Soundtrack to a Love Story w/ Anna Kendrick

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From the first date to break up, James and Anna Kendrick journey through the stages of a relationship told through song.

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Hi Girl
Anna rocked 'someone like you' part
Neil Michels
This was great....SNL
Norah Lehmann
Omg,that "Don't go breaking my heart " was amazing!!!
I loooive her but she's not a great singer and she's broadway
Hilarious how James sang 'Lady In Red' when Anna mentioned in an interview before that she hated that song. 😂 They both did amazing in this!
Lil Sans - TheBabyClub
''It Wasnt Me''
I like how they start very low for I will always love you, Hahah!
Mary Taganas
Rixxy Colonel
Obviously Anna gets credit, but seriously James is an amazing singer
Pearl Groff
Dinda Rimasandi
I'd turn into a lesbian for her
Olivia Evans
This is amazing
Sarah Knoke
Still a better love story than Twilight.
Aarti Kumar
When his belt wouldn't come off and so he had to sneakily pull it off while pretending to sleep 😂. Classic!
Quinn Sundvall
They can't do the carpool karaoke with her for two reasons
1.She doesn't have enough songs
2. She's only an actress but she can sing
Madison Potter
I need more of these videos!!
Osiris López Ramírez
what a great selection of songs, I want that musical come true!
Lalo Millar
Felix Much
Her smile is so lovely.
Trish McLey
I wanna watch a Pitch Perfect marathon so badd!!! Pitch Perfect 3 is almost herreeee
Citediagram456 Play'z
Jade Baldwin-Olsen
James you have AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Voice
Jim Brown
The "someone like you" part is really amusing ,so funny!
She's not wearing a bra
Val and Brit
I feel like they became bff's during Into the Woods.
Lady Marmulade
2:59 the sterotypical girls reaction but my reaction is like "deuses, your a man whore. Now get your shit and leave. BYE NIGGA.
Bxcca Phan Af
I ship them
The best Minute of marriage. LEL
angel balderrama
just got dumped. i have hope now
but James sings better than the star from a singing movie
Jennifer Mcdonald
I love this!
Lewis Leiper
4:15 James vocals!!! ILY THEM
Lewis Leiper
She should just be the co-star cx
Fernanda Godinez
Can someone write the songs in order please?
oO Nylee Oo
The Adele bit was funny but also was amazing
oO Nylee Oo
The Adele bit was funny but also was amazing
Wow James is a better singer than I thought he was!
Alexa Winter
2:56 love this part. And James high vocals, so good haha. James is just so talented! (Anna too)
Ellena Leach
also did anyone notice the knife that she could've killed her husband with at 2:33... so she might of been threatening him...?
Ellena Leach
can anybody see what type of ice cream she has?
Colin Arner
is it just me or is anna turning into Tina fey
your favorite
No lie I have probably watched this 100 times
Yana Rachkova
😂 that was hilarious
Magnus M
I want a best female friend like her she is awesome!
Saint G
I mean.. she's a good actress. 😐 Singing however... 😐😐 ok. 😐😐😐
Meerah Devi Jusrut
i wish ariana would have done the acting of anna and justin the acting of james
Always WhoLock
is it just me or do they have a really strong CHEMISTRY? I STRONGLY SHIP THIS.
Mariah Wright
um..... La La Land, who?
Multi Fandoms
Her voice is so beautiful😍
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