Soundtrack to a Love Story w/ Anna Kendrick

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From the first date to break up, James and Anna Kendrick journey through the stages of a relationship told through song.

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She's got such a great voice
Jade I
Amazing 😍
Anya Glinka
I bet the cinemasin guy watched this at least three times
Khairul Anwar
Who can list all the music?
Tj Yrasuegui
What's the song title in 0:14
This is so clever! I almost fell over laughing and smiling. Brilliant!
Alyssa Hargreaves
this one is loads better than the new anne hathaway one 😂
Anna Kendrick should host the Oscars
Vika Ville
not only Anna but you are an amazing and the most talented and positive guy in universe <3
John Lovethatmagic
............Such a better singer than Anne Hathaway
Jimmy Figueras
great singing. I liked the song selection with anne hathaway better though.
Alrus 77
the part at 00:36 from James is so nice, and at 3:12 so nice xD
Emily Norstebon
why hasn't he done a into the woods carpool
They both are such good singers! 🙃
how could someone dislike this?
Elizabeth Gonzalez
Anna kendrick couldve been a better belle than emma
Marilynn Ng
I have watched this a few times now, and this time i have captions on. Turns out, it's cheek to cheek, not chicken's chant 1:01
simply stefanie
when she closed the curtains in james😂
TARDIS pandaGirl
Wow the last 5 years looks great
On-Point Pringle
I'm on spring break and I've spent the entire time with an obsession of Anna kendrick. idk why. what should I tell my friends?
Irene Ndanu
James corden is an icon to recon with in the comedy industry. I mean I watch his show and am in Kenya. He's amazing at what he does and he has a great voice.
Prudence Middleton
When the partridge family song came on, i lost it ahhh <3
Teresa Iche
Love this guy so much - an absolute genius with THE most beautiful heart energy ❤️❤️❤️
LarryIsReal FFS
cordo have great voice im not gonna deny I NEED AN ALBUM FROM YOU TOO JAMES
Georgi Lichtenberg
OMG I love this so much Anna kendrick is amazing
Those blue shoes though <3
EmzOli129 Whiting
Yous two are amazing
Jojo Hallo
3:12 😂😂😂 wtf
Aimee Slavin
yall why did i lowkey tear up at this
Kawaii_ Carrot
this late night TV show is amazing I love this TV show so much it is so brilliant 😀👏
Makča Machy
how old is anna kendrick?
Elmore Spectre
don't forget Hansel
Elmore Spectre
lol man
Janice Elliott
why isn't Anna Kendrick really really pregnant or married on a video she said she didn't want to have kids
asyaazzahra caca
James is a good singer!!
The Carpool Karaokes really I mean REALLY paid off!!!
Little Mix Perrie Edwards
2:37 is funny
Much better than adele
Glady KusDeA
I love Anna! She's so funny and hilarious!
President Teddy
Wooooow whooaa
kimberley de vocht
i lost it after seeing james outside the window. very clever XDD
Laurel monterosa
i must say... that i think that was one of the best thing i've seen on youtube X'D hahaha
elizabeth evans
When Gordon says "cheek to cheek" I thought he was saying "CHEDDAR CHEESE"
Makayla Chan
Am I the only one that kinda cringes at when they act that Anna character loves James's character
heartlocket gaming
literally i saw this ages ago and i just keep replaying it i love it
twins fudge and tiny
they go so well together
what's the 2nd song??
Kylie Stevens
I loved when James was at the window singing
Raghav Opal
James is a better singer than Anna Kendrick.
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