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