Trump holds firm on wiretapping claim in press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel


The president continues to claim, despite a lack of evidence, that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign.

Knowing how sleezy, scandalous, and corrupt Obama is, why is it hard to believe Obama was wiretapping Trump to undermine the Trump campaign so crooked Hillary could win the election?
wat ad
So a head of state insults his allies and praises his enemy!.... interesting...
wat ad
Trump blame Fox News fa his shit lol lol....
wat ad
I love how Trump cries Wolf every time....and the villagers run coming each time...........
david white
we have another 4 years of this ORANGE MAN TRUMP its SCARY
Sarah Brown
Why are we still talking about this
Christopher Adante
feelsomething inmusic
8 years or so .....
FJP Ranch
Trump is the Greatest. Fun to watch Liberals melt
Faze Censor's Fucked up hairline 〰
I hope Obama sues this dumbass.
Jamee Dixon-Baker
It is mortifying that people voted for this thing. We need to be very afraid of someone who speaks so poorly of the checks and balances in this country. Furthermore, his behavior toward our allies is insane. Tax payers are now paying for his sons to do business in foreign countries! Thankful this man is impeaching himself and I hope to the heavens have something left before it happens.
Sex penis
East Street
Can you smell shit it could trump
John Marino
Fake news
nik mxforever
more fake news
Alex Langstaff
Beth D
Donald Trump is a narcissistic​ pathological liar. He is a danger to the nation and the world. He has intelligent sources but uses Breitbart and Fox as advisors. #IMPEACHTRUMP
don bob
Trump lives for attention, and the media swallows his lie's.
I have said many times that Trump is nothing but a scam artist, and he is convinced by his own slip of his tongue that people is out to get him.
This to me sounds like Trump wants out, and to show people he is sane isn't helping him none.
I could put a piece of wire in my place, and say someone has tapped me. I'm sure no one would believe me, because I'm not a media hound dog!
syd Hastings
an extremely simple FACT.....Trump has security clearance!

but there's still tons of people who let the media do ALL their thinking for them! and people will CHOOSE to believe all sorts of pathetic BS. Just search for "flat earth" LMAO! sad
Lowell Pack
and I'm supposed to be affaird of Isis... these bitch's are the real terrorist.!! stay focused people.
Oliver Sanford
Trump = Pathological liar
Ugh! Trump must get over himself, NOBODY wants to tap THAT old wire!
Shamal H
this guy is joke and he is a big lier he lies to all American people and he will destroy poor people and he uses all of you i really don't know when you American people going to wake up Donald trump is lies and dishonest and he will destroy poor American people it is very sad how he plays games with he's own people and you believe in him
Patricia Handy
No one is going too see any evidence until the investigation is further along. Defiant President Trump doesn't make the decision who gets to see evidence. Has anyone seen evidence that strangers are watching you through your TV? When there is a huge warehouse fire, do they let the public inside to look around? What if a bank gets robbed? Are there tours given by the bank owner to the bank? If there are people killed in a house does anyone get to go in it? Would news agencies be allowed in any of these crime scenes right away? No, they have to wait and then only get information that can be released. In the crimes, are the public screaming to fire the police chief because if he won't give out information, then the crime is all lies. Use some common sense!
Julio julio
he doesn't have any proof
feelsomething inmusic
this guy has backed up everything he says , not the second people want answers, he gives everyone enough rope to hang themselves with, the only thing I see wrong is the fact that he used the word wiretapped, it's moreless, wireless tapped, which is in everyone's home some a little more due to more smartprograms, I find it more appalling every human is not outraged by our rights to privacy ,read your user manuals people you gave up that right
feelsomething inmusic
this guy has backed up everything he says , not the second people want answers, he gives everyone enough rope to hang themselves with, the only thing I see wrong is the fact that he used the word witetapped, it's moreless, wireless tapped, which is in everyone's home some a little more due to more smartprograms, I find it more appalling every human is not outraged by our rights to privacy ,read your user manuals people you gave up that right
Federal judge and POTUS create "fake news". Trump is a lying Russian spy.
Soorma Hindustani
Are you kidding me? Trump is my HERO!!!! I WILL KEEP ON VOTING TRUMP FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE
US, Israel and India shall EF-up muzzies. Inshallah di behn da FUDDA
Steve-o 1313
Anyone who supports Trump is a "great mind", anyone who does not is fake or wrong or an idiot or supporting Hillary... the pattern is so obvious.
President trump has been under investigation, along with his aids since October 2016.
CIA and communist democrats have no proof.
How do you think they conducted, conducting their investigation, Wire taps, stupid liberals!!!!
New York Times Friday January 20th,2017 front page article. used wire taps specifically.
Fuck you Obama, and the democratic communist party!!!
Bo luke
Trump the pedophile for prison 2017...
Karl Childers
the biggest god damn freak show I have ever seen.
Mik3 Airborn3
Just kill this mother fucker already! Or his supporters! I won't even follow this bitch ass orders! We're all fucked regardless!!
Wei Zhe
he got me
c. lince
fox news is gonna doom america
Desert Mouse
You angry people. I watched the press conference and it was not like this spin abc is 'reporting'.
Prasanjeet Lakra
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Atreyu Tower
Fox needs to stop letting dumb motherfucking conspiracy theorists on there fucking show! Then they wouldn't have to make excuses for them. Fox is Fake news!
Mario Capistran
I love how stupid he is. He's exactly like a third country despot. Ironically, he's like the leaders of countries he sees as threats lmao
That's not the only thing - he holds firm to...
K24 Accord
He has nothing to do..
Leroy D. Griffin
keep twisting the knife President Trump ..... first one dropped yesterday..
Teresa Young
We have to apologise for his behavior because we do want good relations with other Countries, but Merkel should not excuse him and neither should we.
Alex Gutierrez
Guilty Conscience
think correctly
i once had a boss like him, never took responsibility for anything, she didn't last long, and we were all glad to see her go
TrumpGirls GoneWild
Crazy fucker needs to try swallowing a cue ball. We'd all be better off, even with Pence.
m Robs
more fake news from abc news
Susan Miller
I have no doubt that our government can wire tap anyone they want to, easily, with software Snowden already told us about years ago...

Whether Obama personally wire tapped Trump is another story. I'm sure he could've if he wanted to, but then so could other high clearance people... This software can hack in and turn any modern TV in your house into a surveillance system.
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